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In My Mailbox #20

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren. Let us know what books you’ve bought, borrowed or recieved! :)
So, I haven’t done one of these in a while, due to Uni being so busy and well, just life in general, but as I went on a shopping spree yesterday and have received some books for review that I’m excited to share, I figured I would do just that! And, I’m currently hungover and have the time to just chillax, haha. So, here are all the books I have received within the last two/three weeks, however long it’s been!
I love Malorie Blackman and her Noughts and Crosses trilogy are three of my most favourite books but when I saw these in the library the other day, I realised I hadn’t read them and simply had to pick them up. I’ve actually started Hacker and am quite enjoying it thus far! Very old school!
IMG_0359 IMG_0360
See, I went on a BIG shopping spree! Hehe! I am soo excited to read all of my new books and to rewatch my new DVDs! I haven’t read anything by John Green so I’m looking forward to getting into him, I have had my eye on Swift and Slide for a while and I am so happy to finish the Maggie Stiefvater trilogy and managing to get her latest book too! I love David Nichols so can not wait to dig into this book!
for review!
* many thanks go to Bloomsbury, Random House Publishing and Hodder for these *
I am sooo looking forward to reading each and every one of these books!! They are all different and sound so intriguing! I think Turf is the one I’m most looking forward too though.
Technically, I also got a fair few ebooks over the past few weeks but I think that I have already spent too long on this and I’m tired and just want to go back to lying down, haha. But maybe I’ll add them in later or to next weeks, IMM, who knows? :)
So, what did you get this week?


  • Kathe (Good Lit and Green Tea)

    Ohmygosh, well, SOMEONE definitely enjoyed her shopping spree! Haha! I’m excited to find out what you think of The Killables, Scarlet, and Fire City… and did I tell you that I got Looking for Alaska the other day? Now that’s a book we should read together! (And Sherloock! I really want DVD’s of that series. It’s amazing.)

    Enjoy all the books, Faye! They look great!

  • Brodie

    People have been telling me (a LOT) to watch Sherlock (the tv series version) lately. And you just have to add to the persuasion by telling me you love it, didn’t you? How can I argue with Faye-logic?!

    Eeeee Maggie Stiefvater love!! LOVE The Scorpio Races and the Shiver trilogy. The Fault in Our Stars was my first John Green book and it was amazing. I have Looking for Alaska, so I greedily await your thoughts :D

    Ooooh and Scarlet? That sounds SO GOOD. Ahhhh your mailbox = WIN! Enjoy, m’dear!!

  • Sarah (saz101)

    DAGFHLAG! AMAZING MAILBOX!!! And Sherrrrrrlock! *IS SHERLOCKED* Oooh, Linger! Forever! For some reason I’ve had Forever, for, like, EVER, and haven’t read it yet >___< Same goes fro Scorpio Races. And I hear AMAZING things about Scarlet! Hope you enjoy, love! xx

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