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Faye’s Thoughts on… Movie Marathons


I don’t know who first thought watching lots of films in one go would be a good idea or how it became a global phenomenon but today I am here, thankful for them, as I discuss my thoughts on movie marathons.

The Joy of Lot’s Together

I have always enjoyed watching movies at home. But one of my favourite things to do is to dedicate more than just a couple of hours by watching lots of movies back to back. There’s just something so fun about sitting down with friends and just watching lots of films together or sitting alone and re-watching films that you love. It can be the perfect way to wile a way a day or two.

Series Marathons

This is also the perfect way to watch and entire collection of films together. Like before watching Mockingjay in the cinema, I was able to watch the first two back-to-back with a friend. The same can be down with other similar films like LOTR, Back to the Future, Die Hard, Fast & Furious, Harry Potter, or even just similar films like all the Marvel Comic Book films!

Pausing For Breaks

Unlike in the cinema, the best part about a movie marathon is the possibily to pause the films for toilet breaks and food breaks – essential things for movie marathons!

All the Discussions

There is also room to talk when watching in the comfort of your own home. Sometimes even in the middle of the films, sometimes between films. It certainly helps to make the entire experience easier to bond over. It’s essentially a lot more social than heading to the cinema!

Sharing Your Favourites

Ultimately, movie marathons are perfect for sharing your favourite films with your friends. If there’s four of you, you can all bring one film, or two wach if there’s just two, and so on. It allows you the chance to see if they love the films too and is much better than just letting them borrow your DVD. I think this is a great way to share movies with others.

So these are my thoughts. Essentially I always enjoy a good marathon – and even have a Christmas one planned soon! But what about you? Do you love them, never tried them or are they just not your thing? Let me know in the comments!


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  • Marni J

    Movie Marathons!!! Love them! My favorite is the original three Star Wars movies. After that I would have to say the Harry Potter movies. With those it’s fun to talk about the actors themselves and how they’ve changed through the years and it’s great to remember what we were doing when they came out. All the HP movies came out around my twins bday and it became part of their celebrations.

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