Cover Reveal; Retribution by Virginia Brasch

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Hey Guys!
Today is the cover reveal for Retribution (The Artemis series #1) by Virginia Brasch!
What do you think?


Retribution (The Artemis series #1)
by Virginia Brasch

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: March 3rd 2014

An eye for an eye. Bailey Russell is an assassin on an Artemis Agency assignment that is both business and personal: take out Amir Fahad, the arms dealer, who killed her partner. She’s put together an ideal plan that includes using herself as bait. Grieving the loss of her former partner and her team’s faith in her she vows the only way this mission ends is in death: hers or Fahad’s.

A dangerous web they weave. British Intelligence Operative, Ben Ambrose, is married to his job. And for the past three months that has meant living undercover as part of Fahad’s crew. Three month’s work blown when he feels compelled to risk his life to protect Bailey and her friends from Fahad’s men.

The best laid plans. Bailey’s plan ruined. Ben’s cover blown. Their entire professional lives consist of lies and subterfuge, but there’s one thing Bailey and Ben can’t hide from each other, their growing attraction. Still, each wants to complete their mission at all costs: personal and professional.

Payback’s a bitch and this time her name is Bailey.

You can add Retribution to your to-read list on Goodreads

“Well,” Bailey smacked her hands down on her thighs. “I’m beat.” She looked around the plain room and avoided meeting his eyes.
Ben stood from his chair and scooped up his bag as he moved toward her. “Me, too.” He dropped the bag next to the bed, pulled one gun out, and sat next to her on the cot.
Bailey shot him an odd look. “What are you doing?”
He leaned back, brushing her arm as he did so, and pulled his long legs up, maneuvering them around her until he lay flat on the cot. He moved close to the wall.
“We should sleep if we have the time, and apparently, with your team running things, we have the time,” he teased.
He was practically taking up the entire bed, leaving only the space where Bailey was currently sitting. Her face looked so furious he wanted to laugh.
She turned on him. “Well, since I did all the heavy lifting this evening I think I should get the bed,” she said.
Ben let out a snort. “I carried that guy, too.” He patted the small space next to him. “But I can share if it means that much to you,” he said with a grin.
She shot off the bed lightning fast, standing straight up, and staring down at him with her mouth slightly agape. She got his full meaning all right.
He still didn’t trust her at all, that was the truth, but he was game for getting some things out of the way and off his mind once and for all.
She was a distraction. He found himself thinking about her, looking at her, when his thoughts should be elsewhere. If he could have her now, satiate his growing need of her and be done with it, then he’d be able to focus. He’d be able to take a step back and see something other than her.
He slid his gun under his pillow and caught her eyes again. She looked hot when she was angry. Her face was flushed, her eyes were wide, and she was breathing hard, trying to regain some composure. She was fuming mad.
She was strong; she dragged a buck seventy-five of dead weight over sand. But Ben couldn’t shake the idea that she’d feel warm and soft anyway. She was lean but curved in all the right places just the same. He locked eyes with her, and his slow perusal of her body only seemed to infuriate her more.
“Get out of my bed,” she bit out.
Ben lay on his back, but his eyes were very much on Bailey, the gun under his pillow still held firmly in his grasp. He looked casual as if his head was resting on his bicep, but he was still at the ready. “I’m tired and going to sleep now.”
“That’s it.” Bailey stood and grabbed up the second gun from his bag.
Ben never turned. “Drop it now.” His deep voice was quiet.
“Absolutely not.” Bailey moved to sit in the chair he had abandoned. Her finger pointed accusingly at him. “You’ve got one on me, and I figure it’s only fair.”
“I don’t believe in fair,” Ben said with deadpan honesty.
She loudly slid the table closer to her, scraping the floor, and propped her legs up on it trying to find a comfortable position. She waved his gun back at him with a smile. “Neither do I.”
He turned only his head to look at her. “You pinch my gun and expect me to be okay with it?” His quiet voice and narrow eyes pinned her. “Fuckin’ hell.”
Everything had to be a fight with her! She even had his accent slipping he was so fed up. Princess is too good to share a damn bed? Or more specifically too good to share his bed? Then she took one of his guns. She probably can’t even hold the thing more than a few minutes. He was sure she was used to her little toy weapons and not that big piece of steel, dwarfing her hand.
She lounged back awkwardly on the chair with the table under her feet. It looked uncomfortable. Yet, that stubborn arse was sitting there practically smiling, pretending to be happy as a pig in shit.
She cracked one eye at him. “Cheers mate,” she shouted mockingly.
He moved his calloused thumb silently up, sliding the safety of his gun up with a soft metallic click. The quiet yet distinctive sound surprised him from his thoughts. Thoughts of regret. He should have shot her when he had the chance, free and clean. Done. His hand and mind were of an accord before he was even aware of thinking it.
And he was right; the gun was far too big for her hand. He watched her reach for the safety with her thumb and fall short before having to do it two handed.
“Oh, my God.” Ben spoke the words in genuine disbelief.
“What?” She yelled across the small space.
He wasn’t sure what to make of this, but he had an increasing urge to laugh at her. “First time you’ve ever had anything that big in your hands, eh?”
She dropped her head down on the back of the chair as if going to sleep now. “You’re disgusting,” she mumbled.
Ben let out a contented sigh from the bed. “I wouldn’t feel too bad, sweetheart. It’s a lot to handle. You just need practice.”
“One more word, English, and I’ll shoot you.”

