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#LGBTQIARead is back!

#LGBTQIARead is back!


Hello All!
You may remember that for Pride last year, the wonderful George Lester and I hosted the #LGBTRead-a-thon. Well, this year we’re doing it again! Aren’t you all super excited?

As you can see the first thing that’s changed is the hashtag! We wanted to be a bit more inclusive so it is now…


And now for all the important information you’re dying to hear!

The Dates

This years readathon is running from 25th June – 1st July! One whole week of LGBTQIA reading goodness.

Aren’t you excited?

What A Readathon Is

Maybe I should have explained this at the beginning but I was just too excited by everything else. So, it’s here instead.

A readathon is just a period of time whereby a lot of people all read “together”. What I mean by this is that we all read similar books (in this case with an LGBTQIA theme) over a period of time (a week) and we use a hashtag (#LGBTQIA) to share what we’re reading with everyone else who is reading. It’s a fantastic way to share recs, to buddy read and ultimately to gush over books!

Sounds like great fun, right?

How to Sign Up

Signing up is super simple (I hope!). All you have to do is add your name or twitter handle to the below linky and link to your blog or twitter URL.

You do not have to shout that you’re joining us but of course if you do then more people will know about the event and more people will join in and there will be EVEN MORE GUSHING about awesome books.


Here’s the linky:

What Happens Now?

Now that you’re all signed up (yay!), you can start compiling a TBR for the week which can either be for yourself or you can share it on twitter or on your blog!

We’ll start using the #LGBTQIARead hashtag from now so do make sure to add it to any tweets you make about the readathon.

Then on Sunday 25th June we all start reading!

Awesome, right?

See you then!


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  1. Hey — I tried to add my twitter handle, but something got screwed up. I’m a luddite, so I don’t know. Can you delte my name and I’ll try it again?

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