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Book Lover Spotlight: Ahana at Heart’s Content

Book Lover Spotlight: Ahana at Heart's Content

Hi All!

Welcome to my new Friday Feature here on my blog!

Every Friday, for as long as I have people to spotlight, I will be posting about different book lovers that can be found on the internet!

Welcome to my Book Lover Spotlight!

Name: Ahana
Blog Name: Heart’s Content
Instagram: @Tohearts_content
Twitter: @WrenBlue3
Others:  Facebook. Goodreads.
Bio: My name is Ahana Rao. I’m a 24 year old book-blogger from India. I indulge excessively and repeatedly in all forms of the word (that are romantic), be it writing or reading. I’ve been reading perhaps since I was seven and writing shortly after that. The two didn’t exist separately to me. Blogging has always been this untouchable, unachievable dream for me. But then one day, I knew I just had to take that leap or I would never be satisfied. The blogging community welcomed me with open arms and I am where I am today because of all of them.​

General Book Questions

What type of books do you read? (i.e. picture books, non-fiction, YA, Adult)
I’m a big romance buff. SO YA, NA, Fiction, Fantasy anything with a good romance in it is my cup of tea.

What is your favourite genre to read?
Romance for sure.

Do you ever read outside of your favourite genres?
Oh, sometimes. When my close blogger friends, who I trust very much, suggests a book to me I’m likely to pick it up even if it doesn’t exactly fit my genre.

How do you currently get your books?
Amazon, Kobo, Storytel, Audible, through blog tours or from authors, Edelweiss+ and NetGalley!

What is your favourite thing about reading?
That no one can ever know all about these worlds I have inside me and the lessons they’ve taught me.

Blogger Questions

What type of posts do you love writing the most?
onestly, surprisingly, I’m finding I love doing book tags! Bookish fun posts have recently even tickling my fancy a lot!

What type of posts do you love reading?
Review posts and book tags!

How long does it take for you to write and post a review?
Oof, depends on the day. Sometimes it’s done super fast and sometimes it takes a real while. I do a lot of thinking before I write and sometimes even while I’m writing a review, so it’s really up to the book and what it’s made me feel.

Where do you share your blog posts?
On Discord amongst the bloggers and on my social media handles.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
The community.

Blog Posts!

Bookstagram Questions

Does your instagram have a theme?
Oh, not really. Though I’ve been thinking about whether I should have one or let myself explore a bit more before I find my style.

Do you just write reviews or do you do other posts too?
Mostly review posts, I rarely do other kinds.

How do you find inspiration for your photos?
The place I’m in inspires me. I don’t really think too much about it. If I like where I am or it makes me feel something I’m often inspired to click a picture.

How long does it take to create a photo and upload it?
So, usually I have my Kindle and phone in hand wherever I go, so that whenever inspiration strikes me, I can click a picture. Later, I match how I feel about a book with one of the pictures I’ve taken (it’s not a real science, it’s all feel and little logic) and edit and upload. So it takes me about a half hour or less, depending on the day.

Where do you share your bookstagram posts?
Usually I’m sharing my blog posts on Instagram, but there is a small community I’m a part on Instagram itself where I share my posts.

What is your favourite thing about bookstagram?
Ah, all the talent.

Instagram Post!

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