About the Author:
Virginia Brasch, author of Retribution, the first book in the Artemis Series is making her writing debut. The married Pennsylvania native has an inherited love of books. Virginia was tired of reading stories about helpless damsels in distress and started writing about her own kind of heroine.

She snorts when she laughs, has an unfortunate fondness for karaoke, a growing collection of books, and is drawn always to the sea. She was also once hit in the head by a small sailboat’s boom and tossed overboard. This taught her the importance of expecting the unexpected. She enjoys dirty jokes and swears like a sailor though claims to be “****ing working on it.”

Virginia is an adventurer who lives a wildly exciting life. Afraid to fly, she travels infrequently. She gets excited to spend a night in reading or snuggle up watching a movie with her husband. She likes hanging out with her mom or tentatively venturing out with girlfriends, lured by promises of wine and laughing until it hurts.

“Life is short. Have fun while you’re here.”

author picture virginia

She writes suspense with a romantic kick and fully believes heroines should be a bit brash. For more romantic suspense fun, or just for a chat, you can find Virginia on twitter (@Virginia_Brasch), Facebook (V Brasch), and her website (Virgina Brasch). She encourages readers to go ahead and be a little bit Brasch.

You can find and contact Virginia here:
- Website
- Facebook
- Twitter


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Review Copy Cleanup 4.0!

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Awooohooo! It’s that time again! Review Copy Cleanup time!
I may not be able to read LOADS of review books in February, I do plan to read as many as I can so this shall be a fun challenge.

What is the Review Copy Cleanup?
(Taken from Books, Biscuits, and Tea‘s post!)
RCC is a month-long event in which Celine from Nyx Book Reviews and myself challenge ourselves to read as many review books as we possibly can. We are both notorious for accepting way too many requests, and consequently our to-be-read piles are pretty daunting. For some extra motivation to read, we invented the Review Copy Cleanup. This year we are keeping things simple – no challenges and just one scheduled chat, and weekly updates so we can all keep track of each other’s progress. You’re welcome to keep track of the challenge in the way that’s most convenient for you.

Thus this is my official SIGNING UP post!

I’m not sure yet which books I’ll read, except I know I’ll be reading Drummer Girl by Bridget Tyler. I think I’ll participate in the weekly updates but will probably have it as a part of my weekly highlights post to keep everything together.

I will probably aim to have at least half the books I read be review copies! (if not more!).

Will you be taking part?
You can sign up here!


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New Year, New Adult Tour; Denise Grover Swank Vlog!

