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A Daydreamer’s Thoughts was founded on September 15th 2011. It is a blog that consists of book reviews, film reviews, book articles, film articles, author interviews, guest posts, features, and memes. It is run by Faye who enjoys the task immensely and is always happy to communicate with her followers.




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favourite film;
this has always been an incredibly hard question for me, it always changes and it also just depends on the genre but if i really had to pick ONE favourite film, it may have to be ‘Finding Neveland‘. this is for personal reasons but it is basically one of those films that truly grabbed my attention and made me remember just why i love movies! 

favourite book;
again, this is a tough one for me! in all honesty though, there is, and probably always will be, one book that has always spoken volumes to me and that is Lucas by Kevin Brookes. it’s not very well known but it’s the first book that i read that didn’t have a typically happy ending and i have to say it was simply an inspiration to read, as are ALL of his other books! 

favourite film genres;
now this is a fairly easy topic! i like action movies, romantic comedies, comedies, art house and epic movies. but i enjoy a wide variety of genres but these are probably my favourite ones!

favourite book genres;
i do try to read all different types of genres, but like everyone else i have my favourite genres! these include, dystopian, fantasy, supernatural, paranormal, and tragedy. i will read YA or adult books, as long as it gets me hooked, i’ll read it through!

want to know more? send me an e-mail with some questions and i’ll be happy to add them into here! =]

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