Blogger Spotlight; Interview!

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Hey Guys!
So today I am officially introducing you to the lovely Sophie from So Many Books, So Little Time.
I hope that it lets you get to know her a bit better and you can see why she is such a lovely person who deserves to be followed by you. :-)

Tell us a little something about yourself!
Hello! :) I’m Sophie and I’m 20. I’m in my final year at Bath Spa Uni where I study the delights of English Lit and Creative Writing. I’ll be graduating in a few short months which is absolutely terrifying!

How long have you had your blog?
I can hardly believe it, but I’ve had my blog for four years! I didn’t think id last a month so I’m pretty pleased I’m still going and people are still reading my rambles!

Do you enjoy running your blog?
I really, really do. If I didn’t there’s no way I would have been able to keep it up through uni – it’s definitely a labour of love! In fact, I think I’d be quite lost without it. I’d need to find a whole new method of procrastination…

When you started, did you ever think that it would end up the way it has?
Not in the slightest! There were very few UK bloggers around when I started; the only ones I can really remember are Jenny from Wondrous Reads who started in the same week I did, the lovely Luisa at Chicklish (whose first book, Split by a Kiss, was my first review copy!) and Michelle from Fluttering Butterflies.
I never imagined it would become such a big community where we’re all fantastic friends and support each other and our favourite books and authors with such passion. That I could never have predicted. Nor could I have guessed just how many books I’d end up with!

Is there an interesting background story to the name of your blog, if there is, tell us!
Sorry to be totally boring, but there actually isn’t! I know it’s a famous quote by Frank Zappa which was probably where I heard it from, though I didn’t know it at the time, but it just popped in to my head and was completely appropriate for me.

As we’ve got this far without mentioning it, why not tell us a little something about your blog, what you post, how it runs, who you cater to, etc.
Okay. So Many Books, So Little Time is primarily a YA review blog. Every so often I’ll review something a little younger and I probably review about one adult book a year (usually Paige Toon’s latest!), but my heart lies in YA and that’s what the blog shows I think. I also take part in a fair few blog tours and I used to have a weekly author interview feature that I hope to bring back after I’ve graduated and I have more time on my hands.

Do you participate or host and blog memes? If you do, which is your favourite?
The only meme I take part in is In My Mailbox. I’ve been taking part in this since I started blogging and even among all of the controversy surrounding it, I’m too sentimental to stop! I think it also allows me to at least showcase books that I may not get around to reading so I don’t feel like I’ve completely let down whichever publisher has sent me the book.

What about blog tours and blog hops? Have you ever or do you ever want to participate in them?
As I said, I do take part in a fair few blog tours. They can be a really great way to have direct content from some really amazing authors that I otherwise not be able to get hold of myself. There’s no other way I could have let my little sister interview one of her favourite authors Malorie Blackman, have Eoin Colfer write about ending Artemis Fowl or have Sarah Rees Brennan and Moira Young write phenomenal posts about fictional towns and female heroes. Although they can be a pain, that makes up for it.

What is the best book you read in 2012?
Just one?! That’s cruel… I wrote a post containing about 16 because I couldn’t narrow it down! But okay, just one. One… Give me a minute. Okay, so I’m going differentiate ‘best’ from ‘favourite’ so that leaves me with The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and Heart-Shaped Bruise by Tanya Byrne. I absolutely refuse to choose between them!

What about so far in 2013?
Well, as Faye is extremely organised and I’m trying to be organised and helpful in return, it’s still January as I’m writing this. The 12th actually, so I’ve only read four and a half books this year. But even in those four and a half, the book I’m reading right now wins hands down: Undone by Cat Clarke. So freaking good. If you haven’t read any of Cat’s books before, go do it now!

Has there ever been a book that you haven’t been able to finish? If so, what was it? And why couldn’t you finish?
There have been very few I haven’t finished as I almost feel like I’m doing to author a disservice if I don’t see it through to the end! But with the help of Goodreads I’ve discovered that since I started blogging I’ve only abandoned nine non-uni books. That’s actually quite a few…
They are: Loving Spirit by Linda Chapman, Incarceron by Catherine Fisher, I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore, Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan, Small Blue Thing by SC Ransom, Everneath by Brodi Ashton, Pure by Julianna Baggott, This is Not Forgiveness by Celia Rees and All Fall Down by Sally Nicholls. I obviously just didn’t click with them at the time.

What is your favourite book genre?
Contemporary YA. No contest.

Quick Fire Round

ebook or hardcopy?
Hardcopy every time. I don’t even own an e-reader!

ya or adult?

vampires or werewolves?

chocolate or vanilla?
Chocolate, obviously.

harry potter or twilight?
Harry Potter.

four or peeta?
Not as easy as the rest, but Peeta.

series or single?
Single. Series’ are getting on my nerves.

blogger or wordpress?

And finally, Is there anything else you would like to say about you or your blog?
Please don’t be afraid to pop over to the blog and leave a comment! Alternatively, I’m ALWAYS on Twitter so if you want to say hi or have a specific question, send away! You can also shoot me an email; I’m fairly good at responding so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a reply!
I’d also like to say a massive thank you to Faye for asking me to be her blogger spotlight and make sure to let Faye know how awesome her and her blog is!

Thanks for answering all of my questions Sophie! It was great having you on the blog! If you want to know more about her, feel free to hop on over to her blog and follow her!


