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Why I’m Not Challenging Myself This Year

Hey Guys

Today I just wanted to talk to you a little about a decision I made at the beginning of this year.

I have decided that I will not be challenging myself in any way this year.

This may seem like a strong statement but I think, for me, it’s the only way to try and find my love of reading again. Yes, you read that right. In the last few months of the year I struggled to find enjoyment out of reading and I think it’s because I put too much pressure to read books by a certain time.

So this year I will not;

Be doing a Goodreads Challenge.; You may notice in my sidebar that my challenge is to read 1 book. That is simply so that I can keep track of my books read and that is all.

Be participating in any blog run challenges.; I think these are great, I do, but personally I find it just makes reading feel like too much of a chore. Like I HAVE to read this book because it’s for x challenge.

Stop requesting books for review.; As of January 17th 2015, I will no longer request any book for review. I just can’t deal with the stress of it any more. I want to read the books I own and/or buy without feeling guilty about it.

I will only read book club books/buddy reads that I want to; This again may seem harsh and restrictive and stubborn but I have SO MANY books I want to read and I just want to stop reading (and feeling I have to finish) books that I am not enjoying.

So yeah… that’s going to happen.
Maybe I’ll change my mind in the middle of the year. But for now, I need to do this or one of my hobbies is going to make me go a little crazy.

What about you? Are you participating in any challenges this year?


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