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On the 15th September I would have been blogging for six years. It’s probably the longest I’ve ever stuck with something that was just a hobby and not a job. And I kept blogging because I love it. I enjoy reading books and I love writing about books and I love talking about books.

But the biggest thing that happened to me and the reason I stuck around so long is that I felt like I was a part of something; the book blogging community. It was the first time that I felt like people truly understood me, the first time I honestly felt like I was a part of something; that I mattered.

I’ve never been a big blogger but I still felt like I truly belonged.

Until I didn’t.

I don’t know when things started to change. I think it was a gradual shift and I still love being a part of the book blogging community and blogging in general but a part of me also doesn’t feel like it belongs there anymore.

In a small way, I feel like I’ve outgrown the community. New bloggers have arrived and they are all amazing and creative and talented and maybe it’s my time to step back and let them shine.

Now I’m not going to stop blogging because I honestly love it so much. But I am going to be taking a step back from everything else for a short while (maybe a long while, we’ll see). I think I need to remember who I am outside of blogging so that I don’t feel at such a loss when/if I decide to stop altogether.

So for now I just want to say thank you to the book blogging community for opening your arms to me and to say a small farewell for now. I promise I’ll say a proper farewell if I go for good.


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