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Five Favourite Celebs by Holly Smale

Five Favourite Celebs by Holly Smale

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Today is my stop on the blog tour for Happy Girl Lucky and I am here today with a fantastic guest post from the author!

Title: Happy Girl Lucky
Author: Holly Smale
Publisher: Harper Collins UK
Published: 7th February 2019
Pages: 480
Format: Paperback
Source:: Free Review Copy from Publisher
Add It: Amazon UK Goodreads.
Summary:Introducing The Valentines. Fame – It Runs in the Family!
Sisters Hope, Faith and Mercy have everything: fame, success, money and beauty. But what Hope wants most of all is love, and it doesn’t matter how far she has to go to find it.

Except real-life isn’t like the movies. Even if you’re a Valentine . . .

Happy Girl Lucky is the first hilarious, heart-warming book in The Valentines series. From the internationally bestselling author of Geek Girl, Holly Smale.

Five Favourite Celebs

Holly Smale

For me, a true ‘celebrity’ is not just a famous face. It has to be more than being known for being known, otherwise it doesn’t mean anything: we’re just celebrating our human ability to recognise faces. The people I look up to are people who have changed the world in some way: achieved something in one or more fields that has made a real difference, and given the rest of us hope, inspiration and comfort.

Obviously, there are countless humans who are – and will always remain – on the Ultimate Celebrity list: I’m thinking Charles Darwin, Martin Luther King Jr, Emily Pankhurst, David Bowie, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen and the like. But there are too many, so – for this – I’ve picked my personal, top five living celebrities. People who make the world a better place, and are famous for all the right reasons.

Sir David Attenborough
I could happily listen to this man narrate a pizza-delivery flyer. He’s been writing and narrating anthropological and natural history shows for the BBC since 1952 – that’s over sixty years – and his work is never anything other than fascinating, warm, passionate and engaging. He’s the only person to have ever won BAFTAs for programmes in black and white, colour, HD and 3D, has ten plants and animals named after him and is one of the most well-travelled people on the planet. If anyone deserves the title of ‘celebrity’, it’s Sir David. A true titan of famousness.

JK Rowling
I was an adult when the Harry Potter books came out, but I can’t think of many other writers who have done for children’s books what Joanne has done: encouraged generation after generation of young people to lose themselves in fiction, to love imaginary worlds and to keep reading. I’ve seen the direct impact of her books, year after year, child after child. I’ve even seen it in other countries: I used to live in Japan, and the magic of Harry Potter was not only encouraging Japanese children to love literature, but was also encouraging them to learn English. JK may shun the limelight, but she is a true celebrity: one who will leave behind a different world to the one she entered.

Barack Obama
In a world where politicians and world leaders are generally – let’s be honest – a dispiriting disappointment at absolute best, it’s difficult not to idolise Barack. From becoming America’s first African American President to cutting unemployment to the Affordable Care Act to supporting the LGBT’s community for marriage equality, Obama brought so much compassion, intelligence and kindness to a role that sorely needs it. He is what a ‘celebrity’ always should be: someone who has achieved greatness, who is known for goodness and action, and who doesn’t seek to be famous for the sake of it.

Olivia Coleman
I wanted to pick an actress for this list – what with The Valentines being centred in the world of stage and screen – and I’ve been a fanatical supporter of Olivia’s ever since Peep Show. Her rise to Oscar-nominated fame has been hugely satisfying to watch, especially because I met her briefly at a party a few years ago and she’s one of the sweetest celebrities I’ve ever encountered. She’s so hugely talented, so versatile, so human, and she makes every character she plays feel utterly watchable: regardless of whether she’s the villain or the star. There is nobody who deserves celebrity right now more than Olivia.

Lady Gaga
Is there a more visionary woman currently alive and working in the music industry? (Sia comes a close second.) A little bit like a new, female David Bowie, Lady Gaga never fails to completely smash expectations and do things her own way. Not only a hugely talented song-writer, singer, dancer and actress, Lady Gaga has creativity pouring out of every pore: her life is one, huge vision-board, and remains endlessly fascinating in her ability to reinvent herself, over and over again. Her fearlessness and imagination are endlessly empowering, and she’s exactly the kind of woman we should all be looking up to. A bonefide and deserved celebrity.

About the Author

Holly Smale is the internationally bestselling, award-winning author of the GEEK GIRL series. She was unexpectedly spotted by a top London modelling agency at the age of fifteen and spent the following two years falling over on catwalks, going bright red and breaking things she couldn’t afford to replace. By the time Holly had graduated from Bristol University with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Shakespeare she had given up modelling and set herself on the path to becoming a writer.

Geek Girl was the no. 1 bestselling young adult fiction title in the UK in 2013. It was shortlisted for several major awards including the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and the Branford Boase award, nominated for the Queen of Teen award and won the teen and young adult category of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and the 11-14 category of the Leeds Book Award.

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