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Behind The Blog #5 – All Across the World

Behind the Blog is a meme to help bloggers connect their life and interests to the content showcased on their blog. The co-hosts, Faye, Kathe, and Melissa will provide a different topic, idea, or question every week that bloggers can relate to themselves and the books, films, or other media they find interesting! 
Because of the recent Jubilee, a time to celebrate everything British, and the upcoming Olympics, this week we are looking at Countries. Where do you live? What is your favourite country and why? And in relation to media, what book has described a place you desperately want to visit? What film has showcased an area you hope to someday go?

If you haven’t become aware of it yet – from my incessant tweeting, my UK-only memes and my UK release dates – I currently reside in the UK. England, to be exact. It was the place that I was born and raised and it is a place that will always hold a place in my heart. But what is it that I actually like about being British? Ah, I’m glad you asked!

  • TEA. – Ah yes, that’s right, all those rumours flying around about British people is true, we are suckers for a good cuppa. And why wouldn’t we be? Tea tastes great, can be fitted to acquire people’s tastes, comes in a variety of flavours and let’s face it, can be drunk on any occasion and make you feel better. (The logo isn’t Keep Calm and Drink Tea for nothing! – yes, I do realise this isn’t the actual logo, but it’s still true.)
  • HUMOUR. – I love it. I can’t even really describe what is different about English humour to that of everywhere else but it is just great. I love watching films or television programmes and going – aha, yes, no one else will quite understand that. (In the words of Prince Charles this weekend, “Jolly Good Jokes“)
  • FISH AND CHIPS. – Ahoy there matey’s! Yes, that’s right. There is no better dinner on a Friday evening that Fish and Chips from the local chippy. They are delicious, fat, chunky chips with glorious pieces of cod. You really don’t get much better than that.
  • MARMITE & SALAD CREAM. – Oh English delicacies, how I love thee. (oh look, ENGLISH humour). Basically Marmite is one of those delicious spreads that is a “love it or hate it” kind of thing. Honestly, if you hear the term, “It’s just like Marmite”, they mean you go one way or the other. Salad Cream, on the other hand, is a dish best served cold… in … salad. Hehe. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. But yes, both of these treats are delicious!
  • CHOCOLATE. – There is just no beating Cadbury’s and Galaxy made WITHIN Britain. Mmmmhmmm. Delicious. Move aside Hershey’s, it’s all about the Cadbury’s.
  • UNITY. – If there is one thing I truly love about being British it is the times when faced with adversity, we pull together and support our country. It’s been documented through history during the wars, when terrorists strike, during the riots. Every time we band together, to stand and fight together. Brilliant.
  • WEATHER. – Hey, don’t look at me like that! As I write this, it is currently chucking it down, rain pelting against the windows and I love it. I love rain! I find it so awesome that in the UK, even when the beginning of the day has been filled with glorious sunshine it can still bucket down later on. Kind of reminds me of life – things could be going good but watch out for the storm – not to worry though because the sun will return. Yeah, people with constant weather are clearly living in boring places! =P
But, despite all these things I love about England – and there are more, but that would make this post extremely long – it is not my favourite country. Oh no. My favourite country, ahead of every other country in the entire world, is Canada. Now some of you may know that I have visited this country very recently. In February I went out there for a week to visit my little sister who had been staying out there. (She came home last Friday!) 

This trip was too short, in my opinion, and the reason for this is because it reminded me of the time I spent six months in the country. I stayed in the lovely ski town, Banff, AB, and I absolutely loved it. I loved the scenery, I loved the people, I loved the customs, I loved the skiing, I loved the work… I loved it all. Now, when I see pictures of the town, or the rockies or hear the place mentioned anywhere I go all *squee* and then feel sad because I’m not there anymore. So, it is clear to see that it is a place I will probably continue to visit for years to come.

What are some of the best things about Canada?

  • MAPLE. – Everything flavoured maple. Mmmm. Talk about delicacies! Maple cookies, maple doughnuts, maple syrup… maple, maple, maple. I love it. They love it. It’s a match made in heaven.
  • TIM HORTONS. – Move aside Starbucks, Tim Hortons is where real coffee is made. Or y’know, in MY opinion anyway. But then that’s the opinion that counts right now, yes?
  • SCENERY. – Seriously. Give me mountains. Give me some more mountains. Give me flat land surrounded by mountains. Yes. The scenery in this country is just amazing and breathtaking and I just adore it.
  • NATiONAL PARK. – okay, so this is specific to Banff (and the other national parks in Canada of course), but I absolutely love that they were preserving wildlife in this town. They understood that the animals need their habitat and do everything they can to make humans feel less threatening to them. A-mazing. Besides, deer and elk just crossing roads casually? What’s not to love!
  • THE PEOPLE. – Yeah, you knew it was coming! I love Canadians. Seriously. Could you guys GET any friendlier, eh? =D And boy was everyone friendly. I mean, they stop to let you cross the road when there aren’t crossroads! Brilliant. Lovely. Charming! Just where I’d fit in perfectly. Move aside London, Canada is calling.
So yeah, there’s a few things I love about the glorious country that is Canada and why it will always have that top place in my heart.

