Blog Tour; The Savage Kingdom by Simon David Eden

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The Savage Kingdom Blog Tour Banner

Hi Guys!
Today I am here to welcome you to the wonderful Simon David Eden who has written you all a guest post!
His book, The Savage Kingdom was published on the 17th July and is a middle grade fantasy adventure book that cat lovers are sure to truly enjoy! Find more information and where you can get the book, below!

The Catalyst:

The Savage Kingdom’s feline lead character Will-C is actually an amalgam of two cats. The main inspiration was our black cat Bagherra who joined the family when we were living in St Margarets, near Richmond back in the mid-90s.

Baggy at window

Bags was an abandoned kitten with a gammy eye who my daughter Millie fell in love with at a rescue centre. They became inseparable. Later on when we moved to Sussex, Bags befriended a three-legged cat who lived nearby. When I began to devise the story, I drew on Bags’ nature – smart, inquisitive, playful, loyal, always affectionate and tolerant (even when pursued by tail-tugging, over-enthusiastic human tots!), but as the epic journey at the heart of the story is pretty terrifying in places, it didn’t feel right to actually put him in it. So I sort of merged him and his three-legged friend to give myself license to go wild. As you can see from the photo below, he took his role as muse very seriously and stayed as close as possible to the action!

baggy laptop

Someone asked me recently if I’d become wary and suspicious of our cats as a result of writing the novel. And the answer is no. Just like Bags (who sadly died in 2012 aged 15) I’m sure our two new additions to the family, Bea and her brother Mosey will look out for us and help to organise the Truckles Domesticated Animal Resistance when the trouble starts. At least I hope so!

mosey and bea laptop

Picking up where Bags left off! Mosey’s a big fan of the petting-while-typing combo, whereas Bea is more interested in the process. If they need someone to handle IT in the post-human world she’ll definitely be the go to feline!

Brother and sister were born at the Champions Animal Sanctuary which was set up by my late great friend the actress and animal rights campaigner Alexandra Bastedo. Their mother was a pregnant stray found wandering the streets. Though they were part of the same litter, they are very different. Bea is slight, incredibly bright, independent and fearless – the latter perhaps because she was born completely deaf, which is quite common with white cats, and therefore isn’t frightened of loud noises like the neighbouring farmer’s dogs barking furiously as she pads through their garden. Physically she fits the description of a ‘White Oriental Shorthair’, while Mosey on the other hand – who always has a lot to say, is frightened of his own shadow and salivates uncontrollably when snuggled – is closer to a ‘Turkish Angora’, with his two different coloured eyes, thick fluffy coat and tail held looped above him like a Husky. Look out for a guest appearance in The Savage Kingdom Book II!

mosey with savage kingdom mosey

The Savage Kingdom When Drue’s beloved cat Will-C goes missing, she’s unaware that his disappearance is the start of the greatest global conflict the world has ever known. The animal kingdom has declared war on mankind, and now domesticated creatures must choose who to fight for: Man or Beast.

Cast into a world full of danger, but determined to rescue Will-C and bring him home, Drue starts out on a quest and makes an astonishing discovery: an ancient tribe of shape-shifters, who have lived in the shadows since the dawn of time, are about to play a key role in shaping the future – but can they save mankind? And what role is Drue herself about to play?

The Savage Kingdom is an unforgettable tale about courage, hope, loyalty… and the unbreakable bond between a girl and her cat.

Goodreads. Amazon UK. The Book Depository.

Simon David Eden Simon David Eden a graduate of the Royal College of Art, Simon has written screenplays for film and award-winning television drama. He has also worked as a lyricist, lecturer, designer and playwright. This is his first fiction novel and this new direction is something he’s now passionate about pursuing and focusing on. For more information about Simon’s work visit his website:

And there you have it!
What do you think? Do you think you’ll be reading this book?
Are you also a cat lover?