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Book Review; Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohen and David Levithan

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dash and lilys

Author: Rachel Cohen and David Levithan
Publisher: Harlequinn
Published: 5th October 2012
Pages: 188
Format: ebook
Source:: Netgalley Copy
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, Amazon US

“I’ve left some clues for you.
If you want them, turn the page.
If you don’t, put the book back on the shelf, please.”
So begins the latest whirlwind romance from the “New York Times” bestselling authors of “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.” Lily has left a red notebook full of challenges on a favorite bookstore shelf, waiting for just the right guy to come along and accept its dares. But is Dash that right guy? Or are Dash and Lily only destined to trade dares, dreams, and desires in the notebook they pass back and forth at locations across New York? Could their in-person selves possibly connect as well as their notebook versions? Or will they be a comic mismatch of disastrous proportions?
Rachel Cohn and David Levithan have written a love story that will have readers perusing bookstore shelves, looking and longing for a love (and a red notebook) of their own.

A Notebook

When I heard about this book, I was instantly intrigued. It sounded so interesting and enjoyable and so I knew that I would definitely have to read it. Then the recommendations from fellow bloggers came along and I knew that I had to get to reading it sooner because it was clearly as good as I imagined. Unfortunately, however, when I finally did get around to reading it, it took me a long time to finish because I just didn’t feel in love with it as much as others around me had. It is one of those books that made me wonder if maybe I was reading it wrong because how could so many people love it while I was simply liking it? Nevertheless, I did enjoy the book and I read it to the end because I wanted to know what was going to happen but I simply didn’t feel any spark with the book that made me feel like it was the best book in the world. I’m thankful to have read it and would still recommend it to others but it just didn’t make it to my favourite shelf.

is placed

Everyone has their own thoughts about the Christmas holidays. Some people believe they are magical and are a time of hope and love and goodness, while others may just shrug them away as just another few days. It is two perspectives of Christmas that appear in this book and it definitely made for an interesting story and a unique adventure for the two main characters. The one part of this book that I really enjoyed was the concept. The idea of having a book full of dares that is shared between two complete strangers. It is sweet, romantic, and just sounds like crazy fun and something that I would love to see happen in real life. How the story develops was quite intriguing as well, I did get a little bored as it seemed to move quite slowly and I just wanted to know how it would end up but by the middle, it does get a little bit more exciting. The ending was really cute and it did make this book feel very worthwhile eventually, but it still failed to make me love the book as much as others had.

a seed

Personally I think the biggest problem I had with this book was that I couldn’t sympathise with either of the characters. I wanted to. I wanted to get into their heads and to feel their emotions and to care about them but I just found myself too distanced from them. Lily is the kind of girl that I would have most likely been friends with at some point in my life. Quirky to the point of almost being a little crazy, she has a flare about her that I should have loved and has some big family stuff going on throughout the book that I should have felt something about but I just couldn’t connect in that way. Dash, on the other hand, I don’t know that I ever would have liked him. I found him to be a bit irritant, high-on-himself, and intellectually snobby. Further on he does do some things to redeem himself and it is explained as to why he acts the way he does but I just struggled to find any hint of emotion for him. I didn’t care all that much for his particular part of the story and thought that Lily should have found someone better to do the dares with. However, it was only at the end that I realised that I was happy for the two of them. I finally had some connection to them too and realised that although I didn’t like them individually, as a pair I could dig up some ounce of something.

is planted

I haven’t read any other Rachel Cohen and David Levithan book, although I do want to read Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist, so it was my first time experiencing their writing style. This book is set into chapters of the different characters. Rachel wrote all of the chapters for Lily and David wrote all of the chapters for Dash. This was noticeable as there was a difference between the styles of the two chapters which helped to make the characters feel like they had their distinctive voices which I did like about the story. It is clear that Rachel and David work well together when it comes to writing. However, one of the things that also put me off the story was the very intellectual words used within the book. I’m not the dumbest person in the planet but I do stuggle with words, especially ones I’ve only heard once or twice and personally, I don’t like the idea of reading a book with the dictionary sitting next to me so that I can look up the meaning of every other word. I understand that they were probably trying to cater to a more intellectual part of the teens, but I just found it to be distracting and annoying and just ruined my entertainment in the story. YA fiction can be intelligent and powerful without the need for words that your average teenager would never hear. That or it was just the cultural divide but I wouldn’t know for sure.

watch it grow

Overall this book was an enjoyable one with a very enlightening story and an intriguing premise. It is one that has been loved by many readers and shared around among them but as I show, it is not a story that everyone will like (which ones are?). It is a contemporary story that is aimed more at the intellectual readers of the world, or the ones who can bypass words they’re only faintly familiar with. But it is still a lovely, cute, romantic story that has the chance to capture your heart and take you away into a new world of exciting discoveries, fun dares, and other interesting things. So if you’re looking for a book that may have the opportunity to warm the cockles of your heart, then you should definitely get your hands on this book. If you want a book that you are likely to enjoy more than me because I’m starting to get picky with my reading, then you should read this. But if you do decide to read this book, I think that reading it nearer to Christmas, or at a time when you want to get into that “Christmas Spirit” is definitely the best time to read.

Three Stars

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **


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Thursday’s Special Spotlight; Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake

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Special Spotlight

Thursday’s Special Spotlight is a new feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts. It is inspired by her library’s “Book of the Week” and Stepping out of the Page’s From the Review Pile. It also stems from how far behind I am on writing reviews and how guilty I often feel about it!

