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Genre Variety Challenge

Genre Variety

The Genre Variety Challenge has officially started! Wahooo! :D
The sign ups will be open throughout the year and can be found by clicking here

This is where you can add your reviews for the month of January! Obviously this challenge isn’t really set out by “months” as such, so simply add all the reviews you do this month to this linky and then again in Feb, etc.
Remember to keep a track of your own process so you know how well you’ve done!

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me

Good Luck!

2 thoughts on “Genre Variety Challenge

  1. The January page loaded like a charm but something’s wonky with this page, whether it is due to my dial-up speed, or too many images. Some of yours come up blank. If you could click the link button and e-mail me that direct URL, I bet I can work from there. I’d stick with January if it weren’t closed. ;-)

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