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Hey Guys!
Today is my turn to host for the New Year, New Adult Tour! And I have to share with you all a lovely vlog from the lovely author Denise Grover Swank!
And at the bottom of this post you’ll also find your scavenger hunt clue and giveaway!
Hope you enjoy!

Your scavenger hunt clue is;


(To find out more about the scavenger hunt, Click Here)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Book Review; Cross My Heart by Carmen Reid

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Cross My HeartAuthor: Carmen Reid
Publisher: Random House Chidren’s
Published: August 1st 2013
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source:: Review Copy from Publisher
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, TBD

Brussels, 1940. Fifteen-year-old Nicole watches as the Nazis invade Belgium. Determined not to stand by as her country is brought to its knees, Nicole vows to fight back and joins the Belgian Resistance. Under her new alias – Coco – Nicole embarks on a dangerous new life as a spy, where the only question is not if you’ll be caught, but when

They’re Invading

As soon as I heard about this book I was instantly intrigued. I have an odd fascination with war books, and yet I tend not to read that many of them! I prefer the second world war but there is just something about fictional stories set admist a war that just pulls me straight towards a book. This book was one that I found to be incredibly unique and one that pulled me in right from the very start. I started this book a long time ago, then put the book down but when I returned to it and started back from the beginning, I found myself unable to put the book back down again. It was an intense read that grips you and forces you to become truly involved in the story. I am incredibly glad that I went back to this book as it is now one of my favourites and I know that I’ll be keeping an eye out for anything else that Carmen Reid publishes.

Her Country

Interwoven around a country that is being invaded by the Nazi’s is a young girl who isn’t willing to simply back down and let these German invaders destroy her home and her way of living. She’s angry and resentful and refuses to be the girl who just sits back and watches the horror around her. Thus she joins the resistance and begins an incredible journey that is truly inspiring. The plot of this book was absolutely stunning. It was full of tension, kept you right on the edges of your toes and really had you gasping for more. I was pleading with the book that things would change, or work out better as soon as they could. I obviously knew the war was going to end eventually, but that just made my hope for Nicole that much stronger. I just needed her to survive through it all because she deserved that and so much more. The only issue I had with the plot was at the very last chapter. There was so much intensity throughout the novel that the last chapter felt somewhat off-balance with the rest of the book. It was definitely needed and summed up the book perfectly, but it also fell a little flat for me which was a shame.

But She Isn’t

Nicole may well be one of my favourite characters. She is strong, stubborn, resiliant, inspiring and powerful. She is also vulnerable, weak and rash and it is these flaws that make her so likable. How she survives isn’t because it’s molded into her very core, but because she overcomes her fears and thinks about everything she is doing for other people. I found her to be a character that I very much came to care about and wanted to just urge on in the best ways as well as pull her from her world and place her somewhere where she would be safe and secure. This is a character that would truly inspire you to do the right thing, even if it didn’t end well for you. Every other character in this book was well-written and most were those that you could truly root for. Seen through the eyes of Nicole it is easy to see why she holds them close to her heart. I adored Anton, Monsieur Durance, Hope, her mother, her grandmother, her father, Raven, Plum, and I also found Effie to be heart-breaking. Carmen Reid has just managed to make these characters so realistic and loveable.

About To

There was something so rich and raw about the style of writing in this novel. Carmen has managed to carve the details of the war into a setting that sets your teeth on edge and makes you incredibly grateful that you weren’t alive during that time but also that you have ancestors who helped to fight against the horrible crimes of the German Nazi’s. The world she’s written feels so real and incredible, and I couldn’t help but imagine myself in Nicole’s place and shuddering every time I did. I cannot say how accurate the details were having not been taught about what happened in Belgium during the war, but it felt accurate enough for the story so I think that definitely makes up for it. I loved the way that Carmen eases you into the setting before throwing you fully into this nitty gritty world that is full of torture, hate, and just despicable living conditions. The setting really adds to the story and it wouldn’t be anywhere near as powerful if the writing of this world fell flat and therefore it is easy to state that Carmen did a brilliant job re-creating this historical moment.