The idea of this feature is to spotlight books that I read e-ons ago that I absolutely loved and I feel deserve the spotlight on this blog! They will be accompanied with reasons as to why I loved them and why I think you should read them.

This weeks pick is Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake

anna dressed in blood

This is one of those books that trying to put my thoughts together and write a decent review for is an extremely difficult and challenging thing to do because I really fell in love with this book. As a fan of all things ghosts, I knew that I had to pick the book up but really it was my complete love of the television show Supernatural that made me love this book from the very first sentence. Set in a similar tone, with a guy of similar stature to Sam and Dean Winchester, I instantly found myself connected to the book and everything in it. I was fascinated by everything that happened, read with tension at some of the scenes and just was completely enthralled by everything going on within the book. It was the perfect read for me and I am especially glad that I took the chance to pick it up and read it.

The book itself is fast-paced, a little bit gruesome in places, and has a well-thought out, rather complex and diverse plot that pulls you in many different directions. Anna may be the toughest ghost that Cas has yet to fight, for more reasons than one and this really caught my attention in the book. I wanted to know what would happen, I wanted to know about Anna’s past and why she was the way she was now. But more than anything, I wanted to read more of Cas and his new friends that he made in the book. There were some great characters that really brought the book alive and made it that much easier to read and love. This is the kind of book that fascinates me and it quickly got placed on my favourites shelf in the bookcase!

Why do I think you should read Anna Dressed In Blood
If you’re a reader who loves a dark, slightly gruesome, incredibly engaging and compelling story then you should definitely pick up Anna Dressed in Blood. If you like books about ghosts that make your heart race and your blood pump and for the tension to continually rise within you, then you really should read this book. It is one that really draws you in and makes it impossible for you not to stop reading. It makes you need to keep going to find out what is going to happen next and how it will all work out in the end. I was completely enamoured with this story and I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough. It is a totally thrilling read that is just incredible. Though, as a YA, it is aimed more at the older ages (there is a warning on the back of the book) as it does get quite dark and possibly a little too scary for younger readers. So if scary books aren’t really your type of thing, this book may not work for you but you’ll never know unless you try, will you?

But don’t just take my word for it! Check out these reviews from other bloggers!
Kate @ Nomalicious Reads
Brodie @ Eleusinian Mysteries of Reading
Hollie @ Music, Books, and Tea
Michelle @ Much Loved Books
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Book Tour Review; Stepping Into More by Rachel Karu

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Stepping Into More

Author: Rachel Karu
Publisher: Winsome Entertainment Group
Published: 28th February 2013
Pages: unknown
Format: ebook
Source:: Complimentary Copy from Author
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, Amazon US

Life is meant to be lived with purpose.

Before Rachel Karu could speak, she longed to be a singer and performer. But like all of us, Rachel was born with Gremlins – inner voices that hate change and demand the status quo. These perpetual tapes clung to her mind like shackles threatening to derail her at every turning point. At the lead of Rachel’s gang of Gremlins was the toughest of them all: Perfectionism.

In STEPPING INTO MORE: Lessons from a Recovering Perfectionist, Rachel details her personal journey of wrangling and ultimately co-existing with her Gremlins. We are born with strengths and development areas. Our goal is to create a fulfilling life. But we all need some guidance along the way.

Intended as a tool, this guide offers support as you grapple with your own Gremlins and higher self, so that you learn how to make clear, conscious choices that lead to a wonderful expansive life. Rachel’s story and the reflective questions at the end of each chapter are designed to serve as a stepping stone for you to reconnect to and honor your passions, values, and dreams.

Fighting Ourselves

In all honesty, I have never read a book like this one before. When I signed up to participate in the tour, I was taken by the summary of a book that helps readers overcome their gremlins and in turn can start to lead or more fulfilling and happier life. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this book but now that I have finished the book, I am glad that I gave the book the chance as it was an informative read and really made me look at the life I lead. I am not a perfectionist as much as Rachel was, but I certainly understood some of her traits and have seen similiar lifestyles within my friends to whom I may just recommend her book to help them along the way. Ultimately, without wanting to spoil the effectiveness of this book, this review will most likely be shorter than my other reviews, but no less effort will be spent on it.

Is The Hardest.

Writing about yourself is usually a hard task, writing about your life journey is probably incredibly difficult, especially as someone with a Perfectionist Gremlin attacking at every stage, so it is easy to state that Rachel is incredibly brave to put all of her life in to a novel. It also showed that she really is battling against her gremlins and not letting them win the war. I found this to be a particularly lovely part of the book as it really shows that other people do not have to drown in their inner battles, but can swim up against the current and make their lives worthwhile. I enjoyed reading about Rachel’s life and the different things that she had to go up against. She is a strong person who has struggled for many years but is finally starting to make her world change. She knows that life will never be a place full of good things and that we will always have issues crop up out of nowhere but she also knows that with a little faith, and a lot of overcoming your inner turmoil, will make sure that everything will be okay in the end.

Winning the Battle

Throughout the book, Rachel surmises the chapters by stating what she learnt at each different stage of her life and how it affected her and made her change her ways to become a better person. This was a nice thing to read about and certainly something that a lot of people would benefit from. When we look back over our lives we can see where things went wrong and where things went right but how many people actually learn from their past mistakes and learn to grow? This book makes you look at your life, to see where there are issues which conflict with your own happiness and give you some tools to help you move past them. After telling the reader what she learned, she then asks three to four questions on the same subject, inviting the reader to think about their lives and to analyse moments that could eventually be used to change everything. I feel like this is the perfect way to get the reader to really get on board with everything that is happening and I am sure that many people will find this to be incredibly helpful.

