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Finish It Feb; Wrap-Up


Holy Smokes Guys!
February is OVER.

It went by just as quickly as it always does, too quickly!

But enough about that.
Today’s post is where I look at the goals I set myself at the beginning of the month and how well I got on with them, so without further ado…

My Goals

To finish reading five books.

My Accomplishments

Okay, so I didn’t quite hit five books. Sadly.
But I did manage to finish three and almost finish a fourth. So I feel like I actually did pretty well. Especially considering that I’d been struggling with a reading slump before February came about!

So here are the books I finished:

How To Fall In Love Never Always Sometimes How To Speak Spook

And as the only one I haven’t already spoken about, here are my thoughts on How to Speak Spook.
I did like this book, it was very adventurous, creative and intriguing. But it also felt a little slow in places and didn’t quite feel right in others. Overall it wasn’t my favourite book of the bunch but it was definitely one that I’m glad to have read. Besides, you know, ghosts!

And the book that I am SUPER CLOSE to finishing now is…


I’m going to do my best to finish this by the end of tomorrow! Wish me luck!

How did your finish it feb go?


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