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Christmas Books!

Christmas Books!

Hi All!

Today I want to discuss Christmas Books with you. Personally, I am a little bit of a sucker for Christmas books. I love how hopeful they always make me feel and at this festive period, it’s just one of those little treats that I really like to give myself.
Thus, today I wanted to share with you some Christmas Books that I’ve really enjoyed and also to highlight some books that I really want to read but haven’t gotten around to yet!

Christmas Books I Recommend

Christmas at the Log Fire Cabin by Catherine Ferguson
I’ve actually only finished this book at the beginning of the month but I really loved it so I had to mention it here. I also really enjoyed the second book in this series, Second Chances at the Log Fire Cabin and would recommend both. They’re cheesy and have a few errors but incidentally they are magical romantic reads destined to get you in the spirit!

The Little Village Christmas and The Christmas Promise by Sue Moorcroft
I will not lie, Sue Moorcroft, is one of my favourite Christmas Book writers! I adore all of the books she has written around the festive season. It is just so easy to fall in love with her characters and I always absolutely love returning to Middledip and hearing about new families and relationships that blossom in the area.

Christmas at Lilac Cottage by Holly Martin
I actually read this book a few years ago now but it is one that stuck with me. I loved the true Christmassy feel that this book gave off. There is something about remote villages in Christmas books that I just absolutely love. Plus, the characters and romance in this book was just so… perfect!

A Christmas to Remember by Jenny Hale
Another one that I read a few years ago, and like it’s title, it became a book to remember. As above, I just loved how much this book put me into the festive spirit with wonderful characters, setting and romance. It was everything that I wanted in a Christmas Book.

Christmas Books I Can't Wait to Read

Let it Snow by Sue Moorcroft
I’ve actually already started this book – don’t tell anyone! – and already it is shaping up to be everything I expect from Sue Moorcroft. I cannot wait to continue reading this one and finding out that it is just as wonderful as her other books are.

Not Just For Christmas by Natalie Cox
This is another one that I’ve already started reading. It was picked up from the store as I love remote villages in books and I love dogs so I simply had to see if it was one that I would enjoy. So far, so good!

Christmas on the Little Cornish Isles: The Driftwood Inn by Phillipa Ashley
After reading my first Phillipa Ashley book this year, I found this one and decided that I also wanted to give it a read. I really enjoyed her previous book so I’m intrigued to see if this one adds up to my expectation or not. Plus, I really do love Cornwall as a setting!

Snowflakes on Silver Cove by Holly Martin
This is the second book in the series and as you can see above, I have read the first book. This is now a few years old but I still haven’t gotten around to reading this one. I’m hoping I might just find some time to read it this Christmas.

Sleigh Rides and Silver Bells at The Christmas Farm by Heidi Swain
There is so much to love in the title alone for this book. Plus, isn’t that cover just lovely? I haven’t really heard anything about this book but I saw it in the store and decided that it sounded like my kind of read. I’m very interested to see if it is one that I’ll enjoy or not.

Have you read any of these books?
Do you have any recommendations for me?

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