Book Review; Mayhem by Sarah Pinborough

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MayhemAuthor: Sarah Pinborough
Publisher: Jo Fletcher
Published: 25th April 2013
Pages: 341
Format: Paperback
Source:: Bought Copy
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, TBD

When a rotting torso is discovered in the vault of New Scotland Yard, it doesn’t take Dr Thomas Bond, Police Surgeon, long to realise that there is a second killer at work in the city where, only a few days before, Jack the Ripper brutally murdered two women in one night.

Though just as gruesome, this is the hand of a colder killer, one who lacks Jack’s emotion. And, as more headless and limbless torsos find their way into the Thames, Dr Bond becomes obsessed with finding the killer.

As his investigations lead him into an unholy alliance, he starts to wonder: is it a man who has brought mayhem to the streets of London, or a monster?

Hiddin In

I had very little expectations of this book, other than knowing that people really liked Sarah Pinborough’s books. The synopsis of this book caught my eye – despite being a historical – because I have a weird fascination with Jack the Ripper. Add to that a paranormal/fantasy element and I was sure this would be a book I’d enjoy. And I was right. This book was compelling, riveting, and full of tension. It is full of descriptive and flowing writing that I really liked.

The Shadows

One of the best things about this book was the plot which was complex and full of interesting twists and turns. It, incidentally, took me a while to match up the dots due to there being a lot of different characters, names, and times thrown my way, but when I did, the story became even more intense and exciting. I loved the waiting in thie story. You knew what was going to happen but not when or how. This one really just drew me in and kept me until the very end. I also found the newspaper articles to be a fascinating touch.

Is Your

Alongside an elaborate plot, Sarah has deep, interested characters. I found Dr Bond to be a truly wonderful character to read about. I loved that he was shown as human with flaws and imperfections. I also loved that he was strong and weak at the same time and that the other characters noticed his changes. I found that all the characters, and as mentioned above there were a lot, were all so well defined. They all had distinct and interesting personalities that all fit with the gloomy atmosphere of the novel. On top of it all, I think the paranomal aspect was very creative and gripping.

Worst Nightmare

Mayhem is a very captivating novel that is full of mystery, tension, thrills and horror. It is riveting and intriguing and is a book that I truly enjoyed. There were a few things that confused me to begin with but I quickly got into the flow of it and ended up unable to put the book down. This book is dark, and has the potential to truly creep you out and that is yet another reason why I enjoyed it so much. The paranormal in this book bends reality extremely well. If you’re looking for a book that keeps you on your toes, then you should definitely read this book.

Four Stars


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Weekly Highlights; The Valentine’s Edition

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weekly highlights
Weekly Highlights is a feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts and will be a post highlighting things that happened on and off the blog. It is inspired by The Story Sirens In My Mailbox, Books, Biscuit and Tea’s Showcase Sunday, Kimba Caffeinated’s Sunday Post, and the British Letterbox Love.
In the feature I won’t mention everything I received, nor every post I wrote during the week but will simply feature a selection of things I wish to spotlight a second time around.

Post Highlights

This week has been a fairly standard one for me. I’ve been pretty busy and very tired and really haven’t done much. I did, however, go out for a romantic meal on Friday… with my best friend. It was a lot of fun pretending we were madly in love, and it was the first time I’d seen her since before Christmas so it was actually really great.

On the blog this week I posted ONE review;
Obsession in Death by J. D. Robb (FOUR HEARTS)

I also had two wonderful authors on the blog this week. First of all I had Alexander Gordon Smith as part of the UKYA Extravaganza tour. He wrote a really interesting guest post about daydreaming as a writer. Read that post here.

Secondly I had the chance to interview the lovely Laura Elliot. It was great to get to know more about her and her newest book, Fragile Lies which I cannot wait to read. You can read that interview in this post.

Finally, as it was so close to Valentine’s day, I also posted a controversial post about Book Boyfriends. I sound like an old lady Havisham in it, but if you’re interested in finding out my thoughts and adding your own, check out the post here.

Finish It February


We’re into our second week of the Finish It Feb event, with only two more weeks to go.

Thus, you can find out how I’m doing with my goals in my updates post by clicking here.


As there were so few entries, I have extended the current giveaway I’m hosting until this Tuesday the 17th Feb.

To enter, head on over to this post.

UKYA Book Blogger Shortlist Voting


Voting for the shortlist ends at Midnight today! Don’t forget to vote for your favourites! You can do so here.

