April Monthly Wrap Up


Monthly Highlights

This month has been an insane one, to say the least. I feel like I haven’t really stopped and yet at the same time feel like very little has happened. I know that I’ve had better months but I am also adamant that I will have better ones coming up too – and I’ve certainly had worse months too!

I went to the London Book Fair this month which was a really good three days. I learnt some wonderful things, met up with some great people and just enjoyed the atmosphere once again. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did the first time I went, and have actually felt like every year it’s a little less good, but it was still a great experience and I can see myself going again next year.

I also went and saw the film adaptation of The Duff this month. I haven’t read the book but I thought the film was great. It wasn’t anything amazing but is definitely a feel-good film that I would quite happily watch over and over again. I know that it has recieved quite a bit of schtick because the main protagonist is not Ugly or Fat but I think it still works well because it’s how she sees herself and how she feels around others. I think it was a good representation.

Excitedly, the best night of this month was when I got see the amazing V E Schwab again in Waterstones Piccadilly. I was barely able to say more than a few words to her, but it was so great to see her. She has very quickly become one of my author idols.

Lastly, I also attended my monthly Book Club where we discussed the book, Elizabeth is Missing (review to come), and had a Harry Potter Trivia quiz which I won – and I never win anything! I probably won’t ever win again but it was nice to win it once, and I know this is probably due to the fact that Caitlin wasn’t in attendance. It was a lovely morning and I’m looking forward to our next read, We All Looked Up.

Blog wise I participated in my first ever 24 hour readathon. I, unfortunately, didn’t read for very long at all, perhaps 4 hours in total and I didn’t quite manage to finish one book but it was an interesting experience and if I have more time next time, I’ll definitely be signing up again!

My top three posts this month were;

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My reading is still going slowly – for me – as I only managed to finish seven books this month. I’m starting to get back into my reading stride bit by bit by reading some fantastic, unputdownable, books but it’s taking a while. Who knows, maybe May will be the month I read ten books again!

Blogger Spotlight


I was honoured to have the wonderful George as my Blogger Spotlight this month. To find more out about him, check out these posts;

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Favourite Book

me since you My pick this month is actually a little bizarre because in amongst five star reads, I have actually chosen a four star read as my favourite book of the month. The reason for this is because this book has affected me more than the others. It resonated deep within me and just caught my soul completely. It’s also, unfortunately, one that I couldn’t help but relate to in parts as well and so I just felt like I connected with it in a brilliant way. While the other books were incredible, this book just spoke to me. Me Since You is a wonderfully written, marvellous book that blew me away and was just such a brilliant book. It is an emotional and moving read and one that you should defintely make sure you’re feeling ready to read but I would also highly recommend it.

Books Read

Three Stars

The Rain

The Rain by Virginia Bergin; This book was an addictive read that had a very creepy concept that has, to this day, still made me a little petrified of rain – and I love rain. It’s an easy read but just wasn’t wholly enjoyable.

Four Stars

Elizabeth is Missing the key to tartarus me since you The Oathbreaker's Shadow

Elizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey; I read this book for book club and I wasn’t sure I would like it but ended up really enjoying it. It’s a very interesting and moving read, very well written and very unique.

The Key To Tartarus by Nancy Richardson; This is the second book in The Key Trilogy and it was stunning. I can’t say much more than that as the book is out in September but if you haven’t read Pandora’s Key yet, I strongly suggest that you do so before September!

Me Since You by Laura Weiss; As mentioned above this book was a stunner. It was deep, emotional, dealt with sensitive and perfect if you want to become more empathetic. It was wonderful and made me cry buckets. I would highly recommend it.

The Oathbreaker’s Shadow by Amy McCulloch; This one has taken me a while to get through for many different reasons but I’m glad to report that overall I really enjoyed it. Especially the ending which has me itching for the next book. I also found the entire story to be so creative and imaginative and I’m kind of in awe of Amy McCulloch/Alward and her writing.

Five Stars

Spotlight On Sunny Scorch

Spotlight on Sunny by Keris Stainton; Gah! This book was SO GOOD. It was a wonderful, short story that hooked me from the beginning. It was a quick read, full of characters that were well-written and believable and a story that was just lovely. On top of that Keris really dives into the diversity head first with no regrets. It’s a truly wonderful story.

Scorch by Gina Damico; I was certain that I would enjoy this book and I was so glad that I did. It was a great book that really balances between happiness and sadness. One minute you’re laughing and the next you’re on the verge of tears, if not definitely crying. It is emotional, intense, and just a brilliant book with a fantastic and elaborate plot. I cannot wait to read the last book in this series.


this is not a love story The Shadow's Curse We All Looked Up A Court of Thorns and Roses

How Was Your April? Did You Read Anything Amazing? Have You Got Any Great Books You Want To Read In May?


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