New Adult Read-a-Thon Updates!

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Hey Guys!
So, throughout the week, I am going to be updating this post with all of my progress as well as all the mini-challenges that I entered!
First up, I will just remind you of what my goals are…


- Read at least four books
- Comment on all blogs that are participating
- Make some new friends
- Host the twitter chat!
- Get some great NA Recommendations
- Do at least one mini-challenge a day!


On Monday I participated in Krista’s Dust Jacket’s Mini-Challenge, Good Guy vs Bad Boy (my comment is below). Meaning I am starting off well with that goal!
I commented on all the goal posts that were signed up – before I went to bed – so am right on my way for commenting on all participating blogs!
There have been some great books people are reading and I have had one recommendation so far. Looking forward to getting some more!
And finally, I read 25% of Pushing The Limits. I had work yesterday though which I don’t today and plan to get a lot more read today.

On Tuesday I participated in Addicted to Books’ Mini-Challenge, What Would you Do Differently (below). Which means I’m still doing well with that goal.
I didn’t, however, didn’t get a chance to do any blog commenting, but I’ll get back on that tomorrow.
No more recommendations today either, but that’s because I didn’t visit any blogs, eeek!
Lastly, I read another 25% of Pushing the Limits which means I’m now halfway through the book! I didn’t read as much as I wanted to today but that’s okay!

On Wednesday I participated in Smokin’ Hot Book Blogs’ Mini-Challenge, Twitter Character Bio (below). Which means I’m still going strong on this goal.
No blog commenting or recommendations again though as I had work and then family things in the evening, but the next four days I have no work so here’s hoping…
And because of another day with lack of time, I read 30% of Pushing the Limits. I now only have 20% left and I do have to say that I am enjoying it, but it’s also reminding me a little bit of Beautiful Disaster but ahh… I’m addicted, what can I say?

On Thursday I didn’t participate in any mini-challenges but I’m still counting this as there was an unforseen issue with the challenges.
Once again, I didn’t visit any blogs though (sorry guys!) because I ended up at a friends house helping her make a bookcase and then filling it… all with two young children. It was a good but long day!
But, despite all of that, I managed to actually read quite a bit (yay!). I read the last 20% of Pushing the Limits and have to admit I really enjoyed the book! And then I read 50% of Losing It. Hope to finish that one today and maybe even start the next one… :D

On Friday I didn’t manage to participate in any mini-challenges meaning that I have now failed that goal – d’oh!
And I didn’t get a chance to visit any blogs or get any recommendations…
I did, however, finish Losing It and I started The Edge of Never but have only read 3% so I’m not even sure that counts! :P


Good Guy vs Bad Boy
I am a good guy girl! I love the boys who are sweet, and sensitive, the ones who are caring and protective, romantic and just oh-so-kind. I love the ones who aren’t amazingly handsome, but pretty enough to be a looker. Essentially I love the best friend, the guys they never pick in the books.
But… in fiction I love the boys that look tough, that act tough, but underneath have a heart of gold.

Guys like Lucas Maddox in Easy, and Noah in Pushing the Limits. There’s more to them under the surface and I love that. :D

What Would You Do Differently
Fallen Too Far by Abbi Glines has a scene where the protagonist gets drunk for the first time. The guy insists she eats beforehand, I would have made her eat more than she did, or had her acting more drunk than she did.
- please note; I liked Fallen to Far and think Abbi is a great writer, I am not judging her writing abilities at all!

Twitter Character Bio
Noah from Pushing The Limits; (Bear in mind I’ve not finished the story and I suck at this kind of thing :p)
What’s on the surface is only half the story. So this bio is pointless. I am who I am, and you’ll only ever see what you want to see unless you know me.

So there you have it, my updates! I think I’m doing fairly okay so far! How are your updates going? Don’t forget to link up your updates posts to this post!


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Snapshots Birthday Bash (+ Giveaway!)

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Hey Guys!
Today I am here with a guest post from the lovely Patricia Lynne for the birthday of her first novel Snapshots.
You can find my review of this book here!

When Faye suggested I write about Snapshots’ first year being published, I cringed a little. From release day, it hasn’t had smooth sailing. In my excitement to release Snapshots, I stumbled and fell flat on my face.

