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Dead Embers by Matt Brolly

Dead Embers by Matt Brolly

Hi Guys!
Today is my stop on the Dead Embers tour and I am here for you all with my review of this very addictive read!
Before I tell you how much I liked the book, here is some information on it.

About the Book

Dead Embers An explosive fire. A double murder. And that’s just the start…

When DCI Michael Lambert is called out to an apparent house fire, he knows it can’t be routine. Instead he finds the remains of a burnt house, a traumatised child and two corpses – one of whom is a senior police officer.

Lambert’s got other problems. Anti-corruption are onto his boss. His relationships is on the rocks. He can’t get over his ex-wife and he keeps blacking out.

But when a detective has been murdered the stakes are too high to get distracted. All is not as it seems. As the investigation continues Lambert realises he is getting drawn into something altogether bigger and more terrifying than he could ever have imagined…

Trust no one.

Gripping, chilling to its core and full of twists, the powerful new DCI Michael Lambert from Matt Brolly is perfect for fans of Angela Marsons, Helen H. Durrant and Michael Hambling.

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My Review

Sometimes You

I’ve been struggling to keep on top of my reading for a while because of illness and being busy at work, etc, but when it came to picking up Dead Embers, all of that fell away. I read this at every spare moment I had because it was incredibly addictive. There are not enough words to really describe how deep I fell into the world of this book. It instantly took me out of the real world and into book world just with a few words. Everything was described so well and there was so much going on at all times that it was just such an easy, wonderful read – everything that you want in a crime thriller book!

Have To Be

What really kept my interest in this novel was the plot, or I should say the case. I was riveted. This is the kind of case that I can imagine being a huge hit as a TV series, and the case itself could probably have occurred across three or four episodes too. It was intense and well-thought out with lots of different things all coming together to form a whole. The best part about it all was that I really had no idea how it was all going to end up. There was no way to guess as it was only slightly hinted at in different parts of the text. I found this to be such a captivating narrative style!

Careful About Who

I am not shy about shouting out about books with strong characters as I love reading them. Unfortunately this is one of the places where I feel the book falls a little short. I really liked DCI Michael Lambert but there were also parts of his lifestyle that were hinted at but not really explored and it made it harder to get a full grip on who he is as a character. I feel that some of this may have been explained in the previous two books and as such I will be making sure I read them but it felt like there was little to no character development in the book which was a shame but certainly didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the case! I would definitely read another book with DCI Michael Lambert and would be interested to see what happens next for him.

You Can Trust

Overall this book was a very gripping, addictive and captivating read from start to finish. The case was very interesting, disturbing and intriguing all at once. There was so much going on and it was so difficult to know who to trust which I thought was really good. I also liked how one case was all wrapped up but I felt there were still some ties left loose by the end of the book so I’d be very interested in reading further books to see where it goes! I would recommend this book to any reader who loves crime books, especially those that twist and turn as you go along until your left just waiting for the mystery to be solved.

About the Author

matt Following his law degree where he developed an interest in criminal law, Matt completed his Masters in Creative Writing at Glasgow University. He reads widely across all genres, and is currently working on the third in his Michael Lambert thriller series. Matt lives in London with his wife and their two young children.

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