Friday’s Favourite Film Release #3

It’s Friday! And that means it’s time for Friday’s Favourite Film Release! For those unfamiliar with this, it basically means that I will describe each of the films that have been released this week and then I will be picking my favourite, which literally means the one that I cannot wait to watch!
So, the releases this week were;

 Arthur Christmas (Release Date: 11/11/11)
This is a tale of how Santa Claus manages to give every child their Christmas presents before the morning arises. There’s a whole team behind the act and a family of logistics involved as well. So when one child is unfortunately missed and will have to wake up without her presents in the morning, Arthur Christmas (Father Christmas’ son) goes on a mission to make sure that child doesn’t stop believing in the magic of his father.
 Immortals (Release Date: 11/11/11)
From the producer of 300, this film is a take on Greek Mythology where King Hyperion rampages through Greece in search of the ultimate weapon; the one that will bring him and his empire immortality. It will do this by overthrowing the Gods of Olympus and allowing him to take control of everything.
The Awakening (Release Date: 11/11/11)
This is a story about a sceptic who goes across country to show to people that the supernatural is a lie and everything is fake. However, when she gets sent to a boarding school to look at ghostly moments happening, she finds herself being pulled into a world that she has always thought to be false. Will she be able to discredit her feelings and sight and pull off yet another fake account?
 The Rum Diary (Release Date: 11/11/11)
This film is an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson’s first novel and follows a journalist who gets reassigned to Puerto Rico. He takes on a job at the local newspaper and finds himself in the company of some world-weary characters. Before long he finds himself in a sticky situation with a businessman’s fiancé and must find a way out.
Trespass (Release Date: 11/11/11)
The Miller’s family house is broken into by some robbers who know everything about what the Miller’s own and demand to take it all. They tie up the wife and daughter while trying to get the husband (Nick Cage) to open the safe. They execute a kidnapping of the wife and daughter, and hold them up for ransom. Their disruption causes betrayal and scandal to be uncovered and family must learn to deal with everything that happens.
 Wuthering Heights (Release Date: 11/11/11)
This is the adaptation of Emily Bronte’s novel of the same name. It is a tale of a Yorkshire farmer who visits Liverpool and takes in a homeless boy he finds on the streets. His journey from the big city to the bleak Yorkshire moors ends in an obsessive relationship with the farmer’s daughter, and treachery and tragedy through different generations of the same family.
It was extremely hard pickings this week as there is simply such a large selection of great films that have been released! (I think everyone was going for the great release date!) In all honesty, The Rum Diary only just won but it had decent competition with Wuthering Heights and The Awakening. However, the reason that I have chosen The Rum Diary is because I have actually been anticipating the release of this film since I first heard about its production way back in 2008. With three years wait, I think it’s only fair that this film is my favourite for this week. Not to mention it has Depp in it and that man will always be one of my favourite actors of all time.
But what about you? What is your favourite film release this week? Or, if you’re not from the UK, have you seen any of these and actually liked or hated? Let me know!

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