I managed to pick myself up though and limped along with Snapshots, doing the best I could. It didn’t help that I was unemployed (a two hour a week job delivering papers isn’t really a job.) Marketing a book with no budget? Getting teeth pulled is easier. I found promotion where I could. There are plenty of sites that offer it for little or no cost. Thank you to all those sites! Some days I could do nothing for Snapshots. Bills needed to be paid and I had to eat. Sorry Cyc.

Things are better now. I have a day job and steady income that will make marketing my books much easier. *Day dreams about hitting the best sellers lists.* I can look back at Snapshots’ first year and appreciate the learning experiences I had. It was my struggling writer year and I survived it.

SNAPSHOTS FINAL My name is Cyclop Blaine and I am a real person.
“You are mine.”
I am a real person: heedless of a childhood spent under the supervision of an old man I only know as Master.
“You belong to me.”
I am a real person: regardless of my teenage years bound by violence as the adoptive son of the Victory Street Gang’s leader.
“You will obey me.”
I am a real person: despite the visions I see in others’ eyes. Snapshots of their futures.
“You will cower before me.”
I am a real person: my life will be my own. I belong to no one.
“You. Are. MINE.”

Amazon. Amazon UK. Barnes & Noble. Smashwords. Kobo. iTunes. Sony eBooks.

Author Pic - Patricia LynnePatricia Lynne never set out to become a writer. In fact, she never considered it an option during high school and college. She was more of an art and band geek. Some stories are meant to be told and now she can’t stop writing. Patricia lives with her husband in Michigan, hopes one day to have what will resemble a small petting zoo and has a fondness for dying her hair the colors of the rainbow.

Twitter. Facebook. Goodreads.


One lucky winner will win an e-book of Snapshots!

To enter, simply fill out the rafflecopter below!

- It is not necessary to follow my blog but is always appreciated
- The ebook is being provided by Patricia Lynne who reserves the right to terminate the giveaway at any point.
- Winners will be e-mailed and will have 72 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.
- E-mail addresses will ONLY be used for contacting winners and will be deleted after the giveaway.
- ENDS; 5th August

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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New Adult Read-a-thon Day 2; Updates.

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Hey Guys!
Today is the second day of the read-a-thon! Wooo!
There is still time to sign up! Just head over to this post.

Todays Mini Challenges

Reading Playlist over at Diana M Long
What Would You Do Differently over at Addicted to Books


Everyone is likely to update their read-a-thon status in their own ways but here you can link to all of your update posts/status/lists/diagrams, etc! So all the people participating can visit your updates and cheer you on.


Don’t forget you can do updates more often on twitter using the hashtag #NARead!


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New Adult Read-a-Thon Goals!

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Hey Guys!
So as it is the first day of the read-a-thon I am writing a post with my goals for the week. I really want to have lots of time to read but I actually have a fairly busy week – how does this always happen during a read-a-thon? – but my plan is just to read as much as I can, whenever I can. Which, as most of my books are ebooks should actually be fairly easy – wooo!

My Goals

- Read at least four books
- Comment on all blogs that are participating
- Make some new friends
- Host the twitter chat!
- Get some great NA Recommendations
- Do at least one mini-challenge a day!

So you know… not much :p
And the books I am deciding between are (but are very subject to change!);

Hopeless Lengths The Edge of Never Pushing the Limits Shattered Promises Losing It Vain Walking Disaster

Have you read any of the books on my list? What would you recommend I start with? And what are you planning on reading for the read-a-thon?


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New Adult Read-a-Thon Day 1; Goals & Mini-Challenges!

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Wooohoooo! It’s finally here!

So today is the first official day of the New Adult Read-a-thon and the beginning of a fun-filled week for you all! Sign-ups will be open ALL week, so feel free to just jump in whenever you want as well!


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Guest Review; Ink by Amanda Sun

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Hey Guys!
Today I have for you all a guest review by Kris. A longer bio is located at the bottom of this post.

inkAuthor: Amanda Sun
Publisher: MiraINK
Published: July 5th 2013
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source:: Bought
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, Amazon US

On the heels of a family tragedy, the last thing Katie Greene wants to do is move halfway across the world. Stuck with her aunt in Shizuoka, Japan, Katie feels lost. Alone. She doesn’t know the language, she can barely hold a pair of chopsticks, and she can’t seem to get the hang of taking her shoes off whenever she enters a building.