Around the Blogosphere

Michelle has posted an interesting discussion on Student/Teacher relationships on her blog this week. Check it out and find out about some fab books here.

I loved A Darker Shade of Magic and this review of it by Sophie is well worth a read!

Daphne is welcoming yet another new blogger to her blog! Find out more about Sara in this post.

Last week Jim posted a fab Six Degrees of Separation post, check out how he got from This Book Will Save Your Life to Arsenic for tea by clicking here.

Like diverse books? Find some great posts over on Rebecca’s blog about Diverse books that changed people’s lives. Click here for the post and the linky’s.

Sofia did a great post for Valentine’s day about Romances in YA. Read it here.

Letterbox Love


Somehow I ended up with seven new books this week. So much for taking it slow… ooops.

Dance of Fire Murder The boy with the porcelain blade

Dance of Fire by Yelena Black; This one was a surprise from Bloomsbury that I’m really excited about. It’s the second one in this series and better yet, my quote was on the press release for number one! Yay!

Murder by Sarah Pinborough; I finished Mayhem last month and really enjoyed it (review to come tomorrow!), so when I saw Murder, the second in the series in the library, I simply couldn’t resist taking it out!

The Boy with the Porcelain Blade by Den Patrick; This is another book from the library that I actually requested in. I heard about Den’s new book, got intrigued and then realised it was the second in this series. So I look forward to starting it with this one!

Both of Me Black Horizon Magnificent Lizzie Brown

Both of Me by Jonathan Friesen; This one was one that sort of stumbled into my lap. I know nothing about this book but the cover and synopsis drew me in and so I decided to take it out and give it a spin.

Starborn by Lucy Hounsom; This is a debut book that just has a really interesting synopsis. It sounds like the perfect book to me and I cannot wait to get started on it. Many thanks to Tor for this review copy.

Black Horizon by M. G. Harris; This one sounds really good. I asked for it a while ago and was really excited when I found out it had arrived this week. I will be reading this one very soon, hopefully. Many thanks to Orion for the review copy!

The Magnificent Lizzie Brown and the Mysterious Phantom by Vicki Lockwood; This one was a surprise and I’m very intrigued by it but I’m not sure I’ll read it soon. Perhaps in a few months though. Many thanks to Curious Fox for the review copy.

Currently Reading

I read a few books at a time so I have decided that I want to showcase them a little on the blog and so from now on I thought I would tell you all what I’m currently reading (on Saturday/Sunday!)

This week I am currently reading;
deliverance Ensnared Heir of Fire

And there you have it, my Weekly Highlights!

What Did You Get This Week? What Cool Blog Posts Did You Stumble Upon? What Are You Reading This Week?


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Finish It February; Update #2

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The second week of Feb is over and we are now currently half-way through the event, thus it is time to look at how we’re all getting on with our Finish It Feb goals.

My Goals

I want to try and finish three half-read books, and finish three series.

How I’m Doing

I have finished one series and still continuing one half-read book.
I’m definitely behind schedule now but hope I can catch up, but it’s no problem if I don’t!

Currently Reading

Heir of Fire

Read so Far

The Underwood See

So… how are you getting on? Let me know in the comments and/or link to your updates in the linky!


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Faye’s Thoughts on Book Boyfriends

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Something that seems very prevalant at the moment is talk of Book Boyfriends. Lots of #teams spouting up and people gushing over the males in YA books. So today, the day before valentine’s day, I wanted to talk to you about my thoughts over book boyfriends.

All the pretty boys

Seriously. Why are all the boys in YA… drop dead gorgeous? With their sparkling eyes, perject jaws and lovely tousled hair. It’s almost like the authors are afraid teens just wouldn’t understand why the protagonist would fall for an average looking bloke. (I’m sure this isn’t true, just juncture on my part.) But of course, they do. Sure, eye candy is fun sometimes but I really am fed up of the girl always getting the hot guy. It’s not sending a great message – and it’s no wonder boys don’t want to read when thy have no one to relate to in the story.

It’s a triangle… there must be teams!

What is up with all the teams! I probably sound old and cranky now but really? Does every triangle in a book have to have a hashtag correlating to it where fans battle for their love? What is the point in this? The protag has chosen, the boys are fiction and everyone is entitled to like who they want. Right? Or am I just missing something?

It’s all about the boy…

Oh, am I getting fed up with all the YA stories where the main protag gets hung up on a boy. Be it contemporary, fantasy, dystopian… there always seems to be a love interest. Why? Are we incapable of reading stories without love in? Or is it simply that teens only want to swoon in their stories and nothing else? (Or am I seriously just reading all the wrong books?)