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Top Ten Tuesday; Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island

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top ten tuesday2

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. Each week a new topic is given and this weeks topic is Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me On A Deserted Island

So this week I have decided to split my Top Ten up! I have five characters from books and five from tv shows / films. Enjoy :)


Harry Potter 1 Fangirl The Fault In Our Stars

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)
Because then we could talk about books the whole time, right?

Cather (Fangirl)
Because she is so much like me and I just think I’d love her and we’d get on so well!

Augustus Waters (The Fault in Our Stars)
Because I imagine he would bring some fun to the island and make it less of a drag!

geek girl anna dressed in blood

Harriet Manners (Geek Girl)
It would be so cool to meet her! And, like Augustus, I’m sure she’ll keep everyone entertained!

Cas Lowood (Anna Dressed In Blood)
Because he seems like a great guy and because if there are any ghosts haunting the place, he’ll be on hand to save the day!


(I know a lot of these are adaptations from books, but I prefer or have only seen the adaptation and that is why they’re here.)

Veronica Mars How to Train Your Dragon Frozen

Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)
She’s spunky and fun and would be keeping an eye on everyone which would be interesting!

Hiccup & Toothless (How To Train Your Dragon)
They go together because they’re inseperable. And of course, I want cute awesome dragons with me on the island!

Olaf (Frozen)
Because it would be his dream location, especially if it was hot! And let’s face it, he’s adorable.

Accepted Iron Man

Bartleby Gaines (Accepted)
Because this guy is smart, fun, energetic and a great motivational speaker who would definitely make it all worth it!

Iron Man (Iron Man)
Admittedly he would probably be able to fly us out of the island, or would be the reason we were stranded in the first place, but it would be super cool to meet him and have someone willing to kick ass and possibly be smart enough to rescue us eventually!

So there you have it.
But who would YOU want with you on the island? Let me know in the comments or link me to your post!


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Countdown to 7th August; Jeff Norton Guest Post

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countdown ya 7th aug

Hey Guys!
Today I am here to welcome the great Jeff Norton to the blog for a guest post on the inspirations behind the funny Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie.
Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Goonies, Fourth Grade Nothings, and Ginger Beer Inspirations behind Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie by Jeff Norton

It’s just a few weeks to go before ‘Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie’ publishes, and I couldn’t be more excited.

It’s something new and totally different (than MetaWars) for me. It’s a middle-grade comedy about a twelve-year-old boy with OCD called Adam Meltzer who climbs out of the grave to solve his own murder.

This book has been a long time in coming. I’ve been writing it for few years, but it’s inspirations run much deeper. Now, since it’s a zombie book, you might expect me to cite George Romero or The Walking Dead as inspirations. But, at its heart, it’s a coming of age tale about learning to be comfortable in your own skin…even if it’s decomposing.

I actually rejected the zombie genre in this story and hopefully turned it on its head.
The inspirations may not what you’d expect: ‘The Goonies’, Judy Blume’s ‘Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing’ and Enid Blyton’s ‘Famous Five.’

  • The Goonies.

I’m a child of the eighties and spent a lot of time watching movies. I came quite late to reading, so my seminal childhood entertainment experiences were in the cinema. And The Goonies, directed by Richard Donner (Superman The Movie!) and written by Spielberg (story by credit) and Chris Columbus (who went on to do Home Alone and the first two Potter films), about a group kids who seek a pirate treasure to save their homes, blew me away. I watched it again recently and it holds up pretty well for a film that’s nearly 30 years old.

I could write an entire essay about the brilliance of The Goonies, but instead I’ll focus on one aspect: peril.

The Goonies face real, life or death peril. Donner doesn’t pull any punches; he puts these children into dangerous, life threatening situations that could end with a nation in mourning. He doesn’t treat the kids like children, he treats like actors on their own stage, making big, risky decisions for something that’s important to them. But at the same time, they’re still kids facing tween issues like parents, first crushes, bullying siblings, and the despair of moving away.

There have been a lot of attempts to recapture the magic of The Goonies (this summer’s Earth to Echo appears to be the latest, and looks to be diabetes-inducing too sweet). I remember seeing The Goonies for the first time and not knowing which, if any, kid was going to live through that movie. It respects the audience, doesn’t take them for granted, and delivers real thrills and chills that stay with you for thirty years.