Other countries I love (though some I still need to visit) include, US, Australia, Japan, Cyprus and Greek Islands.

Each have their own awesome merits that, if I were to talk about the post would become too long but know that I love them all a lot! Also, because I feel like I’ve rambled too much am going to do a quick book & film section this week and just list the titles that have shown me amazing places.

  • Harry Potter; Hogwarts – no explanation needed. 
  • Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants; Greek islands! 
  • Lucas; I can’t remember where exactly but the island always just sounded amazing.
  • Divergent; Dauntless Home – It just seems so interesting, nay?

  • iRobot; futuristic world – a slight cheat, but I’ll take it.
  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall; Hawaii – love it.
  • King Arthur; Medieavel England, yes please. – Also, with Heath there too? please?
  • Blood and Chocolate; all of it. – It all just looked so marvellous and dangerous!
That’s all from me this week! 

What are some books and films that made you envious? 


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  • alexandrasscribblings

    Faye, I adore everything in your England list! Except marmite. Yes, I am firmly in the “hate it” camp on that one. Oh, and I don’t actually like the taste of tea. I know, I’m a terrible Englishperson. But I like the smell of it. But I adore the chocolate, the fish ‘n’ chips, the humour, and most of all the rain (as one can tell from the sheer volume of poems I write about the natural phenomenon of water falling from the sky)

    I so want to go to Canada one day – and everything I hear about it makes me want to go even more. And Japan – in cherry blossom season. Seriously, that’s one of the things on my bucket list. I want to wander through cherry blossoms reading haiku.

    And oooh yes for your book-places – Dauntless headquarters sounded awesome. xo

    • Faye (Daydreaming_Star)

      Haha, glad you love it so much! And that’s okay, I know plenty of people who dislike (hate) it too, I do not judge – just let me enjoy it in peace. Haha.
      And oh my, not liking tea? That’s like… sacrilegious :p Have you tried herbal teas? I personally despise them (english breakfast only purlease) but I know of other people who love them but don’t like ordinary tea -big shrug-

      You so should! It is amazing. But then, so is Africa and New Zealand… girl, you live an extraordinary life <3

      Hehe. Indeed. Though, without you know, having to live during that time, of course. *shudders*

      thanks for commenting lovely <3

    • alexandrasscribblings

      Ahh, I love the *idea* of herbal teas – it’s so fantasy novel hedgewitch/political activist semi-retired hippy – but not the taste. There’s just not enough flavour. I think it’s because I’m only half English. I missed out on the tea-drinking gene.

  • Melissa

    I love how you did a list of things you love about England, and one about Canada! Awesome idea.

    I didn’t used to be a big tea drinker, at least not hot tea until after living in Canada. Now like it a lot better. And I have a favorite brand that as far as I know I can only find in Canada.

    And I love the rain too, rain to me is perfect reading weather!

    I can’t believe I forgot to include Maple on my list of things I love about Canada! Maple is awesome!

    And I agree Tim Hortons is great too. I don’t like coffee but I love their Cherry Danishes, they are sooo good!

    The scenery is so beautiful, I’m glad I’ve gotten to see more of it in the last few days. I’ve been here for almost 6 weeks, and I’m leaving soon, but like you said, the time here is never long enough.

  • Kathe

    Faye, I absolutely love this post. I mean, I’m your honorary Brit friend, right? Haha! I’m so with you on tea, and while I don’t completely get British humor at times—it may have to do with the slang—I love it, too. And fish and chips! And chocolate! weather! And unity! (I just haven’t tried Marmite, but I know it’s a “love it or hate it” thing. I’m not sure what I’d think!)

    Also, you and Melissa make me want to visit Canada. I’m not sure how I’d deal with the weather, but everything else sounds fantastic!

    Also, well, Harry Potter is that book for me, hands down. It made me want to be a Brit and to be a witch, too! One day I’ll write a post about the books that made me want to travel and link you to it for sure! :*

  • Ashna Banga

    Oh wow. I love how you did those details! Where in England do you put up? We have relatives in London and I LOVE Galaxy chocolate! :D Will it be weird if I tell you I fantasize so much about Fish and Chips whenever I come across the words in a book! I really want to try them out!

    And Canada! Who doesn’t love that place? I haven’t been there, but I’m sure I would love to make a living over there! :P I haven’t mentioned it in my BTB post, though.
    I LOVE mountains too! They’re awesome! :D

    And why didn’t I think about including Fictional places like Hogwarts too? :P I’ve had Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants since a long time but haven’t read it yet! :| I guess I should be doing that soon! :)

    Loved your post Faye! :)

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