Blogoversary; Wrap Up

wrap up

Hey Guys!
It is all over! My two-week celebration of reaching two-years of blogging is now complete and I don’t know about you but I’ve rather enjoyed the last two weeks! It’s been so much fun bringing you a variety of posts and of getting so many different opinions about the internet and blogging! I can only hope you enjoyed the posts as well!

Just in case you weren’t able to see ALL the posts that went up this week – there were a lot – I am listing them all here with their links!

Scavenger Hunt Announcement
Faye Interview Questions
Kerrie Interview
Claire McFall Guest Post
Lauren Interview
Hollie Guest Post
Caroline Interview
Sophie Guest Post
Clover Interview
Rachelia Guest Post
Debbie Guest Post
Michelle Interview
Damian Dibben Guest Post
Giveaway Announcement
Emma Guest Post
Faye Guest Post
Alexa Interview
Gabriella Lepore Guest Post
Helen Boyle Guest Post
Daphne Interview
Faye Guest Post; Favourites
Julia Green Guest Post
Cassandra Rose Clarke Guest Post
Faye Interview

So, as you can see. There was a LOT going on!
I just want to take this moment to thank everyone who was kind enough to contribute to this giveaway – even those who were angels and wrote me a post extremely last minute! But really, every blogger, author and publicist that helped me with this, THANK YOU.

And lastely, thank you to all of you reading this. My dedicated, loyal followers – and my amazing new ones! – this blog most likely wouldn’t have made it to two years without you so just, yeah, thank you!

And don’t forget, my giveaway which boast of 36 prizes is still open! Get your entries in while you still have the chance!

Finally… here’s the FINAL clue to the scavenger hunt!


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