Basically, I am so over the romance people. I’m not actively seeking someone in real life and I’m kind of fed up of having it shoved on me in every book I read. Am I the only one who feels this way? Is there something wrong with me?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!
(P.s. Don’t forget I DO love books and I DO like some romance in books, I just feel overwhelmed by it all lately!)


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Book Review; Obsession in Death by J.D. Robb

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Obsession in DeathAuthor: J. D. Robb
Publisher: Piatkus
Published: 12th January 2015
Pages: 416
Format: Hardback
Source:: Review Copy
Add It: Goodreads, Amazon UK, The Book Depository

A crisp winter morning in New York. In a luxury apartment, the body of a woman lies stretched out on a huge bed. On the wall above, the killer has left a message in bold black ink: FOR LIEUTENANT EVE DALLAS, WITH GREAT ADMIRATION AND UNDERSTANDING. Eve Dallas is used to unwanted attention. Famous for her high-profile cases and her marriage to billionaire businessman Roarke, she has learned to deal with intense public scrutiny and media gossip. But now Eve has become the object of a singular and deadly obsession. She has an ‘admirer’, who just can’t stop thinking about her. Who is convinced they have a special bond. Who is planning to kill for her – again and again…With time against her, Eve is forced to play a delicate – and dangerous – psychological dance. Because the killer is desperate for something Eve can never provide – approval. And once that becomes clear, Eve knows her own life will be at risk – along with those she cares about the most.

Murder Is

I have never read a J.D. Robb (or Nora Roberts) book before and I was told that it was possible to read this one without prior knowledge of the series so I decided to give it a go as the synopsis intrigued me. Thankfully I ended up really enjoying the book and while there were some things I didn’t understand and some character names that were thrown in without explanation, it was in fact true that you could just jump in with this book. For what it is worth, I will definitely be checking out more of J. D. Robb’s books in the future.

The Game

It took me a while to get used to the writing style in this book which is quite stilted, in an attempt to keep the pace up. I also got a little confused over who was talking at certain times. However, despite all of this, the action of this books starts straight from the very first page – and that did keep me going even through the new style. And then, before I knew it, I was over half-way through the book and I was completely riveted. I loved the strong characters and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. The crime in this novel was well thought-out, very descriptive and everything just read so realistically. It reminded me of brilliant cop shows such as C.S.I and Bones, both of which I love. I loved how detailed it was and how it all came together at the end.

But Who

What I really loved about this book was the themes that it touched upon. The book looks at the way celebrities and people in the media can get treated and how worrying some of that behaviour can be. I liked that it didn’t shy away from certain topics and just felt that it was all dealt with sensitively and made the book more entertaining and realistic. While some of the things mentioned during the story (which was set in 2060) were hard to get my head around as they weren’t fully explained (‘links, AutoChef, etc), these were minor details that didn’t derail the plot for me and just made me more interested to go back to the beginning and see how it all came together.

Will Win?

Overall, this book was one that I found truly fascinating. It kept me riveted and I simply couldn’t not turn the page to find out who the murderer was and what she would do next. The pace of this book is fast, the tension is kept high, and it is quick to create an emotional connection to the characters which certainly instilled a fear in you throughout the story. I think this is a brilliant detective crime novel – and I didn’t expect anything less from one of the greats – and I would highly recommend it to anyone who loves detective crime novels. I will definitely read more by this author from now on. If you’re looking for a novel that holds deep psychological profiling, involves interesting digital technology, and is incredibly exciting from start to finish, then you should definitely give this book a read.

Four Stars

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **


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Author Interview; Laura Elliot

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Hi Guys!
Today I’m excited to introduce you guys to the lovely Laura Elliot. I’ve got a really interesting interview with her to share with you all, but first, here’s some info about her newest release, Fragile Lies.

His name is Michael Carmody.
He is a writer and a father.
His son is lying in a coma, fighting for his life.

Her name is Lorraine Cheevers.
She is an artist and mother.
An illicit affair has destroyed her marriage.

Michael is desperate to find the couple who left his son for dead, a victim of a hit and run.

Lorraine is desperate to start a new life for her and her daughter.

Michael and Lorraine are about to cross paths – damaged souls, drawn to one another.

They don’t know that their lives are already connected.

They don’t know the web of lies surrounding them.

They are each searching for the truth. But when they find it, it could destroy them both.

