A Semi-Hiatus

Hey Guys! *waves*

So, as you may, or may not have, noticed, I haven’t been blogging every day for a few weeks now. I just have no motivation to post. I get all these amazing ideas (seriously, my notebook is FULL of them) but when I try to sit down and flesh them out I just… lose it and can’t seem to get the words together on the page. No reviews, no articles, no top tens… it’s just not coming to me anymore and it’s been stressing me out for a while because I’m already behind on my reviews but I swore to myself at the beginning of this year that I wouldn’t let blogging stress me out. Thus, I have decided to take a semi-hiatus.

I’m sure if you’re a non-blogger you may be wondering why I’m taking a semi-hiatus and not just a full one, but I’m also certain that if you’re a blogger you probably understand my semi-hiatus. Despite not having the motivation for blogging at the moment, blogging to me is like breathing, without it I feel a little run down, nauseas and dizzy, so I couldn’t just give up cold turkey. So, over the next week or so (I’m hoping no more than two weeks but who knows what will happen!), my daily posting is just not going to be happening. Instead I may post once or twice a week.

Hopefully you lovely followers will stick with me through this blogging slump of mine and hopefully the little break will give me time to recooperate fully so that I can come back FULL FORCE in a few weeks time! Until then, I’ll be around on Facebook and on Twitter – you can’t get rid of me that easily! – so feel free to say hi and talk to me about books and bookish things. I promise I don’t bite.

Also, as these things go, don’t be surprised if I for some reason post something EVERY day this week anyway. But I am trying to not so I don’t burn out fully in a few weeks time.

Thank you for following this blog <3



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