Then there’s gorgeous but aloof Tomohiro, star of the school’s kendo team. How did he really get the scar on his arm? Katie isn’t prepared for the answer. But when she sees the things he draws start moving, there’s no denying the truth: Tomo has a connection to the ancient gods of Japan, and being near Katie is causing his abilities to spiral out of control. If the wrong people notice, they’ll both be targets.

Katie never wanted to move to Japan—now she may not make it out of the country alive.

** CAUTION ** This review contains spoilers ** CAUTION **

A girl, ordinary but special. A boy, misunderstood. Two dead mothers. Special powers. Fighting. Tears. A bag full of ‘My heart soared and I knew I couldn’t live without him’ cliches. Welcome to Young Adult Paranormal Romance fiction review.

In a genre where vampires, werewolves, zombies and faeries have received critical attention from every possible angle over the last few years, publishers are desperate to find something new and interesting, so Harlequin Teen must have been very pleased to find first-time author Amanda Sun’s novel about kami, spirits from the Shinto belief system, which in this particular incarnation take the form of individuals whose drawings come to life.

To walk us through this genuinely intriguing premise, we are introduced to spunky-but-vulnerable blonde-haired orphan gaijin teenager Katie Greene, who is living in Japan with a nondescript aunt due to an improbable set of circumstances with her extended family and US Social Services following the death of her mother. When she meets Yuu Tomohiro, a slouching, distant anti-hero who nonetheless guards an improbable heart of gold, she unwittingly stirs his kami blood to the point where dark and dangerous things start to happen.

So far, so good. Katie is a likeable if slightly bland main character, but Sun’s initial steps seem uncertain ones, with a notable over-reliance on colour as a visual medium in many scenes, including the one where we first meet Yuu. In the space of a few short paragraphs, we see his then-girlfriend’s black book, pink-and-silver nails, his own navy blazer and copper hair, and so on. The girlfriend is swiftly removed from the picture, and a pregnant might-be-girlfriend is introduced and immediately discounted within a few pages. This leaves the way open for Katie and Yuu, though their initial fleeting hints of romance are somewhat untidy, veering from the Bridget Jones-esque moment where she climbs a tree to prove to him that she can make an exit (simultaneously displaying her underwear to all and sundry) and a scene immediately afterwards where he tries to walk into her to intimidate her into leaving him alone.

Yuu is a vast disappointment as a love interest. He is an example of the stock teenage ‘bad boy’ mould, constructed directly from lazy cliches. In two consecutive scenes, we see him beating up boys much younger than him, and then when he thinks nobody is watching, he helps an old lady onto a train. Despite numerous references to how troublesome and dangerous he is, Katie is intrigued by his non-existent sense of mystery (where does he go when she’s not around?) and stalks him around the neighbourhood until she discovers that he breaks into a fenced-off archaeological site in order to be able to draw his magical sketches without attracting undue attention. Given that both his personality and his magical powers are still almost completely unexplored at this point, the idea of a dangerous guy who finds redemption through drawing sadly reminded me of the villain Raymond Calitri from the most recent film version of ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ (2000). Calitri is an unintentionally comic figure, a supposedly vicious killer who nonetheless finds time to talk at length about his interest in carpentry. It is not a welcome comparison.

Characterisation is easily the weakest part of Sun’s debut. Without much effort on her part, Katie soon garners an alternative potential love interest called Jun, but he is suitably interchangeable with Yuu, given that the two have the same magical powers, the same interests and the same dependable white-knight qualities that seem so out of place in seventeen-year old males. Fortunately, Sun makes sure to avoid confusion between the two by giving them different coloured hair. The background characters are treated in a similarly off-hand fashion and seem about as substantial as the paper creatures that the kami create in the novel.

Since reading ‘Ink’, I have seen several online comparisons between it and the ‘Twilight’ series, a comparison which is to a degree inevitable given the subject matter and the lack of freedom that an author has to really explore their themes if they want to attract the attention of a major publisher these days. I cannot comment on the comparison as I have never read any of Stephanie Meyer’s work, but in common with the first ‘Twilight’ movie, the first half of ‘Ink’ moves at the speed of continental drift. However, unlike the first ‘Twilight’ movie, the midpoint in ‘Ink’ sees a dramatic improvement when the kami premise is explored and the characters actually start to do things.

