Blogger Love-A-Thon – Love Letter!

“we all have our stories to tell. whether we whisper or yell.”
he is we, Happily Ever After
So, the point behind this post is to send a love letter to the bloggers that I love. This didn’t have to be specific but because there are a few bloggers out there who really, really, pull at my heartstrings and I missed the other mini-challenges, I thought I would mention them here.
I will also be doing a more specific note to everyone at the end, so don’t despair, I’ll mention you, I promise! :D
(can you guess who’ll be first? She’s been mentioned once today already.)
(are you there yet? is she? Oh, ooops… yeah, it’s a she… )
(getting closer… i’ve known her for years…)
 YES! You are CORRECT! My first letter goes out to Brodie over at Eleusinian Mysteries.

Brodie! I love you! I tell you this a lot of the time because, well, it’s true! I wouldn’t even have a blog if it wasn’t for you persuading me to get one and then your continued support throughout it all has just been… amazing! At every step I take, you’re there, cheering me on and it fills me with such pride. I am so glad that this blog and blogging in general has pulled us closer again and I love chatting with you over twitter and gushing over new books. At first it was you fully educating me on new books, but I think I’m showing you new books (and films) now as well and that really fills me with some sort of pride. Honestly girl, I would be nowhere without you, so THANK YOU <3  

(my second lover is someone close to my heart too)
(but she’s a new addition to my heart, but none-the-less someone i’ve grown so fond of)
(in fact, her comments are some of the ones I love the most.)
SARAH over at Sazbah101! There is a reason you are my Blogger Spotlight this month!  

Sarah! Saz! Nitwit! (:p)You are honestly an amazing person and I am so so so glad that you listened to Brodie and stumbled onto my blog. You have become an addition to my blog and comments that I would miss if you were to ever disappear. I love talking to you on twitter and reading your comments and I love your blog and reading your reviews! I just love you. Your enthusiasm for life is so amazing and you never fail to bring a huge smile to my face, even when I’m stressed to the max you somehow manage to just turn it all around and I could not be happier because of it! Honestly child, how do you do it? Haha. Anyway, yes, I just want to say THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for me in the past MONTH. <3

(third person is such a lovely girl)
(she is always answering my tweets and helping me when I need)
(her blog is wonderful but needs some love!)
So if you are looking for a new blogger to stalk *cough* I mean follow, go check out lucy over at ChooseYA

Lucy! Boy am I glad that you added me on Goodreads! You’ve become someone that I love talking to and reading your thoughts about books! I appreciate all of your thoughts and comments and just love you :D You always get some great books and give me insight on some really good ones to keep an eye out for and because we’re both from the UK, it’s nice that our timezones make it easier to stay in contact! I hope that you continue to stick around so that I can get to know you better! I want to say THANK YOU for being my friend and awesome and lovely fellow book-blogger! :D

(Onto the fourth shout-out! This one is someone I need to get to know better)
(I feel I should share the comment love)
(but i’m always so busy, here’s hoping this will change soon!)
I am talking about Theta over at Resolution Corner!

Theta! You’ve been a constant commenter on my blog for a while now and I just wanted to send you a “letter” to let you know how much I truly appreciate it! I don’t always have the time to reply or to comment on your blog but I do check it out and I love all that you post and I love when you comment on here. I will try and keep it going on yours but yes, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for being such a loyal and lovely follower! And if you ever want to chat and get to know me better, feel free to hook me up on twitter, facebook or via e-mail! I’d always be happy to hear from you! :)

(There’s just one more personal shout-out to go.)
(this one is a new love… or a growing love… or something like that)
(it has a lot to do with this event, or maybe I’m just in an awesome mood)
but finally, I’m writing a letter to Katelyn  from Kate’s Tales of Books and Bands!

