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Film Review: Hell or High Water (2016)

hell-or-high-waterTitle: Hell or High Water
Director: David Mackenzie
Screenwriter: Taylor Sheridan
Published: 9th September 2016
Main Cast: Ben Foster, Chris Pine, Jeff Bridges and Gil Birmingham
Format: Cinema Screening
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Chris Pine and Ben Foster play two brothers on the run from the law in this gripping drama.

Toby (Chris Pine, Star Trek) is a divorced father who only wants a better life for his kids. With both him and his ex-convict brother, Tanner (Ben Foster, 3:10 to Yuma) facing the foreclosure of their mother’s West Texas farm, they decide to take justice into their own hands by robbing the bank they believe robbed them. But after the robbery they find they have two West Texas rangers (Gil Birmingham and Jeff Bridges) on their trail…

This modern Western is directed by British director David Mackenzie (Starred Up) and has been lovebombed by American critics. Variety called it “a thrillingly good movie – a crackerjack drama of crime, fear, and brotherly love set in a sun-roasted, deceptively sleepy West Texas that feels completely exotic for being so authentic,” while The Playlist described it as “if No Country for Old Men were remade as a heist movie.”

At What Point

I didn’t know much about this film before I decided to go and see it which is more or less how I prefer it. Thus I walked in with no expectations and no theories on how the film was going to play out. Whether this increased my enjoyment or not, I don’t know but I do know that I thoroughly enjoyed this film. From the beginning until the end, I was fully enraptured by this story.

Do You Bend

This drama was packed with emotion and I felt so much watching it. Every single character stole my heart and I was at a loss for who to support which was such a fascinating experience. This was due to the wonderful acting but also because the incredibly strong screenplay with witty and brilliant dialogue. I just loved it all.

The Rules For

Along with vibrant characters, the cinematography and plot were also very well done too. The plot was gripping and tense and the cinematography really pulled that atmosphere out of the screen too. From dusty, secluded and empty Texan towns to funny moments in diners and banks. This film was just full of amazing moments and just worked so well. It is the kind of film that I love to watch.

A Better Life

A film that makes you laugh one minute, feel tense the next and finally has you near to tears, this is nothing but an emotional rollarcoaster. I was fully transfixed on the screen and couldn’t wait to find out how it all came to an end. I was blown away by the film as a whole and will definitely be re-watching this film at some point in the future. I would highly recommend giving this film a watch.

five stars


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