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Indie Giveaway Hop

Hey Guys!
Welcome to the Indie Giveaway Hop!
This Hop was created to support Indie authors who are struggling to get their books out there. Therefore, all participants of this hop are offering their followers books by indie authors.
For this giveaway, the wonderful Michael Cargill is offering up FIFTEEN copies of his book, Shades of Grey.
You may remember Michael Cargill from the interview I held with him, here, just a few days ago. Therefore, you should know that he is a great guy and definitely deserves this spotlight.
For your chance to win a copy of Shades of Grey, all you have to do is comment on this thread with your e-mail address.
This giveaway if INTERNATIONAL, as the copies of his book are in ebook format and will be given to the winners via Smashwords.
Don’t forget to check out my giveaway policy!
Now, leave me a comment with your e-mail address and hop along to the next stop on this giveaway hop!
And continue to SUPPORT indie authors!

14 thoughts on “Indie Giveaway Hop

  1. I looked up this book and it certainly sounds interesting. I was trying to decide if it was three short stories or if it is one story with three intertwining characters. Now I am curious and have to find out LOL Thank you for participating in this fun hop. I am in the US and received an invite to the fun in my email from Amanda Greene, as I have been following her site and work :) Thank you for participating in this fun hop and giveaway opportunity.


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