If you had to describe your book in a tweet (140characters), what would you say?
 Fragile Lies is about an affair that spins into a web of deception – and how that web affects two strangers in a dangerous search for the truth.

Was there a specific moment of inspiration for Fragile Lies or was it more out of the blue?
 I was driving home one night when I looked across Dublin Bay towards an industrialised site on the docklands. It was lit radiantly against the dark sky but I knew it was a bleak, lonely place. Some years previously when I worked as a journalist I’d conducted an interview in that location with some homeless people. When I finished the interview I noticed two cars parked together –but only one car was occupied. I thought, as I drove away, that the couple in the second car must be having a secret liaison. What else would bring them to such an isolated setting? That memory came back to me as I looked across the bay – and the catalyst for Fragile Lies was born in that instant.

What was your favourite thing about writing Fragile Lies?
The element of deception – of taking the reader, as well as the characters through layers of deception towards the truth.

Who was your favourite character to write about in Fragile Lies?
Lorraine. I liked the idea of her starting over again.

How many drafts did it take to write Fragile Lies?
About five or six. When I started the book the victim of the hit and run accident was an old homeless man. In my initial draft he died as a result of the accident. I worked with that idea for a few months but the story refused to come to life. Then I realised that I’d created the wrong victim. An old man, alcoholic, homeless, no family ― his death could slide all too easily from everyone’s mind. The dynamic of my story changed as soon as I decided that the victim should be a young man and that he should survive in a coma as a result of the accident. Suddenly, I had his parents as characters, an on-going situation at the hospital, and a media story that kept moving the plot forward.

If someone wanted to read a book after Fragile Lies that was similar, what book would you recommend?
 If you mean my own books ―I’d say Stolen Child is most similar to Fragile Lies. It has that same element of psychological drama and relationships that develop as a result of dangerous circumstances. In terms of other books it’s harder to compare but Before I Go to Sleep by S J Watson has the same theme of deception and memory loss.

Where is your favourite place to write?
I have a room in my house which I use as my office. I do most of my work there and have a very disciplined routine. I live beside an estuary and I often take a pen and paper with me when I’m walking along the shore – there’s a favourite spot where I can sit for a while and take notes. My garden on a summer’s day is another pleasure – but that’s mainly to handwrite rough outlines. 

You have a large backlist of other titles you’ve written, including non-fic and YA, what is your favourite writing style?
 My adult novels are the most challenging and the books where my own writing style is most apparent. I’ve often tried experimenting with other styles ―particularly when I’ve read something by an author whom I admire―but it’s almost like trying to rewrite my DNA. Iinevitably, after a few failed experiments, I revert to my own style.

Are you someone who plans all of your books meticulously or are you more of a “pantser”?
I usually have to submit a synopsis to my publisher so that gives a very short and concise outline of my new book. When I’m writing this synopsis I’ve absolutely no idea how I will bring the various
elements of my plot to completion. One half of me is screaming…no…no…it won’t work …while the other half―the half who believes that there is a mysterious internal force at work and the story is already in my psyche waiting to be unpicked―is soothingly whispering…yes…yes…you can do it. I usually succeed but, occasionally a book can go off-course and then I have to decide to either run with it or whip my characters back into behaving themselves.

From your bio, I see that you give regular creative writing workshops. What piece of advice do you give most often to aspiring authors?
My workshops are usually geared for writers interested in writing their first novel. My advice is to roughly handwrite your initial idea. Don’t waste time on writing the perfect opening paragraph. That opening will probably change as your book develops. Don’t worry about your writing style at this initial stage. The main aim is to capture the energy of your idea and pin it down on paper. To handwrite is not essential – if you are a whiz on the keyboard then work directly onto the computer. But I find the computer allows too much time for reflection, for copy and pasting―whereas the flow of the pen keeps pace with the flow of imagination.

Once that draft is down the real work on the computer begins. A lot of what has been written in that initial rush will have to go. What stays will need to be explored and developed, characters will
acquire flesh and personalities, dialogue will become informative yet natural.

Beware of the paragraph that makes you proud of your writing skills but clogs, rather than adds to the narrative. It’s hard to let go of something you admire but be ruthless, copy and caption it and, perhaps, you can insert that paragraph at a later stage when it will have more relevance.

At a certain point, when you feel that the draft you’re working on needs a radical overhaul, make a copy of it and work on a new copy – each copy should be dated. It’s easier to cut and make significant changes if you know that your original copy is intact – and can be used again if the new changes don’t work out.

