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Faye’s Thoughts on… Forgetting


Today I want to talk to you about something that I hope I’m not alone in. I also hope that you all don’t judge me and end up discarding me from the club – (please don’t, I love it here!). Joking aside, I am here to talk about a very serious problem that I have.

I keep forgetting books.

There are a few things that I mean by this. The first, quite simply, is that I forget the story in the book. I know I’ve read it and I have all these feelings about it but when I really try and think about the story and why I have the feelings, it eludes me. I find this problem is crucial during top tens and when I’m trying to recommend books. I usually have to just say, “Well, I remember that I loved it…” It is sad and worrying but usually applies to books read months or years ago. What I’d like to know is, am I alone in this or do you forget some of the stories you’ve read too?

Secondly, I keep forgetting about books I loved when I do my top ten lists. I usually read what other people listed and feel a lurch in my belly because… how did I forget to add that amazing book to my list? It got so bad at one point that I just didn’t want to do anymore top tens! I’m more picky now but sometimes I still feel sad and silly when I forget books. Does anyone else understand this agonising pain of mine or is it just me and my awful memory?

And finally, I mean I am literally forgetting books I want to read. Mostly ones that I have on my kindle because I don’t see them everyday, but also the ones that I own paper copies of. This happens when deciding my next read and I forget how much I want to read X, Y, and Z. Hence they are left unread for years. Anyone else have this problem?

Honestly, it all worries me as I read to devour stories and to be pulled into a different world. If I start to forget those worlds and wonderful words, does it make me a bad reader? What do you think?



  • Jim

    I have all three of these problems; like you the top ten one is incredibly frustrating for me! I feel so bad when I post a top ten with a couple of books I quite liked in but then see someone else’s with something I ADORED but had forgotten about. :(

  • Michelle (Fluttering Butterflies)

    Definitely not you. I do this thing all the time where a bit of dialogue or a character’s name will pop into my head randomly and I’ll sit there for AGES trying to remember which book it’s from. I read so much that I just can’t remember :( It’s hard.

  • Chrissi Reads

    I do this all the time Faye. I forget about all the wonderful books I need to read and when I realise I can’t believe I forgot about them in the first place! Eek! I think there are far too many good books out there to remember! Hopefully our blogs are good places to look back on what we’ve read and remember our feelings!

  • Terry

    Perhaps a short list of books you want to read, a tick list and a short synopsis and a score for each. Maybe a cloud based list you can access from anywhere would help.

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