Is the Greatest.

While I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book, I did still enjoy reading it. It was the first biography I have ever read and it was really enlightening. I enjoyed the end of the chapters and I really liked reading Rachel’s journey and felt happy for her at the end. This book has been described as a tool and I have to agree that it would certainly be beneficial to those of us – and I’m certain that everyone has at least one gremlin – who are really feeling the pressure from our own selves to be better than we already are. I would recommend this to anyone who feels fear of living their life due to failure or other self-imposed reasons as I am fairly certain that this book will help you. But, of course, everyone will learn to grow and change in their own ways and this is just one helpful tool. It may not be the right one for you, but you can really only know that if you try, can’t you? So, instead of battling with your inner gremlin for any longer, just go ahead and read this book and see what it can do for your life today.

** I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **


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Book Review; Ferryman by Claire McFall (+ Giveaway!)

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Author: Claire McFall
Publisher: Templar Publishing
Published: 1st March 2013
Pages: 334
Format: Paperback
Source:: ARC from Publisher
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, TBD

When Dylan emerges from the wreckage of a train crash onto a bleak Scottish hillside, she meets a strange boy who seems to be waiting for her.
But Tristan is no ordinary teenage boy, and the journey across the desolate, wraith infested wasteland is no ordinary journey.
Life, death, love-which will Dylan choose?

There Is

As soon as I heard about this novel, I knew that it was one that I wanted to read. As a little back story, I love pretty much everything to do with ghosts, ghost hunting, reapers and the like, so a book like this instantly caught my attention. Then, I saw the cover and I was captured and instantly intrigued by the story all over again. I love how serene it seems, the use of space and colour and the vastness that it portrays. It is a stunning colour that just truly captures the story in its entirety. So when I finished the novel and found it to be an absolutely incredible story, I was just so glad that I took the opportunity to read it. It was the perfect book for me and one that actually had me tweeting; “That moment when you finish a book so incredible and delicate that you don’t want it to end.” It is one that has me struggling to find the right words to describe to do it the right justice.

A Choice

I think the most inspiring thing about this book is the fact that the entire novel is surrounding only two characters. It is their journey that we see but there is literally very little interference from other characters and this could have caused the book to become boring very easy on but instead this just helped to make the book feel more intense and, when all was said and done, I still wasn’t ready to let the characters go. The story itself was action-filled, with so many moments that get your heart-racing and your blood-pumping that you can’t help but keep turning the pages to know exactly what will happen next. It is clear that Claire McFall knows how to create tension and she does so without the reader even realising that they’re holding their breath until they let it all out when the danger has passed. In the same manner, there is a lot of emotional moments in this book that caused my heart to break just a little bit each time. I felt truly connected to everything in this book, so it is safe to say that the plot of this story was truly unique and simply brilliant.

She Must Make

From the very start, I loved Dylan. I loved how realistic she felt as a teenager, I loved that she made me love and how just everything felt so real and interesting. She was a character that was strong but didn’t know it, brave; but didn’t realise it, and totally and utterly caring as well. She was such a great character that I couldn’t help but feel for her story, to wish for a better life for her and to hope that things hadn’t turned out the way they had. I felt instantly connected to her and found her to be just an utterly amazing character. She truly made this book so stunning for me, even with all of her complaining and muttering, and a little naievity at the beginning too. She was just a well-written character that I could imagine existing in the world extremely easily.

But How

Tristian was also an amazing character that I really connected to. At first I found him to a bit irritating but it soon came to light that he was just doing his job, the one he’d done for so many years. But then, as the story continued you saw a little more of him and it wasn’t long before I was smitten with him completely. He was protective, caring, heart-warming, and always able to crack a smile if he needs to. He was fun to have around in the story but he was also fierce when he needed to be, and a little selfish at times but he was always supposed to be selfless so it was easy to see why. Really though, it was seeing him try to stop himself from falling for Dylan that made me admire him more. It showed that, despite everything, underneath it all he was capable of human emotions and was made stronger from them. Their relationship throughout the novel was compelling, beautiful, and totally and utterly captivating. It is hard not to cheerlead for them.

Could She

Above everything else, it was the writing style in this book that really swayed me. It was a narrative that flowed, with sentences strung together so delicately that just truly managed to convey the entire story perfectly. But it was also so much more than that as well. It was a narrative that switched POVs mid chapter, that showed the entirety of the landscape and the emotion and the thoughts, and well… just everything and while that could have been too much, it really, really wasn’t. It just worked so well and gave the writing just this uniqueness to it. I am certain that as soon as Claire McFall releases a new book, I will be grabbing off the shelves quickly because her writing is incredibly inspirational and just truly admirable. I am certain that it may not be to everyone’s tastes and there will be some people out there who may just really not like it, but for me personally, I couldn’t get enough of it.

Possibly Choose?