Notably, there is a scene where in a bizarre attempt to force her away, Yuu takes Katie to a love hotel, treats her aggressively and kisses her forcefully. Without wishing to make light of the seriousness of the situation that Katie finds herself in, I have seen this referred to repeatedly online as a rape scene, and I can assure any potential reader that ‘A Clockwork Orange’, this is not. The truth is that the scene, like much of the novel, is so emotionally unengaging that I found myself wondering why it appears at all.

It is a tremendous shame that this sense of inconsequentiality pervades the novel to such an extent, given that Sun’s writing style is generally very good. Her dialogue is believable and enjoyable, and she does an excellent job of capturing Shizuoka through Katie’s eyes. Her use of pathetic fallacy is one example of technique applied subtly and unobtrusively. The settings, such as ‘the stomped-down grass and broken branches’ of Toro Iseki, or the ‘barnacle-encrusted base of the snaking orange hallways’ of the Itsukushima shrine, are distinctive and effective.

If my disappointment at ‘Ink’ is palpable to you, you should be aware that as a 35-year-old man, I am not the likely target market for this book. Nonetheless, I was quietly optimistic that ‘Ink’ had the potential to be genre-defining in the way that ‘The Hunger Games’ or ‘Divergent’ were. While it would do the book a disservice to describe it as an opportunity lost, it would be true to describe it as an opportunity that is not fully realised, for while the action scenes in the second half are well-observed, the characters left me feeling largely ambivalent and the romance seems thoroughly contrived. While I would certainly read more fiction by Amanda Sun, I would expect that the subsequent volumes in this particular series will pass me by.

Before I finish, I would like to make a special mention of the ‘Ink’ cover art, which on my pre-release copy is absolutely beautiful and one of the reasons I was attracted to reviewing it. Suffice to say, if Katie had been formed as well by her actions in the novel as she is captured in brush stroke on its cover, ‘Ink’ could have been something very special indeed. Sadly, it seems like it was not meant to be.

Two Stars

** I bought this book myself. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **

kris2 Kris Holt is a writer, reviewer and political activist who blogs at His debut novel, ‘What Comes From the Earth‘, will hopefully be released before the end of 2013.


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Young Movellist of the Year Winner!

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Young Movellist
(apologies for the bad photo)

Young Movellist of the Year WINNER!

So you may not know but in February this year, there was a competition to find a Young Movellist of the Year. Participants had to be teenagers (13-19) and had to have a fully completed novel to enter into the competition. Workers at then worked their way through 100 entries, somehow winding it down to just ten participants (the shortlis). Those were; (in no particular order)

Wings by Danielle Paige, aged 16
My Corrupted Lungs by Kyra Schlachter, aged 16
Girl with a Thousand Faces by Emma Yeo, aged 17
Name Upon Your Wrist by Helen Hiorns, aged 19
The Lives We Live by Edie Dams, aged 14
The Art of Forgetting by Warona Jalomba, aged 16
The Thorn in My Flesh by Alexandra Morley, aged 19
Gift: The Rebellion by Saskia Ross, aged 16
I Dare You by Molly Looby, aged 18
The Mendacii Key by Annabel Green, aged 15

Those ten participants were then judged by a team at Random House and Malorie Blackman. They then chose three finalists;

My Corrupted Lungs by Kyra Schlachter, aged 16
Girl with a Thousand Faces by Emma Yeo, aged 17
Name Upon Your Wrist by Helen Hiorns, aged 19

And finally a winner was chosen and announced at a beautiful ceremony on Monday 15th July. The winner was…

Helen nameonyourwristsmall (3)

The Name Upon Your Wrist by Helen Hiorns

Malorie Blackman said of the winning entry ‘Wow! What a story! And what I loved about this was the way all the major characters were so fleshed out and real. And I couldn’t predict the ending. In fact, I didn’t even see that ending coming. I loved that! I loved the idea of each person’s soulmate being written on their wrist, but Corin, the heroine, is full of questions about how her soulmate has been chosen and why. She is a loud rebel. Her sister Jacinta is a quiet one. And the story was such a satisfying read.’