In Neurotic Zombie, I very much wanted to put my characters in peril. Even thought Adam comes with a built-in immunity to death (he’s already dead!), some pretty awful things happen to him (no spoilers here) and his best friends, Corina the vegan vampire and Ernesto the reluctant chupacabra, go to some pretty dark places.

  • Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing by Judy Blume.

Either by luck or design, I read this book when I was in fourth grade, and also had a destructive toddler in the house (my now very tall, accomplished brother David), so it resonated with me on many, many levels.

I haven’t reread it since (hough I did read the sequel, SuperFudge) but the lingering memories of this book have inspired Neurotic Zombie. The first is that the book is about family life, and both parents are around (unlike in most kids books where one or both are killed off, shipped off, or generally absent) and I wanted to explore and celebrate the family dynamic, treating the adults as real people (in Blume’s book, the father loses a client and it’s a big deal for him).

The other aspect that I sought to divine from the genius of Judy Blume is the self-centered nature of being a tweenager. The world literally does revolve around you because it’s your story and everyone else is in it. Peter, the Fourth Grade Nothing, can’t fathom the unfairness of his situation. When you’re young, it feels like things are happening to you, and Judy Blume captures that sense of unfairness and outrage like no other author I can think of.

My main character, Adam Meltzer, spends most of his first week as a zombie in a constant state of uproar – he can’t believe what’s happened to him and the unfairness of it all. Slowly, over the week, he stops playing the victim and becomes the hero. In just one week of being undead, he does a lot of growing up.

  • The Famous Five books by Enid Blyton.

This may come as a shock to UK readers of this blog, but these books did not feature in my childhood.

I’d literally never heard of Enid (except for the hit Barenaked Ladies song that launched their debut studio album) until I was offered a job to manage her literary estate. It was my first gig in the UK and I read a ton of Blyton books to prep for the role. Beyond my observation that kids in Britain drank a lot of something called ginger beer (which I later learned was not alcoholic) and had a lot of picnics, what I enjoyed about the Famous Five was how tightly knit they were a as a group. There’s something reassuringly comforting about knowing that your friends are loyal and have got your back.

In ‘Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie’ I wanted to give Adam Meltzer a taste of that comfort. His whole world has fallen apart – he’s lost his life, his skin is decomposing, and his sister has stolen his room – but he gains two great friends who see him through the worst of his after-life.
It’s funny; I didn’t think consciously about these three influences when I was writing the book, but after finishing it, I did some reflecting and realized that they were there, in my subconscious, in my memory, informing my storytelling. Now that I’ve finished the book (and am writing the second of three books…and yes, before you ask, the sequel is very much my Empire Strikes Back!) it’s a joy to relish in the stories that have shaped my own storytelling.

Memoirs of Neurotic Zombie

Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie’ publishes 7th of August from Faber Children’s.

Read the prologue here!


Jeff Norton is a London based author and writer-producer. His MetaWars series of four books is out now from Orchard Books. He’s on the web at, facebook at and tweeting as @thejeffnorton.

Will you be reading this book?
Don’t forget to follow the rest of the Countdown to YA tour; Here


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Book Tour Review; Harder by Robin York

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HarderAuthor: Robin York
Publisher: Piatkus
Published: July 1st 2014
Pages: 339
Format: Paperback
Source:: Review Copy
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, TBD

Caroline still dreams about West. His warm skin, his taut muscles, his hand sliding down her stomach. Then she wakes up and she’s back to reality: West is gone. Before he left, he broke her heart.

Then, out of the blue, West calls in crisis. A tragedy has hit his family-a family that’s already a fractured mess. Caroline knows what she has to do. Without discussion, without stopping to think, she’s on a plane, flying to his side to support him in any way he needs.

Though they are together once more, things are totally different. West looks edgy, angry at the world. Caroline doesn’t fit in. She should be back in Iowa, finalizing her civil suit against the ex-boyfriend who posted their explicit pictures on a revenge porn website. But here she is. Deeply into West, wrapped up in him, in love with him. Still.