When the novel is finished let it mellow for a few weeks then read it again before submitting it to a publisher. You may discover mistakes you didn’t notice earlier or realise that certain elements in the story need strengthening.

Be brave, be confident and believe in your ability to become an accomplished writer. But, also, be aware that that accomplishment is hard earned through constant rewriting and striving to improve.

What a lovely interview! Thank you very much for chatting with me Laura. I very much look forward to reading Fragile Lies.


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Blogger Spotlight Interview; Michelle from Tales of Yesterday

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Hi Guys,
Today I have the wonderful Michelle on the blog with a very lovely interview. Hope that you enjoy and get to know a little bit more about her.

Tell us a little something about yourself!
Okay… *takes big breath*…..Hi, I’m Chelle and I run . I am helpdesk / resource planner team leader for a service company by day and an avid book reader / book blogger / serial tweeter by night and on weekends! I describe myself as a little bit clumsy and a little loopy! I am always laughing at something or another and have a bit of a chuckle laugh (one of my managers calls me chuckles). I live with my husband, Kevin, who I have known since I was 4 and I have a 10 Year Old son, Corey, who is as much of a book lover as me! I also have 3 cats, Skittles, Patch and Louis and they enjoy clawing at my curtains! I am a book loving (obsessed), theatre loving, slasher horror film loving csi geek! I’m often seen on twitter embarrassing myself and tweeting about books a lot using @chelletoy.

How long have you had your blog?
Tales has only been up and running since November 2014 so it’s fairly new and I love the way the whole book blogging community has welcomed me with open arms with one big huge hug! It’s really been so lovely….like ordering a hot chocolate and being given lots of gooey marshmallows on top….so warm and sweet

*I really hope you carry on reading this especially after that comparison – does nervous laugh*

Do you enjoy running your blog?
I ADORE it! I can’t believe people actually read ANYTHING I write! I tend to babble on a bit (you never would have guessed right?). I like having fun with my reviews and passion and I just love reading and typing away and seeing what comes out especially after a hard days work in the office as it’s nice to have a hobby I enjoy. I really hope my enjoyment and passion for books comes over in my reviews and posts so people enjoy them too.

When you started, did you ever think it would end up the way it has?
No not at all! I really am overwhelmed by all the support I have had from everyone. It has blown my tiny mind! Even seeing my name on the UKYA Blogger Awards and your awards Faye is just unbelievable ….so much so I think people have may have made a mistake so I keep checking and then my stomach flips again in excitement!

I have also met some lovely bloggers and authors through running my blog and chatting on twitter who are just so lovely and I am forever grateful as I really feel that I will make some life long friends through my love of books and blogging. You are all fab!

*Hand everyone a cherry bakewell to show my love*

Is there an interesting background story to the name of your blog?
There is! Well is may not be THAT interesting, but I wanted something that I could use my surname of TOY and I couldn’t really think of anything bookish that didn’t sound like a toy shop etc (funny story – my husband surname is obviously Toy and he used to work in a Toy shop….this is no joke I promise! And is often the subject of my amusement and story telling lol). Anyway one night, in the middle of the night I suddenly woke up! Shouting at the top of my voice TOY! Tales Of Yesterday! With my husband jumping out of bed thinking we were being burgled I felt completely humble that I had found my blog name that linked to my surname – kind of – and went calmly back to sleep! My husband on the other hand was awake for the rest of the night as I had woke him up with a start and was probably plotting his revenge! *gulps*

As we’ve got this far without mentioning it, why not tell us a little something about your blog? What you post, how it runs, who you cater to, etc
I basically blog about books – book reviews etc. I love featuring guest posts and question and answers with authors. I love putting the question and answers together and seeing what comes back. Recently I have done a couple of character interviews with authors with characters from their books and they have been super fun!

I really try to review a book after I have read it…I feel I am quite organised like that as I like to get my feelings down straight away. I love being on blog tours! I really enjoy reading everyone’s posts on the tours and linking up to them where I can.

I have also done some posts on bookshops, anti-bullying week and music influences in books which have been fun. So a wide range of blogging goes on at Tales. I just love it!

I tend to be reading more YA and MG at the moment so there are plenty of ramblings on there about these books and very few adult books.. I love them so much!

I’ve also taken on the responsibility from the UKYA author James Dawson of #pointhorrobookclub starting on 13 February *gulps*. Not sure if anyone remembers these from the 90’s but James started a re-read of these books and it’s all kinds of nostalgic fun and the discussions never fail to make me chuckle. I love it!

