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Book Review; Starring Kitty by Keris Stainton

Starring KittyAuthor: Keris Stainton
Publisher: Catnip Publishing
Published: 4th June 2014
Pages: 224
Format: Paperback
Source:: Library Copy
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Sometimes the greatest love stories happen behind the scenes…

Kitty’s keeping secrets. Like how she’s struggling to cope with her mum’s illness. And how she’s falling for the girl with the purpley-red hair… A fun film competition with her friends Sunny and Hannah seems like the perfect distraction. But then Dylan wants to be more than Kitty’s secret. Is Kitty ready to let her two worlds meet or will she risk losing Dylan forever?

When Your World

There is a moment when you start reading a book and you just know that you’re reading a book that you’ll love. This happened to me on the very first page of Starring Kitty. I just instantly knew this book was going to be fantastic and I was not wrong. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how much I loved this book. It was cute, quirky and just full of wonderful and amazing characters. This is a short book but it works so well that way; it was the perfect length. It was sad to say goodbye to the characters but also just right. I am highly excited for Spotlight on Sunny.

Is Upside Down

This book actually has a very simplistic plot but it made this book so good. This story was about Kitty and this huge moment in her life – her first crush – or the first one that could lead to something more anyway. I thought the whole “coming out” part of this book was dealt with so well and realistically. What made this plot and Kitty’s life so enjoyable was the magnificent writing style. Keris pulls you in subtly and just writes in a brilliant way that truly transports you into Kitty’s world.

How Do You

I truly loved all of the characters in this book. They all had distinct and interesting personalities that I enjoyed reading about. All of them helped to make the book that much better – including the evil bullies! But it was Dylan that I loved the most. She was by far my favourite character. She was quirky, confident, and really cute. But she was also worried, afraid and sensitive too. Faults and flaws that made her a very realistic and lovable character – and the perfect fit for the shy and cute Kitty!

Stay Afloat

This book quickly moved itself into my favourites. It is fun, quirky, full of real emotions and will quickly suck you into a wonderful and intriguing story. Keris dealt with the issues in this book so well and that just made it all the more enjoyable. I will definitely be re-reading this book when I get the chance and cannot wait to read about these characters again in Spotlight on Sunny. I would highly recommend this book! So go read it if you haven’t yet!

five stars


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