They fought the odds once. Losing each other was hard. But finding their way back to each other couldn’t be harder.

When Only

Deeper, the first book in this series is a book that blew me away. It was intense, powerful, and I just couldn’t help but fall in love with every aspect of the book. Thus, when I heard that Harder was being released, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and once again dive into the world of Caroline and West. In a way this worried me in case it just wasn’t as good as the first one but I needn’t have worried because Harder is an exceptional book that I fell head over heels for and couldn’t get enough of! Once more Robin York has shown how talented a writer she is and has just managed to pull you into this story so deeply. I really struggled to put this book down.

You Stand

What makes this book so intriguing is that the plot is never simple. There isn’t just one factor or one plotline pulling you through the story but instead there are multiple strands, lots of subplots being pushed together all at once. It may be Caroline and West’s story but what that really means is that these two characters both bring their whole lives to the table. And their lives aren’t clean, they’re messy and they have baggage and it all comes to light. Their lives are real and that, essentially, is why I completely love these books. Their relationship isn’t unicorns and rainbows, it’s real issues to work past, real love to conquer, and real complications to deal with. It just makes the book very compelling. I thought everything that happened in Harder was intense, and I just loved the journey that both Caroline and West took.

In Your Way

Caroline is a strong character. She’s stubborn, set in her ways, and has a strong ability to go for whatever she wants. She wasn’t always that way. But events transpired in her life that made her need to step up and take charge and take control. I loved her character. I loved how willing she was to do what she needed to do. She has her flaws, she’s still human, but she when she knows what she wants, she does her best to go for it and that is such an inspiring thing to read about. West, on the other hand, has never known how to take on what he wants. His life has told him that if you want something, there will always be something in the way to stop you from getting it, even if that something is you. But throughout the book he learns that it doesn’t have to be that way and I loved the transition he took. While Deeper was Caroline’s story, Harder is very much West’s story and I loved it. By the end of the book, West is a very strong character and I just loved his enthusiasm for life so much! Another character worth mentioning is Frankie. She also went on a hell of a journey in this book and I just love her so much!

How Do You

I can’t pin down exactly how she does it, but Robin York has an ability to truly suck the reader into the story. Her writing style is powerful and intense and it is impossible to just read a few pages of her book in a light matter. Instead, every word drags your whole body into a new world, and makes you really feel that Caroline and West are real people in a real world. Robin’s writing is absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to read whatever she writes next. She creates amazing characters that are completely real, creates plots and subplots that bring complications all over the place and just has a style that is easy to read and yet completely immerses you in the world at the same time. She is incredibly talented.

Fight Back

Harder is a book that I completely enjoyed. I was, once again, blown away by the plot and felt everything in the story so deeply. At one point I put the book down and didn’t want to pick it up again simply because I was so mad at West. I didn’t want to continue reading his story when he had acted like that. But that just made the book so much better for me because Robin had made me truly feel for the characters. She’d made me connect with them so much that their flaws caused me pain. Of course, I eventually continued and fell in love with West all over again. This book is stunning. I truly cannot wait to read whatever Robin writes next, even if it isn’t within Caroline and West’s world. With that in mind, if you’ve read Deeper, you should definitely read Harder! If you haven’t read Deeper, you need to get on that as soon as possible. However, please bear in mind both of these books are New Adult books and do encompass mature themes and may not be suitable for younger readers. But if you like contemporary books that deal with real life issues, then you’re likely to love these books!

five stars

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **

Follow the rest of the tour, Here


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We Need To Talk.

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This may well be one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to write on this blog and I’ve had to write a lot of difficult posts. But, before you start getting yourself all worried and frantic, I’m not breaking up with you! And by that, I mean, of course, that I am not quitting blogging. Definitely not going to happen anytime soon. BUT. Things are going to be changing, quite a bit, actually. Before I explain that though, I wanted to have a small talk about WHY these changes will be happening. (NOTE: This post may be long, for which I am truly sorry and completely understand if you skip to the end of this post where I just explain what will be changing!)

