Finish It Feb; Updates #1


Update #1

What? A week has already happened? Seriously? You’re not kidding? Darn. Seriously, darn. Somehow… SOMEHOW… I have barely read ANYTHING this week. I’m struggling to work out what I’ve been doing instead of reading, but I am coming up empty. Probably the answer is watching TV which is so not okay… not when I’m trying to catch up on reading anyhow!

But oh well.

At least I have read SOMETHING.

And that something is…

107.14 minutes (1 hr 47.14 mins) of How Not To Love by Cecelia Ahern audiobook!

How To Fall In Love

And I am loving it.
I ended up looking like a lunatic on Friday because I got to a part in the book that had me in hysterics and I was walking home from work. It was rather awkward but I could not help but laugh out loud – I almost had tears in my eyes from the laughter!
Definitely regretting not reading this book sooner but am just so happy that I’m finally able to enjoy it!

There’s just… 227.5 minutes to go (3 hrs 47.5mins) so I should hopefully definitely finish it by the end of this week!

How are you getting on with #FinishItFeb?



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