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March 2020: Books I Read This Month

March 2020; Books I Read This Month

Hi All!

Today I am here to list the books that I read and/or started this month. This is going to include that ones I started and DNF’d and the ones I started but just didn’t get around to finishing. 

** Warning: It was not a good reading month **


The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson
This was the first book I read this month and I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t as good as the first book in the series and I wasn’t overly interested in jumping into the third straight away but it was an interesting read nonetheless. Would very much be interested to know where the trilogy will go next though.

Wilder Girls by Rory Power
I cannot tell you how much I loved this book. It was definitely my favourite read of the month – but that wasn’t hard considering I only finished two books! But still, this book was incredible and one that has definitely crept onto my top ten of the year! 

A Girl Called Shameless by Laura Steven
I started this book but then got struck by a reading block so I had to put it down again. I then picked it back up at the end of the month when I had found my mojo again. Got to nearly the end and very much enjoyed it. I have now finished the book but it definitely counts as my first April read as opposed to a March read! But as an update, I loved it!

One Dark, Two Light by Ruth Mancini 
This is another book that I started before my reading block. It had a really interesting start and one that I am very interested in returning to and seeing what it is all about!

Sorcery of Thorns by Margaret Rogerson
I’m going to become an old record now but this has also only been started – but I did become fully invested in it! It’s a very epic fantasy and I love the idea of the Grimoire’s. Definitely looking forward to finally diving back into this one soon.

When Life Gives You Lemons by Fiona Gibson
This is actually one of the books that got me back into reading. I didn’t finish it before the month ended but I started listening to it on audiobook and it’s a really easy book to read. I’ll get a full review up on this one as soon as I can!

What books did you read this month?


  • Anna Nicholson

    Sometimes you just have those months! I hope April treats you better! I also read Sorcery of Thorns in March, and I really enjoyed it- although it is definitely the type of book that you have to be in the right mood to enjoy! Happy April!

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