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LGBT Readathon Announcement; 25th-31st May


Hey All!
I’m here today to announce that I’m hosting another LGBT Readathon!
This year the readathon will run from 25th May – 31st May.

The idea is to read a selection of LGBT reads with a bunch of other awesome readers. You can read as little or as many books as you wish, so long as they are somehow related to LGBT either through theme, characters or story line.

At the end of the readathon I will also be hosting the very first (hopefully of many) UK LGBT Chat. This will occur on the 31st May at 8pm, and will include a selection of authors too. The hashtag for it will be…


To sign up for this week-long readathon, all you need to do is add a link to your blog/youtube/twitter/facebook/instagram, etc that you’ll be using to participate in the chat to the linky below.

A sign up post is not required.

The hashtag for the event will be #LGBTReadathon.



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