Natalie Doherty, editor at Random House Children’s Publishers said ‘This entry instantly stood out to us, for the quality of the writing, the feisty and complicated but extremely likeable main character, and the fact that it gripped us right from the first paragraph. The concept of the story is brilliant: at first glance, very simple, but incredibly complex under the surface. And it’s thought-provoking, too. All the way through, you’re asking yourself questions: what would I do if I lived in this world? What choices would I make? Would I fall into line, or would I rebel? For us, it has all the marks of a really talented writer, and we think it’s a very deserving winner.’

Yvonne Biggins, Movellas Community Director added ‘We loved this story. The protagonist Corin is a complex character who we come to love through her rebellious and inquisitive nature. Helen Hiorns has created a world not to dissimilar from the world we live in today, but yet so different. The subtlety in her writing is a real strength. We can’t wait for the sequel!’

Winner Helen Hiorns said ‘I feel like I’ve fallen into a novel myself. I wrote the book in a mad rush and found out about the publishing contract whilst backpacking round Europe. It’s been incredible! Thank you, Movellas, Random House, Sony and The Reading Agency.’

The Name on Your Wrist is available to buy today!
Amazon UK. Sony eReader Store.

I haven’t personally read this book yet but it is one that I’m going to be purchasing soon as it sounds absoutely incredible! Will you be picking it up too?


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Guest Review; The Man on Platform 5 by Robert Llewellyn

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Hey Guys!
Today I have for you all a lovely guest review from Mike!
“Hi, I’m Mike, Faye has indulged me in letting me loose on her blog to do a book review for her. Hope you enjoy!”

Author: Robert Llewellyn
Publisher: Coronet Books
Published: 1st April 1999
Pages: 448
Format: Paperback
Source:: Probably a Charity Shop in my case!
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, Amazon US

Ian Ringfold is an ubergeek, specialising in trainspotting. He’s happy in his world.

Gresham and Eupheme, half-sisters who argue about anything and everything, spot him on a platform at Milton Keynes. They agree a wager – Eupheme says that she could change Ian into a fantastic man that would be admired by womankind anywhere, while Gresham insists that nothing could be done to redeem him.

Ian gets taken on an incredible journey to convert him from geek to cool dude, learning about the world. But it’s not just Ian that has his eyes opened.

I bought this book because of its author, Robert Llewellyn. If you’re not familiar with Robert Llewellyn then you aren’t a geek from the UK. Robert is probably best known as Kryten in the comedy series Red Dwarf, or more recently as the presenter of Scrapheap Challenge, a show where a team of enthusiastic engineers are instructed to build some sort of bizarre machine out of all the gubbins they can locate within a scrapyard. As you can imagine, he has some experience of geeks, making him ideally placed to write this book, which I’ve enjoyed again and again for the best part of a decade.

Essentially Ian Ringfold, a supermarket deputy manager from a small town in the Midlands, gets taken by Eupheme and transformed, through a variety of purchases, lessons, and the gym (ugh… I feel dirty just typing that word), into a man that is admired by men and fancied by women from the London elite. It keeps ticking over nicely and Gresham, Eupheme’s half-sister, steps in to throw enough twists into the story to keep you engaged. The author gives great detailed descriptions which I found change as I age – the first time I read this book I’d never been to London and imagined the places in one way, and now when I read it again I can imagine the places easier.

There is a host of supporting characters but the heart of the story is between Ian and Eupheme. Eupheme is, in some way, a mysterious character that I found difficult to understand. Ian is clearly happily going along for the ride, and likes Eupheme, but whether she likes him back or not isn’t clear for much of the story. Gresham is something of what I’d call a “force of nature”, that is to say that she knows what she wants and gets it, and isn’t going to be stopped by anything or anyone. You almost wonder why the two are so close but then this is explained too as the story unfolds.

As a geek, I always feel when reading it that I can put myself in Ian’s place. He’s happy where he is, doing a job that pays enough for him to essentially exist, doing the things that he enjoys, and without too much interference from the outside world. And I can relate to it as I’ve aged and gained new experiences. For me, this is a very personal book, and I’ve always said that if you want to understand me, this book is a way to do that.