Kate! So, I have been getting your reviews to my inbox for a while now and I have to say that I always read your reviews but very rarely have the time to comment. (I also usually view on my ipod which is really difficult to reply on, anyway!) But, this is not what this letter is about! This letter is to say THANK YOU for hosting this event. It is possibly the most inspired event I’ve participated in and I loved seeing all the new blogs and getting and replying and giving comments all day and I know that this is completely down to you so yes, thank you! I will continue to stalk your blog after this, and maybe I’ll even find the time to comment some more! :D

(And this letter here is for everyone else! So all of you!)
(You are just as special to me as all of these guys *points above* I promise!)
(But I either haven’t met you properly yet or don’t know you well enough yet)
or I’m so tired, I simply missed you. But don’t despair, because this is for YOU my FOLLOWERS.

YOU! You have no idea just how grateful I am that you are here reading this. I want you to know right now that I love YOU. I love everything about you. I love that you’re taking the time to read this, even if you don’t comment! You make blogging worthwhile, you make it fun and interesting and you make me want to come back and do it again, day in, day out. It is because of you that I am sticking with this when normally I let projects like this fall to the wayside. If you knew me at all, you’d know that I have a slight case of ADD and sticking to one task or project for a long time is usually incredibly difficult for me (hence why I never want to work in an office!) so the fact that I’m still here and have plans to stay here is incredible and it is down to you! So, pat yourself on the back, smile, and please, say hello! Add me on twitter, facebook and talk to me! E-mail me! Anything! I want to hear from you, I want to get to know you better! :D

i love all you guys <3




  • Katelyn

    You are so sweet, seriously! Your love letter to not only me but to everyone was so great! It’s so nice to finally let other bloggers know how much I appreciated them :)

  • Theta Sigma

    (Gobsmacked) WOW!!! Thank you for such a beautiful letter.

    I’ve commented today on why I love the whole blogging “thing”. It’s that thing of finding a common interest and just being able to express the joy of something good or the disappointment when it hasn’t met your expectations.

    After that letter, I don’t mind if you didn’t comment, just to know that you visit and you feel that you can write something as nice as that has me grinning from ear to ear. :)

  • Brodie

    DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU? Like. Imagine my arms this wide *points from UK to Australia* and multiple that by 343423845953. And that’s about a quarter of my love for you :D I am BEYOND happy you joined the blogosphere and we’re once again apart of an AMAZING online community together! And YES. You are most certainly introducing me to new books and films and I LOVE that! BE PROUD! I WUV YOU!

    And now you’ve made me all squishy and warm inside *hugs* And I think you just mirrored my EXACT thoughts on that weird and wonderful girl named Sarah!! <3

  • Sarah (saz101)

    OK, seriously? You hear that high pitched screeching? Why, YES! It’s Me, all the way from Australia! Err, I should probably stop, or the neighbors will call the police.
    I want to get on a plane to the mother-country and come give you hugs in person! Because sometimes eHugs aren’t enough… Hmm, and with the amount of coffee I’ve had, I may not even need a plane. True Story.

    Sammie! You are amazing and beautiful, and you make me grin like an even crazier person than I admittedly am, and SERIOUSLY! And you’ve gotten me excited about film again in a way I hadn’t been in a while, and I LOVE you for it, and I LOVE your blog, and I love YOU! I am so happy we ‘met’, and I bless the day I decided that, as Brodie’s loyal sidekick I would blindly follow everything she ever tells me to do.

    Also, you are the only person in the WHOLE WORLD that has express permission to call me Nitwit, and I LOVE it! It’s my new absolute favorite nickname XD
    Also, I err, may have read your post when I was out having breakfast (at 2PM) in a cafe with my mum, and squealed, and made her read it, and explained how excited I was you called me Nitwit XD

    ♥, Nitwit xx

  • Lucy

    Okay, you have got me all emotional here, lovely! I can honestly say you are one of the people I am most glad I started chatting with on Goodreads and I am so glad we have become friends :) you are a genuinely kind and sweet person and I hope you get everything you want out of your blog, uni, your MA application, etc <3
    *massive massive massive ehugs and love*

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