Celebration Time! [Blogoversary!]

Hey Guys!
Today is a very special day. It’s A Daydreamer’s Thoughts‘ third birthday!
*throws confetti*

It still boggles my mind a little that three years ago today I hit that little publish button on my very first post on this blog.
My life has changed dramatically in the last three years, and a lot of it is because of this blog. And that is insane.

I’ve been pondering what I should do to celebrate this occasion for a few weeks now and to be honest, I’m still not exactly sure how to. The reason for this is because blogging has kind of become a part of me now so celebrating seems a little odd.
[I also feel weird about celebrating my birthday so it does make a little sense!]

So, in the end, I have decided to just tell you all that the blog has now turned three and to throw some confetti and to offer out virtual cake! Yay!

And also to just say THANK YOU for sticking with me and following this blog and commenting and tweeting with me and just for generally making this blog become an ingrained part of my life. Without you, I probably wouldn’t have made it this long.

I wish that I could thank you all with a gift of some kind but unfortunately that isn’t possible. So instead, I will just thank you with these words. And hope that you’ll stick with me for the next three years!

Until next time, folks. *waves and bows*



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