Back Down

Cross My Heart is a book that is full of inspirational moments, powerful scenes, and incidents that will take your breath away. It is moving, heart-wrenching, intense and utterly entertaining and I am incredibly glad that I took the time to read this book. It was incredibly well-written and takes you on an exceptional journey that will stick with you for days after you’ve finished reading this book. I have a feeling that Nicole will be a character that will inspire many people and that this is a book which will remind people of how lucky they are to be in the position they are currently in and not in the middle of a war zone. It is a book that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys war stories, as well as to anyone who wants to read a book full of tension, that grips you and grabs you into the story, and one that makes it impossible to simply put the book down. I truly enjoyed reading this book and simply cannot wait for the next book that Carmen writes. If you’re looking for an inspired book to read, I would definitely suggest giving this book a try.

Four Stars

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **


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Weekly Highlights; RHCP & Faber Brunches Edition

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weekly highlights

Weekly Highlights is a new feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts and will be a post highlighting things that happened on and off the blog. It is inspired by The Story Sirens In My Mailbox, Books, Biscuit and Tea’s Showcase Sunday, Kimba Caffeinated’s Sunday Post, and the British Letterbox Love.

In the feature I won’t mention everything I received, nor every post I wrote during the week but will simply feature a selection of things I wish to spotlight a second time around.

Post Highlights

An interesting week of posts for me. I didn’t quite do everything that I had planned by I’m actually okay with that. I think it was a good week on the blog anyway and I have lots of good stuff coming up in the next few weeks as well. Yay!

I posted ONE review this week;
Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt (THREE HEARTS)

On Tuesday I got the TTT all wrong and so just posted the list I thought I was supposed to be doing and told you all about the top gems in my TBR pile. Check them out here.

Ever think you’re a bad reader because you read more than one book at once? I read a lot of books at once and sometimes I put one down and find myself never returning to it. To see which ones I’ve done this with, check out this post.

Comments… comments… comments… this week I wrote a post all about these, check out my thoughts on them here.

New Year, New Adult Tour


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Around The Blogosphere

One of my favourite books of the year last year was Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake, and so I can tell you that I absolutely adore this review of the book on Hollie’s blog.

There are so many books out there that deserve SO MUCH LOVE but just don’t seem to see the spotlight and so I loved this feature idea of Michelle’s where she highlights some of these books. Go and give these books the love they need!

It’s that time again! Another Review Copy Cleanup! I won’t be able to participate this time but go and sign up if you haven’t already! To find out more click here.

Tags are so common on booktube and I’ve recently been seeing some great ones crop up on blogs (yay!), and this Inside Out Book Tag that Vicky participated in looks amazing! I’m definitely planning to do this at some point.

Rebecca wrote a lovely post this week about the 14 releases she needs in her life. To add a few new books to your wishlist or to just gush with her, go check out the post!

Another of my favourite books last year was Splintered by A. G. Howard and Raimy’s review of the book just shows how wonderful it really is! See what I mean here.

Lastly, Amber wrote a great posts on comments – which made me feel a little less nervous about posting my own! Her thoughts on the subject are great and definitely worth reading. Find the post here.

Letterbox Love



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It’s all about… comments.

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*I know, it’s not Friday but thursday but it’s still my thoughts so… yeah.*

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a blog post or a blog (I’ve incidentally lost the link so you may have to take me at my word, sorry!) that was wholly devoted to bloggers that a) comment back and b) respond to comments on their blog. These were bloggers almost promising that if they get a comment on their blog, they will respond to that comment AND visit the commenter’s own blog and comment somewhere on it. Initially this is not an issue. If people feel that this is what they want to do, then good for them. What infuriated me was that this post/blog also insinuated that any blogger who doesn’t do these things are “bad” bloggers and not worthy of being followed. (This was never mentioned but my own interpretation of the situation).

*insert angry red face here*

Then, the other day, I noticed that Amber at The Mile Long Bookshelf had written a post about this new “system” where bloggers tweet you or message to ask for comments on ther blog or saying they won’t comment on your blog until you comment on theirs. Ummm….. oooookay.