This novel starts out slow, it moves through descriptions and really sets the scene and the beginning does have the ability to seem a little boring – and I think some may stop before giving this book a chance – but then without warning, the speed picks up and then the rest of the novel is fast-paced but you barely even notice how much so until you’re at the end wondering where the rest of the novel is. It is, in that respect, a perfect pace throughout the entire novel. It is a thrilling read that is emotionally captivating, is intense, uplifting and ultimately tragic all at the same time. It is one that leaves you feeling breathless and one, as I mentioned above, that leaves you in a state of wonder when you finish and realise that it is well and truly over. I would easily recommend this book to anyone who likes a book that takes you on a captivating journey, is powerful, slightly tranquil, delicate and almost needs its own genre to describe it. It is a novel that flows well and is one that I am certain will stick with me for many years to come.

five stars

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **



Because I loved this book so much I have decided that I want to giveaway my ARC to someone else so that they can also enjoy this great book! The ARC has been read once before but is still in good condition but I felt that it was worth mentioning this. Now, what are you waiting for, go ENTER!


  2. Winners will be E-mailed
  3. Winners will have 72 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen
  4. Following the blog is NOT required
  5. Full Terms & Conditions on Rafflecoptr widget. My Giveaway Policy can be found here
  6. Ends 31st March

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Monday’s Movie Musings; Side Effects (2013)

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Monday’s Movie Musings is a new feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts. The idea of this feature is to have all of my movie things occuring in one place. Whether it is a review, article, or something else, this feature will just be all about movies.

This week I have for you all a review of Side Effects

Side EffectsDirected By: Steven Soderbergh
Written By: Scott Z Burns
Production Company: Di Bonaventura Pictures
Main Cast: Jude Law, Channing Tatum, Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta Jones
Format: Cinema (OUT NOW)
Add It: IMDB

(From IMDB) A young woman’s world unravels when a drug prescribed by her psychiatrist has unexpected side effects.

When You

Other than the trailer that I had seen on television that was short with just enough images to entice the audience, I had no conceptions of what this film was going to be about. I knew it was a drama, I knew there would be a crime that seemed to have occured as a side effect of the drugs someone was taking and that was it. Personally, I feel like that is all I needed to know, all anyone needs to know before they go and see this film. It is one of those ones that the less you know, the more intense and incredible the film is which is why I’m also nervous about this review and fairly certain that it’s going to be smaller than my other reviews because I simply want to describe how great this film was without ruining it for you if you do decide to go ahead and watch it.


Take Medication

The last Soderbergh/Burns film I went to see was Contagion (2011) and as that one was a large disappointment in my opinion, I was glad that I didn’t know that these two were the director and writer for this film until after I was already in the cinema as I probably would have decided not to waste my time otherwise. This film was a lot better than Contagion and so if you didn’t like that film, do not let that influence your decision to go and see this one. With a compelling, twisting, and highly mysterious plot, this film really grabs the audience and moves them towards the edges of their seats. I was fully involved in this film and simply wanted to know what would happen next and to know if my suspicions on what was actually happening were true or false. This film is the type of film that completely changes things up for the audience and puts them through loop after loop as they really try to understand what is happening before finally putting everything out there on the table by the end. It is cleverly achieved and is one the largest reason why I liked it so much.

You Must

The one thing that this film really had going for it was the amazing acting throughout the film. For me, I found that Jude Law was the actor that made this film; he carried it in his stride and made it to be a brilliant and powerful one. He played his character really well, made them truly believable and really made the audience feel for everything that was happening while, at the same time, also made them question him. Was he being truthful to us, to himself, to the other characters? It was quite a feat to achieve and really made the film that much better. Rooney Maya also helped to carry this film and make it greater as well. She played her part extremely well, causing the audience to be rooted into her story and to really feel everything that was happening. It was a tremendous role that could have caused the entire film to flop if it was played perfectly and I truly believe that Rooney did an absolutely incredible job of keeping it all together. Catherine Zeta Jones and Channing Tatum, on the other hand, weren’t absolutely great characters in my mind. I don’t know if it was just their characters I had problems with, if it was their acting skills, or if it was just that they both weren’t cast right in the film, but I definitely found them to be weaker against Law and Mara.

Always Check

Another aspect of this film that was really well done was the cinematography and editing. These worked in perfect harmony throughout the film and always gave the audience just enough to lead them somewhere but never enough to show them the whole picture. They helped to bring the mysterious and curiousness to the film that helped to make it more compelling and tense and I just found myself appreciating all of the different cuts, angles, and choices that were made by the teams behind the scenes. The script was also incredibly good, with the dialogue being just enough to get a good enough picture. Everything in this film had its place and helped to make it exactly what it was. But it would be difficult to talk about these things too much without giving away too much so I’ll just leave you with the knowledge that all of the crew who helped to make this film what it was did a magnificent job.

The Side Effects

All in all, I was blown away by this film. It went to places that I never expected it to and truly pulled me in to the story. While the theory I came up throughout the film was the right one, I know that not everyone guesses it before the end – but I’m usually quite good at seeing the clues and peicing it all together. However, even though I was right, I still truly admired this film and everything that it tried to do. It is one that I would watch again just to pick out any more clues that were floating around and just to feel that same intensity – and to admire the acting skills of Law and Mara. This film was really great and I just really hope that you go and see it. However, I do also have a feeling that this won’t be for everyone but if you like films that are mysterious, keep you guessing, and take you unexpected but equally fascinating journey’s, then this is the film for you!

Four Stars

Have you seen this film? I would LOVE to discuss it with you if you have so let me know! If not, do you think you will?


