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Blog Tour; Flashes by Tim O’Rourke

Hi Guys!
Today I am pleased to announce that I am posting an interview with one of the characters from Flashes by Tim O’Rourke as part of the online blog tour!
Hope that you enjoy all of the questions and answers and it helps you get intrigued about this book! (review will follow later on).


Flashes is the first in a new series of YA paranormal crime novels in which a 17-year-old girl cannot help seeing glimpses of dead people who seem to want her aid – much to the consternation of her boyfriend, who has just started work for the local CID.

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Q&A with Tom Henson

Why did you want to become a police officer?
Because my father didn’t want me to. My father is a defence barrister and he would rather defend those accused of crimes whereas I would rather lock them up.

What was your favourite memory of being at police training school?
Solving mysteries with my college Kiera Hudson.

You seem to form so kind of romantic connection with Charley Shepard in the novel ‘Flashes’. Is Charley your first girlfriend?
I don’t know if Charley is my girlfriend. I like her a lot but it is still early days. As for Charley being my first girlfriend, there has been on other special person in my life.

Who was that?
I promised her I would never say.

You and Charley seem to hit it off straight away. Was it love at first sight?
Love? Who said anything about love? (Smiles).

Now I can see that grin of yours that Charley talks about. You never answered my question.
Okay. So I don’t know about the how whole love thing, I think it’s too early to say. But one thing I do know is that I love being with Charley. She is great fun to be around. We make a great team so we’ll just have to see what happens it book two.

Do you have any idea what yours and Charley’s next case might be about?
I txt the author, Tim O’Rourke, the other day and all he would say was that our next investigation is going to be a lot darker than the first.

Talking of texting and mobile phones, your phone was a bit of a brick in book one, have you upgraded yet?
No. I like my brick. It’s cheap. (Smiles)

Charley claimed to have received text messages from dead people in ‘Flashes’. Did you see those messages?
No, I never saw them.

Charley has flashes in which she sees dead people. So do you believe in the paranormal world?
I’m still not totally convinced in some kind of paranormal world being out there, but I believe Charley believes there is so that’s good enough for me.

Where did your love for cheeseburgers come from?
Through my inability to cook for myself. I can be kinda lazy when it comes to cooking. My flat does sometimes resemble something close to a rubbish dump at rimes. I do enjoy a nice take out.

You also seem to have a love of killing zombies in computer games, why is that?
Killing zombies helps me unwind. I like to pretend I’m shooting my boss and my colleague Detective Constable Jackson who can be a real arrogant jerk at times. I find playing computer games relaxes me.

How would you describe your first case you investigated in Marsh bay?
Weird! It’s opened my eyes to perhaps there being more than what you can see with our eyes. Perhaps there is another dimension that Charley can see into. Some of the stuff she claimed to see was pretty accurate and I can’t explain how she managed to know stuff that only the dead would know.

Flashes by Tim O’Rourke is out now, £7.99 paperback/eBook, published by Chicken House.

Are you intrigued?
What do you think about Tom?


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