I’ve also recently been cyberman-upgraded to moderator over on run by the lovely @thatjessebloke – its just all kinds of bookish awesomeness and everyone needs to check it out so there are links on my blog for the forum too.

Do you participate or host blog memes? If you do, which is your favourite?
I don’t at the moment which is so awful of me! I really want to start getting involved in top 10 Tuesday and I say every week…right come on Chelle, but then time runs away with me *hangs head in shame*

I often join in on chats on twitter – #UKYAchat and #MGchat and I love Jim @YAYeahYeah quizzes!

What about blog tours? Have you ever or do you ever participate in them?
I LOVE blog tours. I love the way they showcase fab books and authors and I think they are a wonderful idea for book promotion! I have been on a few now including Jessica Cole Model Spy Fashion Assassin by Sarah Sky, The Hobson & Choi series by Nick Bryan, the new Steampunk Pirate Series by Gareth P Jones and I am involved in the #UKYAextravaganza big blog tour which is awesome! I love reading everyone’s posts and highlights fab bloggers that I should be following!

What is the best book you read in 2014?
This is a hard one for me! I think everyone may guess my favourite read of 2014 even though it wasn’t released in 2014 was Cruel Summer by James Dawson! I will forever love this book! Forever and ever! It blew me away and I just love James Dawson’s writing so much. I push this book on everyone who is not fed up of hearing me push it on them (I actually wonder if James may think I am a bit stalkery! THAT’S how much I talk about this book!). Much love for James Dawson!

If I was to pick a release from 2014 as my favourite, again it would be a YA book, and it would be between We Were Liars by E Lockhart (I cannot talk about this book without crying) and Trouble by Non Pratt which I just loved!

I knew I wouldn’t be able to pick just one! Sorry *guilty look*

What about so far in 2015?
This is so hard again! In January I read some fab books! Can I just rant about them all!?!

I adored The Art Of Being Normal by Lisa Williamson, 7 Days by Eve Ainsworth, The Dreamsnatcher by Abi Elphinstone, Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell, The Hobson & Choi books by Nick Bryan and Code Red Lipstick by Sarah Sky!

If I had to pick an absolute fave…… it would be between The Art Of Being Normal and 7 Days so far for 2015!

These questions are tough Faye ! ;-) My excuse is I’m a Libra and cannot make descisons!

Has there ever been a book that haven’t been able to finish? If so, what was it? And why couldn’t you finish?
There is only one book I have never finished and that was Hannibal by Thomas Harris… my genre, so my type of book…..I just couldn’t get into it and gave up. It was a few years ago so maybe I should give it another go?

What is your favourite book genre?
My fave genre is anything horror or scary. I love being scared by a book! I am a huuugggeee fan of Stephen King, James Herbert (The Dark is the only book that has every scared me that much I couldn’t sleep for days in the dark!) and a love YA horror!

I love books with a shocking twist that make me gasp…so I love a whodunit genre of book too!

That being said I am a sucker for a good love story or an emotional read so it really couldn’t be further away from horror lol

*hides under bedsheets*

Quick Fire Round

*Gulps* ohhhhh the pressure *cries*

ebook or hardcopy?
Hardcopy always! I mean they just feel and look so good. You cannot beat that feeling of a book.

YA or Adult?

Vampires or Werewolves?
Vampires! As long as they are vampires like Alexander Skarsgard or Stephen Moyer (True Blood) then they can suck my blood anytime!

Chocolate or Vanilla?
CHOCOLATE! Especially Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food ! Nom Nom Nom

Harry Potter or Twilight?
Harry Potter all the way without fail!

Four or Peeta?
Peeta! But the Peeta I imagine from the books not the film….my imagination runs slightly wild!

Series or Single?
Single! No! Series! No! Single! Oh my….they both have there plus and minuses!

Tough choice!

Blogger or WordPress?
Wordpress! It started me off blogging so I am ever devoted.

And finally, is there anything else you would like to say about you or your blog?
I would just like to say thank you to my blog for having me and letting me type whatever I want, for highlighting spelling mistakes and frazzling my brain at certain coding, for sometimes, when in a temperamental mood, throwing my picture files in places I do not want them on my post, but most of all dear old blog of mine thank you for being you and thank you for letting me share my hobby and love of books.

Thanks again Faye for having me as new blogger spotlight for February ….you are so lovely and supportive it’s breathtaking!

And there’s just a little insight into the lovely Michelle!
If you’d like to know more about her, or to read her rambling but lovely reviews, here are the ways you can follow her;

Blog. Twitter. Facebook. Google +. Pinterest.