Recently, or well, in the last five or six months, I have really been struggling to keep my passion for blogging alive. There are a lot of contributing factors for this. The first being how busy I’ve been. I’ve been working full time since August last year and while that shouldn’t be a problem, it meant finding the time to blog was difficult. Add to that new friends, blogging events, author events and family things, it often seems that I’m very rarely at home (which my housemate can definitely agree with!). Then, when I finally am home, the last thing I usually want to do is blog.

Because I’m tired. And that is the second factor for my lack of passion. I often come up with some amazing blog post ideas, or I read a great book and I want to review it straight away to tell everyone HOW GOOD it was, but when I finally sit in front of the computer, I don’t want to. Or worse yet, the effort of turning the laptop on seems too much. Especially when I can just turn the TV on and chill out instead…

Reason number three is TV. And, incidentally, the cinema. I went to university to study Film and Television Studies, which means I must at least enjoy it, right? Well, we’re coming up to the second year since graduating and (aside from the last few months) I had barely been to the cinema and TV just wasn’t something I did, because I was reading and blogging instead. Well… I rediscovered the cinema with my amazing cineworld card and now just want to go ALL THE TIME. I want to see ALL the films. I also discovered Netflix and the wonders of TV shows all in a row. But, of course, this takes TIME. And it has, unfortunately, gotten to the point where I would rather go see the latest film than blog. And I’ve been feeling guilty about it.

Reason number four is, you guessed it, guilt. I feel riddled with guilt about not blogging and that, in an odd twisted way, makes me feel less like blogging. It makes me feel like every post I write needs to be AMAZING because I’ve put it off for so long. So when I know or feel it won’t be, I just don’t want to sort it out. Then I see other blogs with AMAZING posts and feel even worse about it.

And thus, reason number five is because of jealousy. Not because some bloggers get more ARCs or even more invites to things but just because they seem to blog so much better than I can or ever could while holding down a full time job (and a new long commute!). But that jealousy has turned into a major lack of confidence. And this, for me, is the LARGEST reason I am struggling to blog. This is the biggest reason; the cherry on top, the jenga piece that tumbles it down, the final piece of the puzzle. I no longer feel that my words are making a difference, or an impact, or are just worth anything. And then I just sit and wonder what the point is. Why put a tonne of effort into a post if it isn’t great?

The other day on twitter I tweeted about how I felt no one would notice if I just stopped blogging, vlogging or tweeting. It wasn’t for pity. It was just how I genuinely felt, because of my confidence being shot down. I was overwhelmed by the response, and glad that I wasn’t the only one feeling that way. But it made me really realise that something needed to change. And I knew I wasn’t going to just gain confidence overnight. Thus, I did some thinking.

Finally I came to a decision.

I am no longer going to post reviews on this blog. I will still be talking about books, and the book world, and I might even still tell you my thoughts on books, but I won’t be officially reviewing books on the blog. This may change over time. But for now, this is how it will be. It also means that I’m going to re-introduce movies into the blog. As I’m firing my passion for the cinema again, why not share that with you all? Again, this probably won’t be film reviews, but it may mean film discussions and the like. But we’ll see.

But before you despair… I will still be reviewing books.

As of Tuesday 8th July 2014, I decided to help out my friend Caroline and asked to join her team at Big Book Little Book. So, from now on, all the reviews I do will be on her blog. I’ll still tweet them and will mention them in my weekly highlights, but they just won’t be here. But, I have also decided to change the format slightly, because I’m wondering if perhaps another reason is that my reviews are no longer creative enough for me.

EXTRA; I do have three more reviews coming on this blog, for my tour stop on the HARDER blog tour, a review I promised an author, and a review & giveaway post! But after that – no more!
I will also still be participating in blog tours and organising blog tours, but more on that later!

So… yeah.

That’s happening.

I hope you’ll stick with me but I understand if you don’t. But this is my blog and I need to do what I can to keep it active and alive, and enjoying it while I do!