Whether this book is of interest to other people (especially those that aren’t geeks like myself!) or not I don’t know. I do think it’s also of interest because of the time it was written – as a book published just before the turn of the century it includes names of many of the popular celebrities around then, and on a technical level it’s before things like Facebook came on the scene. It’s entirely possible that the story wouldn’t work if it was set today. Or maybe it would – maybe Ian would wake up to find a tweet waiting for him from someone he met at a party the night before and realise how much he’d changed that way.

five stars

Mike is a blogger who writes in between sleeping, working, being a dad, and eating pizza. His blog can be found at and you can also see him with his evil twin Joel at


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Shy Tells Us All!

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Hey Guys!
So today we have the lovely Shy from Doctors’ Notes. She is here for you today with an interview. All of the bloggers I contacted were given the same questions as I thought it would be fun to get different opinions on the same things.
Hope you enjoy all of the questions and all of the answers.

The summer is often a great time for reading. What are five books you would recommend others to read this summer?

I would say that on my list I am planning on trying to read light and easy reads. My top would have to be The Hunger Games series though if you haven’t gotten to this series yet you are missing out. Up next would be Beautiful Creatures, then The Percy Jackson series followed up by The Collector by Victoria Scott and then last but not least you need to read the Heven & Hell series by Cambria Hebert.

While our wishlists are already towering over, are they any new releases happening this summer that you’re really looking forward to?

Oh my I have so many books that I want to read this summer with the top one being The Fifth Wave. I have heard so many great things about this one I can’t wait to get around to it. I am also excited about White Trash Zombie Acaoplyse by Diana Rowland.

Name your top three authors.

Only 3 really. You are killing me. I have so many authors that I love and me naming my top three doesn’t mean I don’t love all the others out there. Cambria Hebert is such an awesome author and so friendly and involved with her readers. I am so honored to be on her street team and able to help her out all the time of course it helps that her books are amazing too. Up next would have to be the wonderful Nancy Straight. Nancy is such a sweet lady and so friendly and her books are full of awesomesauce. I think the last one would have to be Diana Rowland as I love her Zombie books. She just has such a cool way of writing that sucks you in.

When it comes to blogging, are you someone who posts spontaneously or do you schedule ahead?

Oh I schedule ahead of time with my busy life between work and the kids if I don’t there would never be anything up on my blog.

What are your three favourite reviews that you have written since you started blogging

Honestly I love all my reviews as I think they really reflect me and how I feel as a reviewer. The top 3 would be for Touch of Death by Kelly Hashway, Up next would be Beg for Mercy, and lastly would have to be Meeting Destiny.

Hi my name is Shy and I’m a married mom of three wonderful kids. I love to read and am a self proclaimed book addict. I love to read pretty much any book but Im a sucker for a pretty cover. My favorite genres are YA and Adult Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. I recently got into blogging after always having my family and friends ask me to recommend them books. Blogging was the perfect way to put all the books I love in one place. I love to do reviews,author interviews,guest posts and blog tours so if you are interested just send me an email at

Thank you so much for the wonderful answers Shy! It was really nice to get to know you a little better and to get some good recommendations for the summer! Have you read any of the books that Shy recommended? Or do you think you now will?


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New Adult Read-a-thon Reminder!

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Hey All!
A while back I made an announcement on the blog about a read-a-thon that I am co-hosting with Laura at Bookish Treasures. Well now I am here to remind you about it because it starts next monday!

The event starts on Monday 22nd July and ends on Sunday 29th July. The event is simply to read as many New Adult books as you can during the week with lots of other people to help make it more fun and exciting.

I would like to thank everyone who signed up to be mini-challenge hosts! We had a lot of people signing up and now have a good selection of mini-challenges for all the participants of the read-a-thon, hopefully making the read-a-thon a lot more fun and interactive for everyone!

From now on we’ll be using a hashtag for the event, so keep an eye on it!

And we now have a date for the twitter chat which is;
Saturday 27th July at 7pm GMT!

Throughout the week we will have daily posts detailing who will be hosting the mini-challenges for that day, with our own updates on our progresses, and a linky for you all to add your own process updates as well. Keep and eye out for all of that!

There will be a LOT of giveaways during this event but every participant that is NOT signed up correctly will be disqualified.
To sign up you MUST link up to your sign up POST or STATUS. If your link just takes you to your homepage, twitter, goodreads, or facebook profile, you CAN NOT win any giveaway prizes.
(If you have already signed up, you CAN change your link, but if you have any problems, do not hesitate to e-mail me.)

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