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I’m Running the Race for Life on Sunday!

I’m Running the Race for Life on Sunday!

Hi All!
I hope you’re all well today.

I’m posting something today, which I probably should have posted six weeks ago when I signed up to do it, but this Sunday, I am running in my local Race for Life!

I opted to run the 10k challenge.

Which is fine.

Except that I have not run at all in nearly three years. So why I thought I would be able to do 10k again out of the bat, I do not know, but that is what I decided.

So for the past six weeks, I have been training my ass off to make sure I am fit enough to make it around the course.

And I am now at a point where I can comfortably run 5k. Which is not something I thought I would ever be able to do again so that in itself is a wonderful thing for me.

On top of that though, I am now positive that while I may not be able to run the whole 10k – because trying to train for that in six weeks is actually incredibly difficult – I will be able to get around the whole course with some walking breaks.

My aim now is to manage it in under one hour and a half.

But even if it takes me longer. I will make it to the finish line. I also really want to sprint to the end so, wish me luck?

And, if you also want to be amazing and donate to the cause, you can find my page to do so here: Faye’s Race for Life 10k!

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes, of course!

Are you or have you run or walked a Race for Life?


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