I Need YOU!

Hey Guys!

Sorry about the very … uh… pushy title, but I just kind of wanted to capture your attention! I’ve been thinking about this blog… a LOT, and I have a lot of ideas for it but I need some help from you to help me get these ideas up and running. Don’t worry, it’s nothing stressing or major but hopefully you’ll be kind enough to help me out! :D

So I’m basically just going to have this post as a list of all the things that you could do to help me out in this instance. You can do any of them, or none of them. But I would appreciate all of your help SO MUCH. But I do understand if I’m asking too much.

  1. Guest Reviews; So I’m looking for a handful of lovely people to help me out by writing me some guest reviews, they could be on ANY book, they don’t even have to be long. AND you have until JULY to get them written. If this is something you’re interested in, please e-mail me!.
  2. UK Debut Authors; Are you or do you know any UK Debut Authors? I’m compiling a list of people to e-mail but I don’t know EVERYONE, if you have any ideas or an author you’d like to see highlighted, please let me know either on twitter or by e-mailing me!
  3. Interviews; Are you a blogger? Would you like to be interviewed by me? I’m looking for a few willing bloggers for some interviews, can you help me out? e-mail me!
  4. Guest Posts; Possibly in the wrong place, but do YOU have something to say about UK Debut Authors? Would you like to write a guest post – or even just a PARAGRAPH about it? Please e-mail me!
As far as I can think, this is ALL I need at the moment, but if I need anything else I’ll update this or tweet around. But, if you COULD help me out with ANY of the above, I would really, really appreciate it!



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