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Faye’s Thoughts on Book Boyfriends


Something that seems very prevalant at the moment is talk of Book Boyfriends. Lots of #teams spouting up and people gushing over the males in YA books. So today, the day before valentine’s day, I wanted to talk to you about my thoughts over book boyfriends.

All the pretty boys

Seriously. Why are all the boys in YA… drop dead gorgeous? With their sparkling eyes, perject jaws and lovely tousled hair. It’s almost like the authors are afraid teens just wouldn’t understand why the protagonist would fall for an average looking bloke. (I’m sure this isn’t true, just juncture on my part.) But of course, they do. Sure, eye candy is fun sometimes but I really am fed up of the girl always getting the hot guy. It’s not sending a great message – and it’s no wonder boys don’t want to read when thy have no one to relate to in the story.

It’s a triangle… there must be teams!

What is up with all the teams! I probably sound old and cranky now but really? Does every triangle in a book have to have a hashtag correlating to it where fans battle for their love? What is the point in this? The protag has chosen, the boys are fiction and everyone is entitled to like who they want. Right? Or am I just missing something?

It’s all about the boy…

Oh, am I getting fed up with all the YA stories where the main protag gets hung up on a boy. Be it contemporary, fantasy, dystopian… there always seems to be a love interest. Why? Are we incapable of reading stories without love in? Or is it simply that teens only want to swoon in their stories and nothing else? (Or am I seriously just reading all the wrong books?)

Basically, I am so over the romance people. I’m not actively seeking someone in real life and I’m kind of fed up of having it shoved on me in every book I read. Am I the only one who feels this way? Is there something wrong with me?

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!
(P.s. Don’t forget I DO love books and I DO like some romance in books, I just feel overwhelmed by it all lately!)


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