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My New Adventure

Hello All!
Today I am posting to share some rather exciting news!
On Monday I officially released my new website; This website is for my new adventure. I have become a freelance online PR where I will help authors sort out all their PR needs from new authors to experienced authors.

I’m really excited about this new thing in my life and really looking forward to seeing where it goes (I’m also nervous but that’s normal, right?). So I just wanted to share this news with you for this reason but also because it is highly likely that it is going to change my blog and blogging pattern.

Time is a frustrating monster, isn’t it?

Needless to say, with my new job, it is going to be difficult to always have the time to blog. To counter this I’m going to try and start scheduling WAY in advance again but I can’t keep any promises on that front – because I’ve never managed it before!

That being said, posts will likely be sporadic. I’m going to try and stick to a schedule of at least two posts a week, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Another reason for posting is to ask all the lovely bloggers who follow me, would you like to help me out? If yes, head over to this post and sign up, maybe?

That’s everything from me today.

See you later!


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