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Weekly Highlights; The RHCB Brunch Edition

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weekly highlights

Weekly Highlights is a new feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts and will be a post highlighting things that happened on and off the blog. It is inspired by The Story Sirens In My Mailbox, Books, Biscuit and Tea’s Showcase Sunday, Kimba Caffeinated’s Sunday Post, and the British Letterbox Love.

In the feature I won’t mention everything I received, nor every post I wrote during the week but will simply feature a selection of things I wish to spotlight a second time around.

Post Highlights

This week I wrote TWO reviews;
Social Network (2010) (TWO HEARTS)
Shift by Kim Curran (FOUR HEARTS)

On tuesday I listed the top ten series I keep meaning to start. To see what they are click here

It was World Book Day on Thursday! To celebrate the day, I had Sarah J Maas on the blog for an interview. Go here to check it out.

This friday I posted my first post in a new feature, “Faye’s Thoughtful Friday”, where I discussed my thoughts on middle grade fiction. To check the post out and to let me know your thoughts, click here


This week I am hosting the No Strings Attached giveaway! It ends tomorrow so quickly hop here to enter!

Around the Blogosphere

Alexandra from Alexendra’s Scribbles wrote a very harrowing post on loneliness and blogging that I loved and could totally relate to in places. I admire her for writing such a brilliant and brave post. Check it out here

How do you write reviews for sequels? This week Sarah from Workaday Reads discussed how difficult it is to write reviews for series. Click here to join the discussion!

Knowing not just the amount of content but the type of content to post on a blog is never easy. This week Gaby from Queen EllaBee Reads asks you about your blog. Do you post every day? How do you feel about memes and features? Go help out a fellow blogger by clicking here

Laura Lam is a debut author of the book Pantomime and this week she wrote an amazing post on How to Support Debut (and any) Authors. Check out the brilliant post here

Letterbox Love


This week has been an incredibly busy one for me in terms of books! I got lots of great things coming to the door and then I went to the Random House Children’s Blogger Brunch where I got a few from the publishers and did some swaps with other bloggers as well! I’ll do a full write-up on the event at some point in the next few weeks as well. But first, here is what I recieved this week.


Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak; a very special hardback of this book from the lovely people at Random House! It is so pretty! :D
Acid by Emma Pass; Review Copy from Random House. I’ve had this on my radar for a while and can’t wait to get stuck into it!
The Last Minute by Eleanor Updale; Review Copy from Random House. I hadn’t heard of this one before yesterday but it sounds amazing so I’m looking forward to seeing what it is about.
The Oathbreaker’s Shadow by Amy McCulloch; Review Copy from Random House. I am SUPER excited about this one! It sounds stunning.
Lockwood & Co by Jonathon Stroud; FIRST CHAPTER from Random House. I am SUPER excited about this book too! Ghost hunters? You know I’m IN!
Sever by Lauren DeStefano; Book Swap. I have read Wither and I own Fever so this should hopefully get my back in gear to read the second one and then finish the trilogy! Looking forward to it. Thank you Gaby!
172 Hours on the Moon by Johan Harstad; Book Swap. I have wanted to read this one since it came out and so I’m excited I now have a copy! Thank you Lucy!
Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes; Book Swap. This has also been on my radar for a looong time thanks to other bloggers. Looking forward to seeing what the fuss is about! Thank you Lucy!
Secreats & Sapphires by Leila Rasheed; Book Swap. This one sounds SO amazing and I am super excited to see if it’s as good as it seems! Thank you Daphne!
Delirium by Lauren Oliver; Book Swap. I have read this one – and really liked it – but I read it from the Library. With my own copy I now have something to let Lauren sign when I go and see her! yay! Thank you Daphne!
The Wolfstone Curse by Justin Richards; Review Copy from Templar. Really looking forward to this one, it sounds really interesting.
Ways To See A Ghost by Emily Diamond; Review Copy from Templar. This one sounds super amazing and it has ghosts so I’m sold! Look forward to reading this soon!
The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau; Review Copy from Templar. I LOVE Joelle’s cozies so I’m looking forward to reading her new dystopian novel! It sounds really intriguing!
Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake; Bought. I LOVED Anna Dressed in Blood and I am super excited to see how the story goes on!
One Seriously Messed Up Weekend in the otherwise un-messed-up life of Jack Samsonite; Review Copy from Atom. This one sounds hilarious and I’ve read the first chapter and was already giggling so looking forward to reading this but I think I might read the first one first – I didn’t realise it was a sequel!

And there you have it, my Weekly Highlights!

I hope to visit all posts of this manner, so feel free to link to your own IMMs, Sunday Showcase, Sunday Posts, Letterbox Loves or whatever it is you do below!

what did you get this week? what cool blog posts did you stumble upon? what are you waiting to happen this week?


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Faye’s Thoughtful Friday; Middle Grade Fiction

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Hey All!
So today I am starting a new feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts! At the moment this may not happen every friday, but they will always appear on Fridays. These posts will be all about my thoughts and opinions on bookish things and movie things. This week I am going to talk to you all about Middle Grade Fiction

When it comes to MG fiction, I used to be wary of it. Was I sure that reading a story aimed at 8-12 year olds was really for me? Was it not enough that I already read fiction aimed at 13-17 year olds? But then I decided to ignore all my instincts and to just go ahead and read some. If I didn’t like them, then I didn’t have to read them, did I? So, with an open mind I started reading The History Keepers. This was a story that I found to be incredibly entertaining, wholly compelling, and a book that I just really enjoyed. I liked it so much that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the next book in the series. Thus proving to me that there was more to MG fiction than I first thought.

