Bloggiesta To-Do List!

Woooo! Bloggiesta!

*waves mini flag*

Yes, that’s right guys, it is time again for Bloggiesta! and I am really excited about it! Not heard of Bloggiesta before? Quickly run over to this blog to find out all about it!

So, for this Bloggiesta I have a rather large chunk of goals to get through and I don’t really expect to get through them all but hopefully I will! I have work tomorrow (booo!) but as soon as I come home I’ll be working on the blog, I will make sure I do. As I finish each task, I will strike through it.

The Goals

  • Write at least five reviews
  • Schedule at least one week ahead
  • Sort out the graphics for my blog
  • Sort out my categories!
  • Make/Finish Graphics for Graphics Shop.
  • Find at least five new blogs
  • Cross-post all reviews to Goodreads & Amazon
  • Update sidebars
  • Update Review Archive
  • Update Book Challenges
  • Update Behind The Blog/Features Page!
  • Update Review Policy Page!

So, as you can see, that’s A LOT of things I have to do. But I have THREE days to do it in so hopefully I can manage it. What do you reckon? :D
If you’re doing the Bloggiesta too, feel free to link to your goals!


22 thoughts on “Bloggiesta To-Do List!

  1. Hey Faye,

    Wow, what a great list! I think you can accomplish all of this and more!

    I like your schedule goal. i think I might need to steal that one. it seems like if I get something on the right schedule – it’s more luck than anything. You know? It’s like I’m figuring things out 2-3 days (or sometimes less) in advance of something happening. Somehow I need to figure out when important things are happening – a few months before – and have it scheduled.

    Look forward to reading those reviews!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for your kind words! I’m actually doing okay with my tasks at the moment and just hope I can continue it on!

      I have an idea of what I’ll be posting but when I schedule too heavily I feel awful when I don’t actually get the posts written! I did mean that I’d scheule some posts for at least one week though but I may try and do some blog scheduling for reviews and things as well!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

    1. No! I know what you mean. I did the reviews yesterday – phew! – but the categories are crazy. They’re all the ones I came over with from blogger but I use tags more than categories now and I hate having to search for the few categories I do use! It’ll be the last thing I do today I think!

      Thanks Vicky! :D

    1. Thanks Rebecca!
      Yeah, I use Google Calander to schedule things but the problem I have is that even though I schedule things in, they don’t always happen because I forget to write them or don’t have the motivation to! That’s what I’m trying to do for the first week, to actually write the posts!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

    1. Yeah! Having a calander for scheduling things is really helpful and I think I would be even more of a failure if I didn’t use one! My issue is just getting the posts written and posted on the specific days! I’m getting a bit better at it now that work isn’t quite so demanding!

      Thank you!

    1. Thank you Jennifer! I’m doing okay on it at the moment. I remember doing that on my first bloggiesta and ended up getting none of my original goals sorted so thought I would try for mine first and then move onto new ones if I have time this time around!

      Good luck on your goals and thank you for commenting!

    1. Yes! I haven’t touched them since I made the move from Blogger to WordPress so I have SO MANY categories that I NEVER use and I’m scared to touch them as I know it’s going to take a LONG time. But hopefully I’ll have time to do so today!

      Thanks for stopping by and I’ll hopefully be popping over to yours today as well :)

  2. Wow, you’ve made great progress on your list! I hope you reach all of your goals! This is my first Bloggiesta since the very first one and I’m so glad I didn’t miss out this time around! Happy to have stumbled across your blog — I’m a new follower on most of the social networks now and I grabbed your button to add you to my blogroll page! :-)

    Here is my Bloggiesta To-Do List.

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