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Mockingjay – Suzanne Collins

Author: Suzanne Collins
Publisher: Scholastic
Pages: 455
Summary: Katniss Everdeen has ridiculed the Capital again but this time her actions have started a full on Rebellion. Nestled in the confines of District 13, she is forced to decide if she wants to be the face of the war; the Mockingjay. Essentially she agrees and she works with district 13 to fight the Capitol and finally end the war and the way that everything is currently lead. Unknown surprises and twists appear at almost every turn. So the question is: how will it all end?

This book started off from the end of a cliffhanger from the second book so right from the very start I was hooked on every single word that was written and ready for me to read. This did not stop throughout the entire novel as the storyline kept me wanting more. At the end of almost every single chapter something happened that made me just want to continue reading without putting the book down. It’s such a lovely thing when that happens with a novel and I know that if I had, had the time I would have simply sat down and read that book in a day without a break, and there aren’t many books that I can do that with!

I cannot give Suzanne Collins enough praise for this book, or for this series. She is simply one of the most amazing writers out there and I am incredibly jealous of her brilliant writing style and imagination. She has, quite quickly, become one of my favourite authors out there and this trilogy has definitely made it into the top ten, without a seconds thought. It should therefore come to no surprise to anyone still reading that I absolutely adored this book.

Once again the characters are all really well-rounded and extremely well-written. You journey with Katniss, hear her inner most thoughts, ponder yourself why people are acting in certain ways and try to decipher what their messages and comments mean. Then there is Peeta who is so well written that he seems entirely believable and he is, by far, my favourite character in the entire book. Primrose has developed so much by the third book and just as Katniss does, you realise just how strong and clever she actually is and she is definitely my second favourite character of the entire series with Katniss being close third.

 This novel is so brilliant that it really engages you with what is happening. You scream at the book when things go wrong, you cry when horrifying things occur and laugh when, in the middle of the murky world, there is still some witty comments. It pulls you into a world and allow you to lose yourself entirely within it and this is why I just love this book so much. This is because the storyline and the plot is so well thought-out and interesting that you can’t help but love everything that happens. Every sad moment, every happy moment, every worrying moment; it all adds up to a masterpiece that will have you hooked until the very end.

The Hunger Gamestrilogy truly deserves the hype surrounding it and I for one, would be happy to admit that I have fallen head over heels for the books. I would definitely recommend it to every single person I know! 

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  • Brodie

    The fans are divided on this book, but I’m glad you fall into the “love” camp along with me. I thought it was absolutely incredible… just… WOW.

    And it makes me ridiculously happy that you’ve grown to love and admire this trilogy just as much as I have, since we go way back bonding over our HP love :D We can now start on a new series as the movie adaptations come out and squee together over the amazingness on screen!!

    I especially agree with your fourth paragraph, Suzanne really makes you feel such an emotional attachment to these characters and the story she’s telling. My emotions were all over the place reading this. Fantastic review! <3

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