Since then I haven’t read a lot of MG fiction, mostly because I have so many YA review books to read, but I have still read a few more MG novels that I really liked. Currently I am reading C. J. Busby’s Frogspell series and am finding myself really enjoying the stories and cannot wait to read more of them. These books have truly opened up my eyes to the category and has helped me to feel a little less wary of them. These books can be full of adventure, strong protagonists, interesting conflicts, and even sometimes a little bit fun here and there as well.

But what does this have to do with you?

Due to the fact that I found myself liking to read MG fiction, I felt I needed to work out why I was so afraid to pick it up in the first place. When I was younger I did read a lot of fiction aimed at my age group but I quickly moved onto adult fiction and it was a long time before I “stepped” backwards again. But when I started reading YA, I devoured it quickly and rapidly to the point where I now rarely read anything else. So why can’t I allow myself to slip further back by reading more MG fiction as well?

It was only when I sat down and watched How To Train Your Dragon that I realised why I should not only be reading more MG fiction but I believe you should be too. I love family-oriented films. I love characters who are still only children doing all that they can to get out of tricky situations, or to win over the love of their friends. In comparison, MG fiction is exactly the same. Just in book form and, as an avid reader, why wouldn’t I like them? So, now I know that I am going to try to read more MG fiction, because I know that it is likely to be a category of books that I’ll like, especially if they’re adventure books.

Do you agree? Do you think you’d ever try to read a MG book or would you rather stick to YA, NA, or AF? What do you think about my theory?


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World Book Day Interview; Sarah J. Maas

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Hey Guys!
So today I am hosting the lovely Sarah J Maas on the blog with an interview for World Book Day!

You wrote on before publishing your first book Throne of Glass, how did it feel when you finally published?
It was a bit surreal, to be honest! It took me ten years to go from getting the initial idea for Throne of Glass to actually seeing it on a bookshelf, so when that day finally came, it was almost like having an out-of-body experience! Just seeing physical proof that I had accomplished my lifelong dream was completely overwhelming and wonderful—and there are still some days when I wake up and pinch myself!

What advice would you give to aspiring authors?
Read a lot (and read widely). Write what you love (not what you think you should be writing). And don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t get published. Before I got published, I had plenty of people tell me that I couldn’t get published or that I needed a reality check about my expectations—if I had listened to them, I never would have gotten where I am today.

How hard was it to transition from writing for to writing a full-length novel?
Writing for FictionPress is super, super different from writing professionally. For one, most of the writing that is done on FP is written in a serialized fashion—meaning, you update the story whenever you’ve written more, and there’s no real sense of it being an actual book, you know? So, when I pulled Throne of Glass off FictionPress, the first thing I did was completely rewrite the story—to make it into a book, with a beginning and middle and end, with rising tension and character arcs and resolved plotlines that were neatly wrapped up within a reasonably-sized length (the draft on FP had about 100k extra words that were NOT needed).

But I think what was actually the hardest was just not having an active audience reading every chapter as it was written and cheering me on…. to not be able to show them anything until the book was written, edited, and in print (which is a years-long process). Thankfully, my fans are still super-vocal and involved to this day (and still help me keep going).

When writing do you follow an extensive structure or is it more of a natural flow?
Honestly, I hate outlining—it takes some of the spark out of the story for me. But I do go into writing a book with a fairly solid idea of the major events that happen. One way I keep track (and it took me years to realize that I was unconsciously doing this) is by using my music playlists to structure/organize my book. Music inspires almost everything that I write, and I keep extensive & detailed playlists that are ordered into the structure of my book. So if I move a scene around in the manuscript, I’ll move the songs in the playlist to the place where they now occur in the story. But other than that, I like to just sit down at the computer and see where the story takes me that day.

And finally, who is your favourite author or the one who has inspired you most?
I have so many favorite authors that I couldn’t possibly list them all here! But I’d say that in terms of inspiring me on a personal level, J. K. Rowling continues to be a role model for me. Her imagination, compassion, kindness, and generosity are just…incredible. I wish that there were more authors like her in the world.

Thank you taking the time to answer my questions Sarah, it’s been great getting to know you a little better!
If you already like Sarah’s work or wish to taster some of her work for free, then all you need to do is download the World Book Day app!



New app launched with free, exclusive new stories from nine top YA authors
App powered by for download to iOS and Android devices

An eclectic and exciting mix of exclusive new stories from some of the country’s hottest Young Adult (YA) writers has launched on a brand new app for World Book Day.

Available to download for FREE on iOS and Android devices in the UK and Ireland, the app has been developed in partnership with online teen reading and writing platform, with contributions from Sarah Alderson, Josephine Angelini, Dave Cousins, Will Hill, Sarah J. Maas, Patrick Ness, Dawn O’Porter, Chris Ryan and Alex Scarrow.

And joining the top line-up of YA writing talent are a clutch of aspiring young authors from the Movellas community, whose stories have been added to the app after receiving nominations from their peers.

From comedy, friendship and romance, to fantasy, horror and espionage, the app includes something for every teenage reader, whatever their favourite genres or interests.