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#UKYAExtravaganza Blog Tour; Alexander Gordon Smith

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Hey Guys!
Today is my stop on the #UKYAExtravangaza blog tour and I’m here to introduce you to Alexander Gordon Smith, who has written a very interesting and riveting guest post on writing.

Somebody is trying to kill me.
Even as I type this guest blog for the awesome A Daydreamer’s Thoughts – as part of the truly fantastic UKYA Extravaganza blog tour – a murderer is stalking me. I can hear his whispers outside the door, taunting me. Was that his shadow, flitting past the curtains? The glint of a blade?
His is here.
I’m not sure if I’ll finish writing this post before he finds me…

Wait, hang on… There is no killer! (Cue a genuine sigh of relief.) Or at least there is, but he only exists inside the story I’m writing. Yet something strange happens to you when you’re writing a book: the real world and the world of the story begin to merge. I’m currently hurtling towards the end of a thriller for adults, tentatively titled Six Days, Six Hours, Six Minutes. It’s an idea I have been playing with for a while, but I only started seriously writing at the end of last year. It’s an intense, fast-paced, hopefully pretty scary story – and that’s how I’m writing it, as fast as possible, to keep up that killer pace. In the last two days alone I carved over 20,000 words from my beleaguered brain.

I’ve always written like this. I never plot – I always find that if I know what’s going to happen in a story then the characters know, and if they know then they behave differently. Characters who are told they are going to die become despondent and don’t really try. Those who know they’ll make it out alive can’t really be bothered either, because they don’t have any incentive to do anything. The only planning I really do is getting inside the heads of my
characters. I spend days, weeks, months sometimes trying to understand who they are. Their world becomes my world, their hopes and loves and fears become my own.

I was really happy to find myself on this particular blog, because so much of writing is daydreaming. Daydreaming is one of our most important tools. When writers daydream they are time travelling, head hopping, astral projecting. They are pulling themselves out of their reality and porting Quantum Leap-style into somebody else’s. It’s why we are often accused of not listening, not paying attention, of wandering into the path of oncoming traffic – we’re not actually there. We should be made to wear a little sticker – Daydreaming Author, Please
Escort to a Safe Place – so that people know we’re actually working and not being rude. We’re like sleepwalkers: wrenching us from one world to another too quickly can be problematic, maybe dangerous.

But the rewards of daydreaming are immeasurable (and I don’t just mean for writers, daydreaming is an essential quality in all walks of life). By immersing ourselves utterly in the time and place of the novel, inside the heads of the people we are writing about, we become part of that world. Everything feels real to us because we have explored and catalogued this world the way we explore and catalogue the real world. The characters’ decisions feel genuine because part of our mind has split off to accommodate these new people, they exist inside us. Daydreaming is how we bring a story to life, because the world we dream is every bit as real as the one we leave behind. It’s the true meaning, I think, of that old adage ‘write what you know’.

It sounds a little frightening, and in some ways it is. I think it’s possible to lose yourself to a world. I nearly did when I was writing my YA series, Escape From Furnace – the story of a boy who is sent to a prison full of monsters. I spent so long getting inside that story, getting inside the head of Alex, the main character, that his world became my world. I was the ghost in his cell, I lived every second of his nightmare, I fought by his side. And it’s strange, because I don’t remember a single thing that happened in my life when I was writing those books – it’s just a blur. But I remember every sound inside that prison, every echoing shout and cry, I remember the feel of the cold stone beneath my feet, the smooth metal of the cell doors, the taste of the prison slop. Those are my memories, they are more real than anything else, more real than anything real.

We do pay a price for it, though. It’s exhausting, for one! I feel as if I have actually been living a double life this year – half my time with my family, in my house, living a normal life; half watching out for a killer, waiting for him to appear. I have been possessed with the fear of what might happen, and my brain is constantly working on a way to escape him, to get out of this horrific situation. It has made me anxious, made me stressed, made me snappy and jumpy and scatter-brained. Anyone who has tried to have a conversation with me since December will know how much this book has consumed me. I don’t mind, though. I know it will make it a more believable, more realistic, more gripping story – because I was actually there.

I’m aiming to finish it this coming week. Then, once it’s done, I can pull myself out of that world and settle back into reality with a nice cup of tea. It’s why the timing of the amazing UKYA Extravaganza is so perfect. Hopefully by the 28th February, when we meet up for one of the most awesome YA events in the country, I will be myself again. The killer will be gone, I can relax. And I’m really looking forward to it, because hanging out with writers and bloggers and readers is one of the very best ways to spend a weekend!