*insert shifty eyes here*

Now, Amber summed this up pretty well by arguing that she comments on posts that are worthy of comments (*nods head in agreement*) and that asking for comments or withholding comments can be seen as spam. And in a way, that is also correct because you’re initially offering your services only as a trade for anothers’ services. It’s a bit like someone calling to say “We’ll come and clean your windows but only if you clear our driveaway of snow.” – which, between friends is acceptable, but not when it comes down to strangers.

*insert freaked out face here*

What I’m saying is that if there is a new trend of bloggers “sharing” comments, then that’s fine for them to do so, as long as they don’t start cold calling the rest of us bloggers who will comment on whatever posts they want to. After all, each to their own, yes?

*insert crazy nodding guy here*

Moving on from this slightly, I want to tell you why I don’t always respond to every comment on my blog and why I don’t always comment “back”. I have a full time job, and it is a very demanding one at that. Working with the public every day is incredibly draining and there are times when I come home, eat dinner and then simply fall asleep. Add to that a second job, a blog, two youtube channels and a social life and you may start to see where my life could be stretching thin.

So my time is limited. Therefore I’m not going to waste my time responding to comments that don’t need a response. So you’ve told me you like my choices for top ten but asked no questions or given me anything to respond to, are you really expecting a “Thank You” comment? Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful you’ve stopped by and I am thankful but I’d rather* respond to the comment above yours as the person has asked me about x book I’ve mentioned. Of course, if I had the time, I would definitely say thank you, but at the moment, I just don’t.

What I do, do, however, is go and visit every blog that comments on mine. It may not be on the same day (I probably don’t have the time – are you seeing a pattern?) but I will eventually wander over. Then, once I’m on that blog, I’ll look around and if I like what I see, I’ll likely hit that follow button. I’ll also look at a few posts but unless it seems I will be adding something significant**, I probably won’t comment but that doesn’t mean I don’t like what I see. If I do like it, I might tweet, favourite the post, or even share it in my Weekly Highlights. Or I may even use it as inspiration for a post. (Notice, I never commented on Amber’s post mentioned above). So while I may not comment “back”, I still go and see and sometimes even share.

*insert proud beam here*

Now that you know why I don’t always comment, do you think of me as a bad blogger?

And what do you feel about commenting and comments themselves? Do you comment? Do you not comment? As a blogger would you prefer comments or your posts being shared?

Feel free to let me know on twitter too, I love conversing over there!


* This sounds harsher than intended, but I hope you realise what I mean.
** I’m like this off the blog as well. If I don’t feel like I have anything new to contribute, I usually don’t speak.

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My “Currently” Reading Pile…

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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you probably know by now that I can get a little carried away when it comes to reading. (Honestly, who doesn’t?) But, the problem I have is that I’m a little ADD about the books I read. I get bored easily and always need to spice things up a little bit. Add in review pressures, release dates and blog tours and you end up with a blogger who starts reading a book, only to stop halfway through and pick up another one.

Thus, I decided to show you how bad and crazy this can get by showcasing to you all my “currently” reading pile. Here’s hoping you might feel better about your own reading piles after viewing this!

And now you know all my naughty secrets!

See you again soon!


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The Top Gems in my TBR Pile…

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This was supposed to be my top ten tuesday post but I wrote down the topic wrong and ended up with a different meaning for the topic entirely and since I already had the photos and the book lists ready, I just decided to carry on with my topic. (I’m also too tired to think about the actual topic) That means that today you get see the ten books on my TBR that I’m really looking forward to reading. The books I plan to read over the next few months.


The Moth in the Mirror and Unhinged by A. G. Howard; These books are being counted as one as one is technically a novella. I am SUPER excited to read these! I ADORED Splintered and cannot wait to dive into this world again. A. G. Howard is an exceptional writer. Yes, she is.

Something Strange and Deadly by Sarah Dennard; Ahhhh! Talk about crazy excitement! I’ve wanted to read this book for like TWO YEARS so to finally have my hands on the book is like… exceptional and I’ll be starting this one ASAP.

