Mini Bloggiesta Goals & Wrap-Up!

The very first mini-bloggiesta is upon us! Bloggiesta is an event to help bloggers to get their blogs up-to-date doing any behind-the-scenes work that they’ve been too busy to do (i.e., writing reviews, clearing out sidebars, etc). And for this mini-bloggiesta I have even hosted my own challenge! (Marketing Your Blog)


I don’t have a lot of time this weekend (hence why this post is also so late!) but I hope to achieve a few things;

  • Make a dent in my review-writing pile. I currently have over 30 reviews to write and it’s starting to weigh on me. I hope to get this down to at least 15 if I can!
  • Cross-post all my reviews & Update Review Archives. It just needs to be done.
  • Update my sidebars a little. A few old things need to be changed around

I will cross them off the list as I do them :-)

What are your goals?


I didn’t quite manage to reach all of my goals, I had a bit of a graphic-making day yesterday instead but I did;

  • Write 5 and a half reviews
  • Crosspost all reviews to Goodreads & most to my archive
  • Update my sidebars
  • Schedule tweets!
  • Schedule three posts this week!
  • Make site graphics for a customer of my Graphics Shop
How did you do?


22 thoughts on “Mini Bloggiesta Goals & Wrap-Up!

    1. It is! There’s a full bloggiesta in March, a weekend dedicated to blog maintenance, you should see if you have time to join next time :-)
      Yeah, it’s just difficult because you can’t schedule them like blog posts! lol.

  1. Yikes! You’re the first person I’ve seen who’s behind on more reviews than I am. :-( I only got 6 reviews posted this weekend (out of 20 or so that I was behind), but it’s a start! I hope you’ll get more of them written than I did. :-)

  2. Great job on all you got done! I always end up with more goals than I can reasonably accomplish. I am impressed you got posts and tweets scheduled. I am usually just writing for immediate posting and need to build up my reserves to schedule posts. For Bloggiesta, at least I got one of my bucket list reading books reviewed and cross posted to all the challenges so that felt like a big accomplishment for me! Hope to see you at full Bloggiesta! I’ll be in touch through Facebook :)

  3. I loved your challenge!
    Well done- You got a lot done this weekend!
    I completely failed on the reviewing writing goal but I did get a lot of my goals done :)
    Have a lovely week!

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