Broadcaster, author and YA contributor, Dawn O’Porter said, “I’m proud to have my World Book Day story sitting alongside the cream of the country’s young writing crop. I hope members of the Movellas community will be inspired by the new app to continue dreaming up exciting ideas and characters, and developing their own unique voice.”

There are five exclusive stories on the app on release and a further four will be released on World Book Day on 7 March, and available to read on the app for two months.

Yvonne Biggins, Community Director at Movellas commented, “The opportunity to appear alongside their writing idols on the YA app has been a brilliant way to encourage teenagers to develop their own writing skills. Not only have we seen thousands of brilliant entries posted on the site but we’ve also seen even more voting and commenting on the stories.”

Kirsten Grant, Director of World Book Day said, “The new app and our partnership with Movellas is just one way of getting great book content to Young Adult readers who have a hunger for new stories from top authors. Delivering content digitally and talking to teens in the spaces they like to visit and socialise also allows us to offer a taste of the brilliant fiction that’s out there and hopefully, turn more young people on to reading.”

A brand new space for teens has been developed for the World Book Day website, packed with book recommendations, activities and information on YA book events, while new initiative The Word Herd has launched to give young people creative ideas for sharing their passion for books with schoolmates.

Alongside the World Book Day YA app, a special ‘Story Chain’ game is also being hosted on, where eight of the app authors have suggested the first line of a new story for members to continue.

Yvonne Biggins said, “Our partnership activity with World Book Day is seeing a brilliant response from our community, and I hope providing a platform for teens to engage in this way sees many more fulfilling our joint mission to keep up the practice of reading and creating throughout the year.”

Visit for more information, the latest news and to subscribe to the free monthly World Book Day e-newsletter.


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Book Review; Shift by Kim Curran

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Author: Kim Curran
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Published: September 4th 2012
Pages: 312
Format: Ebook
Source:: Netgalley
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, TBD

When your average, 16-year old loser, Scott Tyler, meets the beautiful and mysterious Aubrey Jones, he learns he’s not so average after all. He’s a ‘Shifter’. And that means he has the power to undo any decision he’s ever made. At first, he thinks the power to shift is pretty cool. But as his world starts to unravel around him he realises that each time he uses his power, it has consequences; terrible unforeseen consequences. Shifting is going to get him killed. In a world where everything can change with a thought, Scott has to decide where he stands.

make a decision

When I first heard about Shift, I was instantly intrigued and knew that it would be a book that I would pick up and read. I am certain that every single person, despite what they may say, will wish that they could go back and change some of the decisions they made. But it would always be impossible to do that without consequences and that is what this book is all about. I was sure that I would like this one and so I was really happy when I did really enjoy it. I think that this is a book that so many people can to and will hopefully enjoy as much as I did but I also fear that there are people out there who wouldn’t find this book to be all that interesting at all. Instead of focussing on those people, this review is here to explain exactly why I devoured this book quickly and am now on the lookout for more work by Kim Curran.

change it

Kim Curran could have taken this concept in many different directions but I really think that how she brought this concept alive was brilliant and wholly entertaining; which is exactly what we want in the books we read. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the journey that our main protagonist, Scott, goes on. There was always something going on which led to something else and so forth, leaving the plot to be detailed, action-packed, and incredibly easy to read quickly. As a reader you simply need to know not just what will happen next but how that will effect everything else. This story is really captivating and compelling.

but remember

There were so many characters in this book that I really liked reading about and just seemed like really rounded characters; it was clear to see that Kim knows how to avoid two dimensional characters. Scott was my favourite character in the story. He wasn’t some big shot guy who was always right and did everything brilliantly, he was just your average teenage boy who had his flaws, made his mistakes, and just wanted to make things right. I really liked how loyal and protective he was in the book as well. He is just a really likeable and enjoyable character that helped to make the book that much more interesting and entertaining to read.

Aubrey was a so-so character for me. I wanted to like her the way Scott did but I just found that she just didn’t work for me but I can’t explain why. She was a very independent character, strong and tough, but I think she was also a bit too power-oriented for me. She always seemed to think herself better than Scott, it really took her a while to get on board with a lot of the things he was saying. But, essentially she is a likable character but I just didn’t personally like her all that much unfortunately. On the other hand, some of the more secondary characters managed to steal my heart, like little Katie and all the great kids in the government classes. Not to mention how well-thought out and brilliantly portrayed the villains were written in this novel.

you must face

If there was one thing that kept me going throughout this book, it was the writing style which was fast-paced and easy to follow. There was no confusion as you read, and with a concept such as this it is difficult to write without confusing the reader completely so that was a major plus in my book. With Scott as the protagonist, the reader is gently led into the world and all of its bumps and hurdles with him which allows it all to flow naturally. It’s a book that I just devoured and know that it is in high part because of Kim’s writing and cannot wait to read more of her work in the future.

the consequences

It was from the very first sentence, passing the compelling prologue, all the way to the very last sentence, that this book entertained me. It is a novel that questions so many things, that fills the reader in action, and slowly makes your brain unravel as you try to stay one step ahead of all the mystery and intrigue. It simply pulls you in and refuses to let you go until the very end and that is why I truly loved this book. It was unlike any other books I had been reading at the time, and it just worked for me. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a fast-paced, action-packed, mysterious, and deeply engaging novel that takes you on an emotional rollarcoaster. I am incredibly glad that I read this book and I hope that I manage to persuade you to read it too, as it really is worth it!

Four Stars

** I received this copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **


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