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A House to Mend a Broken Heart by Alison Sherlock

A House to Mend a Broken Heart by Alison Sherlock

Today is my spot on the blog tour for A House to Mend a Broken Heart and I am here today with a review of the book!

About the Book

A House to Mend a Broken Heart - jacketEveryone is hiding from something…

Willow Tree Hall has seen much better days and has been the proud ancestral home of the Earl and Countess of Cranley for centuries.

With no qualifications and escaping her past Annie Rogers takes the job as housekeeper to widowed Arthur, the charming current Earl of Cranley. After a bad fall puts Arthur in hospital, it’s up to a reluctant heir apparent Sam Harris, to lend a helping hand and try to find a sustainable future for the Estate.

With the house requiring a full renovation Annie suddenly finds herself completely out of her depth with a team of dodgy builders and Sam watching critically from the side-lines.

With Sam running from his past and Annie hiding from hers, just maybe together they can bring Willow Tree Hall back to life.

The start of a beautiful new series focusing on the lives and loves, trial and tribulations of all those who live and work at Willow Tree Hall.

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My Review

There’s No

I’ve been in a big cute romance mood lately and thus when I heard about this book, I instantly added it to my TBR and I am so utterly glad that I did. This book definitely earns the description of a cute romance. I was absolutely gushing by the end of it and pinning all of my hopes that everything would come together in the end. It is one of those books that is heart-warming and hopeful and just makes you feel all gooey inside. Which is such a lovely feeling. While there was an obvious plotline that you could see forming from the very beginning, I still truly loved this book because the characters floated off of the page so easily. I would certainly recommend this book and may even add it to my re-read pile for sure. I will absolutely be making sure to read further Alison Sherlock stories.

Place Like

A House to Mend a Broken Heart follows a very traditional story line about a man and a woman falling in love. But it is also so much more than that. Alison Sherlock has created a story that you cannot help but fall in love with. With shining and vibrant characters and a plot that doesn’t stay still, this is a charming book. What’s more, the book starts out with everything in pieces until everything comes together – which was a perfect metaphor for the house in the book too. Everything fell together neatly and I truly loved that about this story. What’s more, this book literally feels you with warmth, even as you imagine snow falling down the windows of the house.

A Home Filled

I’ve mentioned this twice already but I cannot tell you how much I loved the characters in this book. Every single one of them. From flirty and fun Aunt Rose to gentle and kind Grandad Arthur, all the way to sweet, self-conscious but incredible Annie. Every character had a distinct and unique personality that made them shine. They all had emotions that they needed to sweat out and thoughts that needed laying on the table. But they were also just such an incredible bunch to read about. I truly loved the family in this book and how they all grew throughout the book. I felt so much for them all and felt such joy when everything went as they wanted it to. Let’s be honest, half the reason I cried and smiled during this book was because all of the characters were so magical.

With Love

A House to Mend a Broken Heart is a delightful, heart-warming, emotional read that I would urge you to read if you want a sweet and cute book to escape into. It’s not just a romance book either. Becuase part of the reason I really loved this book is that it is also about family and finding a place to belong and call home. It is about people coming together and caring for one another and just putting right all the wrongs from the past. This book was utterly lovely and I really don’t think that you will want to miss out on it. So, what are you waiting for? Go get reading!

About the Author

Sherlock_Alison Alison Sherlock enjoyed reading and writing stories from an early age and gave up office life to follow her dream. Alison lives in Surrey with her husband and a daft golden retriever.


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