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Mini Reviews; The Underwood See, Hi So Much and Full Metal Alchemist

The Underwood SeeAuthor: Michael Lawrence
Publisher: Orchard
Published: August 1st 2007
Pages: 308
Format: Paperback
Source:: Library Copy
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In an old stone house in an empty world a traveller yearns for a Withern Rise haunted by tragedy. In two identical realities there are glimpses of people who shouldn’t be there, and whispers in the night. Life changing resolutions are in the air in the realities of the Underwood See.

This is the third and final book in the Withern Rise trilogy and I waited a long time to read it. Fortunately I thought it was a very interesting read that definitely got me thinking. This is a book that can get confusing if you’re not careful but one that I ultimately thought was very entertaining. It was addictive, fast-paced and fairly emotional too. It was a fantastic way to finish this trilogy.

Three Stars

Hi So MuchAuthor: Laura Dockrill
Publisher: Random House Childrens
Published: February 27th 2014
Pages: 288
Format: E-book
Source:: Netgalley Copy
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Ten-year-old Darcy sees the extraordinary in the everyday and the wonder in the world around her. This second book sees Darcy move-up to Big School – and all of a sudden EVERYTHING changes. Her best friend Will isn’t sure he should talk to girls anymore, her new teacher may in actual fact be a cauldron-bubbling witch and, horror of horrors, her precious pet Lamb-Beth goes missing. Can Darcy face these challenges head-on, armed only with her curious, whip-smart mind and eye for a story?

Joyous drawings, colourful characters and a high-energy voice – the Darcy Burdock books are packed with personality from start to finish.

This book returns us to Darcy’s world as she takes an important step in her life – starting secondary school. This book was another fun, yet emotional, book from the talented Laura Dockrill. It is a book that successfully looks at all the fears and worries that we face as we transition from junior to secondary school. It also shows how, at the core of it all, things will be okay. It is a quick fun read that I would highly recommend.

Four Stars

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **

Full Metal AlchemistAuthor: Hiromu Arakawa
Publisher: Viz Media LLC
Published: May 3rd 2005
Pages: 183
Source:: Bought Copy
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Alchemy: the mystical power to alter the natural world; something between magic, art and science. When two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, dabbled in this power to grant their dearest wish, one of them lost an arm and a leg…and the other became nothing but a soul locked into a body of living steel. Now Edward is an agent of the government, a slave of the military-alchemical complex, using his unique powers to obey orders…even to kill. Except his powers aren’t unique. The world has been ravaged by the abuse of alchemy. And in pursuit of the ultimate alchemical treasure, the Philosopher’s Stone, their enemies are even more ruthless than they are…

This was only the second manga I have read but I really loved it. It was easy to follow, had an exciting story that twisted and turned and really just hooked me early on. Add in fantastic artwork that was beautiful and depicted the story well and you can see why I really enjoyed it. I am definitely looking forward to reading more books in this series and seeing what else the Full Metal Alchemist gets up to.

Four Stars


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