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Blog Tour Sign Up; Ascension of the Whyte by Karen Wrighton

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Hello Everyone!
Today I’m here to tell you something amazing! I am currently organising a blog tour for the wonderful debut author, Karen Wrighton!
To find out more information about the book, it’s all below! To sign up for the tour, fill in the form at the bottom of the post. Everyone who signs up will be e-mailed so keep an eye out for an e-mail from me if you do sign up. If you don’t get a response e-mail, let me know as your sign up may have gotten lost.
Without further ado, Ascension of the Whyte!

Ascension of the Whyte

Sara Carson did not believe in life after death, Heaven, Hell or even reincarnation. However, what she didn’t know was that some of us are special. For some of us, death is just the beginning of our next great adventure. Sara Carson was one of those special people, and her most incredible journey did not begin, until the day she died.

A magical début novel that will leave you breathless.

Tour Info

The tour will run from 9th August to 16th August.
It will consist of reviews, interviews, guest posts, and other inspired posts, along with a tour wide giveaway.
The book was released on the 9th June.
Review copies for the tour will be in e-format.
All relevant post information will be sent to the bloggers at least three days before the tour.
If you’d like to sign up without the tour form, please e-mail me using the little e-mail button on my sidebar or via my contact page.

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Book Review; Boys Don’t Knit by T. S. Easton

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Boys_Dont_KnitAuthor: T. S. Easton
Publisher: Hot Key Books
Published: January 1st 2014
Pages: 277
Format: Paperback
Source:: Review Copy
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, The Book Depository

Ben Fletcher must get to grips with his more ‘feminine’ side following an unfortunate incident with a lollipop lady and a stolen bottle of Martini Rosso from Waitrose. All a big misunderstanding of course. To avoid the Young Offenders unit, Ben is ordered to give something back to the community and develop his sense of social alignment. Take up a hobby and keep on the straight and narrow. The hot teacher he likes runs a knitting group so Ben, reluctantly at first, gets ‘stuck in’. Not easy when your dad is a sports fan and thinks Jeremy Clarkson is God. To his surprise, Ben finds that he likes knitting and that he has a mean competitive streak. If he can just keep it all a secret from his mates…and notice that the girl of his dreams, girl-next-door Megan Hooper has a bit of a thing for him…Laugh-out-loud, often ridiculous, sometimes quite touching, and revelatory about the knitting world, Boys Don’t Knit is a must for boys and girls…

When You

I first heard about this book at one of the Hot Key’s Blogger Brunches and I knew that it was a book I wanted to read. Then other exciting books were put into my hands and this one, sadly, slipped into the background. Then with the help of my book club, I finally got around to reading this book and felt so bad that it took me so long to read as it was absolutely brilliant. I was hooked from the very first page and now cannot wait until the next book comes out! This book was everything that I had hoped it would be.

Have To

Thanks to his friends, and an inability to keep things together, Ben Fletcher finds himself on probation. One of his tasks of probation is to sign up for an evening class but as it’s so late in the year, he has very limited options. Through much deliberating, he finally decides on knitting. What unfolds next is something he never could have imagined. This book was hilarious and had a plot that just seemed to keep all of the action and comedy flying off the page! I loved all of the things that occured in this book and felt that it was all just put together so well! While there was a slight generic feel to the plot, this was easy to look past as everything else was just so brilliant and vibrant!

Choose Between

Ben is, by far, my favourite character in this book and is one of the main reasons it was such a funny book to read. Ben is a character with a real personality and someone I could actually imagine being friends with. I love that he had a few quirks to his personality. He was caring, a worrier, sensitive, smart, and just always wanted to do the right thing. He was a great character to read about! I loved all of his misadventures! I also enjoyed reading about his friends, his family, and all the people in his knitting group! All the characters are perfect for this kind of book and are just written so well.

