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British Books Challenge 2017 Sign Up!

British Books Challenge 2017 Sign Up!


I’m very pleased to announce that I’m going to participate in the British Books Challenge next year! I haven’t done any challenges for the last two years but I thought aiming to read at least one book by a British author every month was probably a good challenge to do. I’ll probably create a goodreads bookshelf to add all the books I read to keep myself up to date!

I’m not entirely sure which books I’ll read yet and I don’t really want to tie myself down to reading any specific books just yet BUT here is a list of the books that I’m really looking forward to reading. This is a selection of books that are coming out next year and books that are already released.

The Potential Book Selection

wing-jones a-quiet-kind-of-thunder all-about-mia

birdy-flynn cell-7 how-hard-can-love-be

little-girl-lost safe-with-me see-how-they-lie

the-girls-next-door the-scarecrow-queen while-you-were-sleeping

So you know… I only have a few books to choose from… so far!

If you want to join up to the British Books Challenge too, you can find out how by clicking here. You don’t even have to have a blog to enter!



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