But if you see me watching the windows like a hunted man…
Or squinting nervously at a stranger…
Or screaming at the top of my voice and diving beneath the snack table…
Or even just standing aimlessly in the corner staring into space…
Then you’ll know why.

Keep daydreaming, everyone!

Thanks so much, Faye, for letting me write a guest post for your wonderful blog! And a huge thanks too to Emma Pass and Kerry Drewery for organising such an amazing event! See you all soon! :-)

See, what a great post!

Find out more about Alexander Gordon Smith on his fabulous website, or follow him on twitter.

Will you be going the UKYA Extravaganza?


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Weekly Highlights; The First Linky Edition

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weekly highlights
Weekly Highlights is a feature here at A Daydreamer’s Thoughts and will be a post highlighting things that happened on and off the blog. It is inspired by The Story Sirens In My Mailbox, Books, Biscuit and Tea’s Showcase Sunday, Kimba Caffeinated’s Sunday Post, and the British Letterbox Love.
In the feature I won’t mention everything I received, nor every post I wrote during the week but will simply feature a selection of things I wish to spotlight a second time around.

Post Highlights

So it’s been two weeks since my last Weekly Highlights as last week I had two posts already scheduled for that Sunday and my Monthly Highlights going up the day after too. So instead, I’m cramming the last two weeks into this post.

Also, I’ve added a linky to this post so that if you want to or already do participate in Weekly Highlights or a similar meme, you can add it to the linky and I’ll make sure to visit your blog!

But for now…

I posted TWO reviews this week;
A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab (FIVE HEARTS)
Seven Days by Eve Ainsworth (THREE HEARTS)

I wrapped up the month. Find out what I read and what I thought about each book, in this post.

I posted an update on blogging and on my life right now. Read what is happening, here. Alongside with this, I also have some sad news to announce in this post. Scroll down for more info.

I announced my first (sort-of) Blogger Spotlight! Find out who it is and how wonderful they are, here.

I had the wonderful Eve Ainsworth on the blog for her blog tour, telling us all where she loves to write. Read her fab post by clicking here.

And lastly, I posted my thoughts on review books and asked for your opinion. Let me know your thoughts, on this post.

Finish It Feb


In the last two weeks I announced my goals for this event.

And I posted my first update. Find out how I’m doing, here.


I also posted my blog post for the #BookishWISHES blog tour. With it there is a chance to win a copy of The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black!

At the moment there isn’t much competition, so you may well be in with a chance to win.

Find out how in this post.

Giveaway ends on 10th February

UKYA Book Blogger Awards



Voting it OPEN.

Click here to vote for your favourite book bloggers!

Letterbox Love


This week has been fairly good for books, I only acquired three. I’m very glad about this as I really need to read more and acquire less!

The Rithmatist These Broken Stars The Butterfly Club

The Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson; This one sounds super intriguing and exciting. I’m very much looking forward to diving into it. Many thanks to Tor for the review copy.

These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner; I have heard SO MANY good things about this book so when I was offered it for review, I simply couldn’t say no! Very much looking forward to reading this one, finally.

The Butterfly Club by Jacqueline Wilson; Ahhh! Jacqueline Wilson’s newest book! I love the sound of this one and am so glad to have this copy in my hands. I look forward to reading this one next month. Many thanks to Caroline and Random House for this copy!

Currently Reading

I read a few books at a time so I have decided that I want to showcase them a little on the blog and so from now on I thought I would tell you all what I’m currently reading (on Saturday/Sunday!)

This week I am currently reading;

Obsession in Death Heir of Fire the sin eaters daughter

And there you have it, my Weekly Highlights!

What Did You Get This Week? What Cool Blog Posts Did You Stumble Upon? What Are You Reading This Week?


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Finish It February; Update #1

Posted on 7 February, 2015 by Faye - 2 Comments


The first week of February is over and thus it is time to look at how we’re all getting on with our Finish It Feb goals.

My Goals

I want to try and finish three half-read books, and finish three series.

How I’m Doing

Thus far I have started continuing one half-read book. To be fair, it was a big one and I did still have 300+ pages to read… but I’m really hoping to finish it today.

Not bad, but I hope to pick it up a bit next week. Wish me luck?

Currently Reading

Heir of Fire

So… how are you getting on? Let me know in the comments and/or link to your updates in the linky!


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