The Year of the Rat by Claire Furniss; Been wanting to read this one ever since I heard about it from Simon and Schuster! It sounds so great and the excerpt really pulled me in. Seriously hoping to get to this one SOON.

Shadowplay The Almost Girl Love Letters to the Dead

Eversea by Natasha Boyd; This one has come HIGHLY recommended by a few people now and I am sooo looking forward to finally cracking into it!

Shadowplay by Laura Lam; How have I not got to this one yet? I am still itching to read this and find out what happens next in this story! Hope to get to it fairly soon!

The Almost Girl by Amelie Howard; Again, what? Why is this STILL on my pile. I need to get this sorted ASAP bucause this book sounds so fantastic.

Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira; A new one to my collection but one I am still really excited for. It looks super interesting and right up my street. I seem to be in a contemporary kick or something.

The Moment Before by Suzy Vitello; This one had me hooked from the get go and I really cannot wait to dive into it and see what it is all about. Hopefully be getting to this one shortly.


Trouble by Non Pratt; Ahhhh! WANT. TO. READ. THIS. NOW. But I’m being good and waiting a little longer with this one. It’s not out until March and if I get too excited about it too soon, well, the world will surely collapse? Haha.

Never Ending by Martyn Bedford; Doesn’t it just sound brilliant? Can’t wait to jump into this one and I’ll be doing so hopefully before the end of the month and before the books release!


And that is the lot!
What books are you looking forward to on your TBR? Or you’know, feel free to link me to your ACTUAL Top Ten Tuesday posts!


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Book Review; Skin Deep by Laura Jarratt

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Skin DeepAuthor: Laura Jarratt
Publisher: Egmont
Published: March 5th 2012
Pages: 377
Format: Paperback
Source:: Complimentary Copy from Publisher
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, TBD

Ugly people don’t have feelings. They’re not like everyone else. They don’t notice if you stare at them and turn away. And if they did notice, it wouldn’t hurt them. They’re not like real people. Or that’s what I used to think. Before I learned…After the car crash that leaves her best friend dead, Jenna is permanently scarred. She struggles to rebuild her life, but every stare in the street, every time she looks in the mirror, makes her want to retreat further from the world. Until she meets Ryan. Ryan’s a traveller. When he and his mother moor their narrow boat on the outskirts of a village, she tells him this time it will be different. He doesn’t believe her; he can’t imagine why this place shouldn’t be as unwelcoming as the rest. Until he meets Jenna. But as Jenna and Ryan grow closer, repercussions from the crash continue to reverberate through the community. And then a body is found…

Three Stars

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to say a positive review. **


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Weekly Highlights; The Ill-Week Edition

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weekly highlights

Weekly Highlights is a new feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts and will be a post highlighting things that happened on and off the blog. It is inspired by The Story Sirens In My Mailbox, Books, Biscuit and Tea’s Showcase Sunday, Kimba Caffeinated’s Sunday Post, and the British Letterbox Love.

In the feature I won’t mention everything I received, nor every post I wrote during the week but will simply feature a selection of things I wish to spotlight a second time around.

Post Highlights

This week I had planned to get all caught up on my blogging and to get ahead of myself because I had a week off work and it was going to be awesome. Then on Tuesday I got a cough, on Wednesday I had a cough and sneezing, by Thursday I had a cold so bad I couldn’t find the energy to move out of the seat, and it hurt my head to look at the computer screen for longer than ten minutes, Friday was spent much the same and Saturday I was starting to feel better but had work so by the time I came home, I was wiped out. So, my blog wasn’t as busy this week as I wanted it to be, and I have nothing scheduled for next week yet but I hope to still keep the blog active. Fingers crossed!

This week I posted TWO reviews;
Secret by Brigid Kemmerer (FIVE HEARTS)
I Found You by Jane Lark (THREE HEARTS)

I told you my top ten 2014 debuts, which can be found here.

And I shared with you an excerpt from Cora Carmack’s new book, Finding It. To read that, Click Here

New Year, New Adult Tour


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Letterbox Love



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