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Blogger Spotlight – Good Lit And Green Tea!

blogger spotlight!
Every month I choose a new Blogger to spotlight on my blog. This blogger is usually someone who I have come to know through blogging, someone who I admire and who’s blog should be getting a lot more traffic! Being a part of this means that the blogger gets their website stickied to the top of my blog *points to left-hand corner*, they get an interview and a few other things here and there throughout the month! It’s a way for me to share my love of them to you, and for you to find a new and amazing blog!
Got that? Good.
So, this month’s Blogger Spotlight is Kathe from Good Lit and Green Tea.
Unfortunately, with the undoing of my laptop, I haven’t been able to make her a sparkling graphic (but should have one done by the end of June -fingerscrossed-) so instead I have placed her button up there (also created by me, hehe). Hopefully she won’t kill me terribly! 
Why is Kathe chosen?
Kathe is one of the loveliest people I know and I have known her for an extremely long time now as well. She’s quickly become one of my favourite bloggers and just person in general. She’s so friendly, listens to me when I rant without judging and is just always there to help me through tough times. That, of course goes both ways. She has a way with words that I am insanely jealous of and her blog is one that I stalk daily because her posts just make me want to be better myself. She is, and always will be an inspiration.
I’ve known Kathe since before my blogging days, and we actually met on an RPG forum for Harry Potter. (Hey, doesn’t this sound familiar, Brodie? :p) I haven’t known her as long as I’ve known Brodie but this means nothing because I know I will know her for many years to come. She helps me with my writing and is on the people I trust the most when it comes to my editing. And telling me if my writing is good or just plainly sucks. She is light-hearted and amazing and is simply someone that everyone should know.
Her blog focusses on books that she reviews and she also has the odd discussion post. She participates in Blogspiration with me and, of course, she co-hosts Behind The Blog with me (and Melissa). Her posts are always brilliant to read, full of description and just shows how well she knows her english language! (Which i always find especially amazing as she’s from the Phillipines!) Yes, Kathe is an inspiration to me and I hope that she will be for you too!
Now you know more about her, why don’t you run along and follow her blog – you know you want to!


  • Brodie

    KATHE ROLE-PLAYED TOO?! THAT IS SO AWESOME! Seriously. ANYONE who RPed, ESPECIALLY on a freaking HP forum has instant awesomeness stamped on their forehead. Kathe already had an Awesome tattoo on her forehead, so now there’s one on her cheek too (face or butt, whatever she prefers :P)

    It kind of excites me, learning of bloggers who RPed aswell :D

    Anyway. I love how she’s been such an inspiration and help to you, whether in writing or real life woes. Your love and affection and her general awesomeness really shine through in this! <3

  • Melissa

    I can tell that you and Kathe get along so well just through the tweets and comments that you leave each other :D

    I haven’t known Kathe all that long, but she is an awesome person and a wonderful blogger!

    • Faye Rogers

      Haha, it was when she got a Blackberry in January that it got worse because we were suddenly a BBM away, at any point in the day… haha. It’s great though :-)

      And I’m glad you think so – as I’m sure she is too! xD

      Thanks for commenting, as always Mel! <33

  • Sarah (saz101)

    Kathe is a… I can’t even think of the word. She’s beautiful and kind and a sweetheart, and such an intelligent, thoughtful reviewer. And I love her. And I love YOU for introducing me to her.



  • alexandrasscribblings

    Oooh, ooh, I want to join in the Kathe-loving! “Her posts are always brilliant to read, full of description” – YES THEY ARE, and I love reading the things that she notices, and the points that she makes. <3 to her, and to you for this post!

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