Four Evils

Boys Don’t Knit is a book full of humour that I just loved. I don’t know why I love Inbetweener style comedy books, but I just really do. It was easy to fall into Ben’s life and completely understand all of the restrictions he goes through every day. I loved the over-the-top humour, the food-sex jokes, the abundance of cultural references but mostly I just loved the very realistic feel to this book – well, until the end anyway! This book simply builds and builds until it reaches a really fun and hilarious climax that I absolutely adored!

Choose Wisely!

If you want a book that is quick to read, and will leave you in stitches, then this is a book you must read! If you enjoyed The Inbetweeners or Don’t Call Me Ishmael or One Seriously Messed Up Week In the Otherwise Mundane Life of Jack Samsonite, then I am certain you’ll love this book (or vice versa!) and you should definitely get to reading it! Boy’s Don’t Knit is a wonderful book that has all the elements needed to make you laugh, as well as love all the characters, and simply just pull you into the story. It is an easy read that will stay on your mind for ages, one you’d be happy to re-read and it will also make you beg to get your hands on more. It is a book that I would highly recommend because it is just fantastic!

Four Stars

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **


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June Monthly Wrap Up

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So I ummed and ahhed about whether or not to start doing monthly wrap-ups on the blog but have eventually decided that in an effort to keep my blog more organised, to keep on top of challenges and to do a nice re-cap of the month for you all, that I would do them :-). Therefore, this post will be set out like my weekly highlights post, split into headings in an attempt to keep everything organised easily :D

Monthly Highlights

I swear I say this every month… but how is it July already?!?! That is just… crazy!
I honestly don’t know where June went and I am struggling to remember what I even did with it. I know I was insanely busy but seriously… doing what?

Book wise;
I went to book club where we discussed Boy’s Don’t Knit and Say Her Name, both of which will have reviews coming next month! It was really fun and nice to see what everyone thought of each of the books and interesting to see how different we all are in our reads!
I also went to Robin Stevens’ book launch of Murder Most Unladylike. The event was really fun and the speeches were really lovely!
And I went to the launch of Say Her Name by James Dawson! This was a great event and James even dressed up as Mary which was such a sight to see! This was a brilliant event that I enjoyed, even though I had to bough out early with a headache.
The TFIOS movie was released in cinema’s! And I, awesomely, went to see it three times! It was such a brilliant adaptation and I just love the film so much!

Blog wise;
This month has been slow on the blog because of how busy I have been off the blog, but here’s just a few things that happened.

My top three posts were;
Book Review; The History Keepers: Nightship to China by Damian Dibben
Top Ten Summer TBR Reads
Book Review; I Predict a Riot by Catherine Bruton

I’ve been having a lot of thoughts about youtube this month and so, essentially, I have only posted a wrap up and book haul lately. Hopefully I’ll have sorted something in my brain next month and sort out what I want to do with the channel, but we’ll see!

I read nine and a half books this month which is AMAZING. It was so busy and I was sure this wasn’t going to happen and yet it DID. I am fairly proud of myself. I also read some really great books this month which was really good. Looking forward to seeing what July brings!

Favourite Book

I Predict a Riot I truly loved this book from start to finish. It was compelling, heart-wrenching, and just had me on the edge of my seat. I would be laughing one minute, then full of tension the next. It was full of depth, dealt with the topic exceedingly well and is just a book that I really enjoyed and found truly entertaining. This book is about the london riots and I just feel like it dealt with that topic so incredibly well. It also had a character who was attached to filming and I loved that aspect of the story, it really made her feel more realistic. All the characters were well-written and compelling, and it’s hard not to just fall in love with them. If you’re looking for a book that is deep, dark, and will play a mess of your emotions, then you should definitely give this book a try because it is certain to take you on a unique journey.

July TBR

These are five books that I REALLY want to read this month! They’re the ones that are VERY high on my TBR!

The Cuckoo's Calling Lies Like Love Let's Get Lost Harder Falling Into Place

Look! An adult book! Yaay! And I have one other book club book to read and just a pile of other summer books and yalc books… but these ones are the ones I really want to read this month!

How was your June? Did you read anything amazing? Have you got any great books you want to read in July?


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