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A Demon Made Me Do It – Penelope King

Author: Penelope King
Published: July 14th 2011
Publisher: Ascendence Press (Self-Published)
Pages: 294
Goodreads: Add It
Summary: (Goodreads)
Some girls share clothes, a bathroom, or a bedroom. Seventeen-year-old Liora Greyson has to share, too. Only she shares her body–with a demon.

Liora just wants to survive her final year of high school unscathed, her dark secret intact. But the walls she’s carefully constructed to keep people away crack wide open once she meets the sexy and mysterious Kieron, and he lights her world on fire. She can’t let him know she transforms into a demon named “Lucky” at nightfall—a demon with an entirely separate personality who passes out Torment, Justice, and Revenge like Halloween candy.

Turns out Kieron is the one who should be afraid once Lucky discovers his true identity and motivations. Liora wants to love him, but Lucky thinks he’s public enemy number one. And having a demon with a vendetta show up during a romantic date puts a serious crimp in any relationship.

Fighting your demons is one thing. Having one that fights back, messes with your guy, and leaves you with nasty hangovers is quite another.

Being bad has never been so good...

This book had me captivated from the very first page. Well, actually, it had my attention from the synopsis but upon reading the first page, I almost instantly knew that this was going to be a good read, and boy was I not disappointed! The concept of a girl with “multiple” personalities is such a unique story and the way that it is then executed in the book is just so interesting. I really enjoyed getting to know both Lucky and Liora and loved reading what they got up to and how their lives were going. It was a really well written novel that manages to grab the reader’s attention and really keep them hooked on the page just wanting more.
The demons in this book were so interesting to read about. They were unique and different and it was a really nice change to really see things from a demons perspective. It was intriguing to hear about the different types of demons and the way that they played along with each other. It was all so captivating and page-turning and just left the reader wanting more. I especially enjoyed Bones, who was such a complex and interesting character and one that I was rooting for throughout the novel.
What I really found compelling in this novel was the romance and the way that this was executed. Both Lucky and Liora were certain that they would never be able to lead a normal life the way they wanted to live it and they certainly wouldn’t have been able to fall in love easily when they only live half lives. In steps Kieron. I have to say that I absolutely love him. I don’t usually get too swoon worthy over boys in books but Kieron took my heart and ran away with it. He is such an adorable character who is strong and powerful and sensitive and just… everything you’d ever want in a guy. Of course, he has his many flaws which help to make him grounded and real but he is just so brilliant. I love how natural the romance in this novel was. Liora may have been pulled to Kieron for reasons she didn’t understand but those reasons came to light quickly when they spent time together and just got on so well together. It was so refreshing to actually see the falling in love part.
The overall story was truly captivating and interesting. I loved how many things were thrown at the reader and how it all didn’t seem like it was connected at all and yet, it is likely it was. There were some lose ends that weren’t tied together nicely but as this is only the first book in the series, it is very likely that these ends will be sorted together as the series continues. I especially like where this novel ends and leaves the reading quite clearly wanting more. I was actually a little sad when the novel ended, simply because I wasn’t able to continue reading anymore but it is needless to say that I will be purchasing the next book very soon!
One final reason that I adored this book was because of the writing style. Penelope King really managed to write in a way that gets the reader hooked. It’s written in first person and it is done so well that you can really get the emotions of every character on the page. It is so nice to get that as it is often difficult to fully see how others feel through a first person narrative but Penelope hits it on the head. She also has a powerful way of finishing chapters while making you just want to continue reading. This novel was one that I truly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone who wants something different, easy and compelling to read.
I received this book from the goodreads group, Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy as part of their read 2 review section.


  • Brodie

    Okay, the title of this kinda made me giggle. Hehe. Anyway. But multiple personalities? Oh I am so hooked. Such a fascinating element, especially when an author manages to pull it off. And the romance!! Kieron sounds sigh-worthy and I love how you describe that you SEE them falling in love, rather than the dreaded insta-love.

    Definitely need to check this out after your amazing review :D

    • Daydreaming_Star

      Yeah, I think the only two real let downs on this book are the cover which so deserves to be prettier and the title. But it is so worth looking past these things! Glad I convinced you somehow :P =D

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