Bloggiesta To-Do List!

Woooo! Bloggiesta!

*waves mini flag*

Yes, that’s right guys, it is time again for Bloggiesta! and I am really excited about it! Not heard of Bloggiesta before? Quickly run over to this blog to find out all about it!

So, for this Bloggiesta I have a rather large chunk of goals to get through and I don’t really expect to get through them all but hopefully I will! I have work tomorrow (booo!) but as soon as I come home I’ll be working on the blog, I will make sure I do. As I finish each task, I will strike through it.

The Goals

  • Write at least five reviews
  • Schedule at least one week ahead
  • Sort out the graphics for my blog
  • Sort out my categories!
  • Make/Finish Graphics for Graphics Shop.
  • Find at least five new blogs
  • Cross-post all reviews to Goodreads & Amazon
  • Update sidebars
  • Update Review Archive
  • Update Book Challenges
  • Update Behind The Blog/Features Page!
  • Update Review Policy Page!

So, as you can see, that’s A LOT of things I have to do. But I have THREE days to do it in so hopefully I can manage it. What do you reckon? :D
If you’re doing the Bloggiesta too, feel free to link to your goals!



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