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My Thoughts on… Dara Palmer’s Major Drama

My Thoughts on… Dara Palmer’s Major Drama

Meet eleven-year-old Dara Palmer, who loves dancing and dreams of being a world-famous actress – which means she has to get the main part in the new school play.

When she doesn’t get any part at all, Dara begins to wonder whether it’s because of her looks rather than her acting skills.

Dara was adopted from Cambodia. But Dara’s never down for long, and nothing will stop her from taking the spotlight …

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My Thoughts

Having read and absolutely loved Emma Shevah‘s first book, Dream on, Amber, I had high hopes for this next book by her. Fortunately, those hopes were hit head on. Dara Palmer’s Major Drama is a brilliantly well-written book with a strong leading protagonist and a very entertaining story. On top of all of that, the book is also incredibly emotional and touches upon some really sensitive topics. It is a book that truly brings out the empathy in the reader and allows you to learn a little bit more about adoption, especially when you’re adopted by a different race.

Alongside these deep themes that Emma Shevah explores in this book is also the fun theme of acting and being a drama queen. The story moves swiftly through the topics whilst continuing to keep the reader entertained and interested. I absolutely loved diving into Dara’s life and following along with her journey, wondering where the story would ultimately end. Emma Shevah has created a truly wonderful character-led book, which is the perfect read for me!

As this is a character-led book, I am glad to let you all know that all of the characters in the book are also really well developed and interesting too. I definitely didn’t get along too well with Dara at the beginning of the book but found myself warming to her as the book continued and she learnt how her actions were affecting others. I also really liked Vanna as well. You don’t get to see a lot of her but I think it was lovely that she was included and glad that she helped Dara. Lastly, but certainly not least, I thought Georgia was a really great character too. Her relationship with Dara was very interesting!

All in all, this was such a lovely little book to read and one that I would highly recommend to others. It is a book that shows the importance of compassion, understanding and belonging, while also having funny moments in it as well. It was a light, easy read but one that help some very important themes and topics which would be interesting to discuss at a book group as well. Just as with Dream on, Amber, Emma Shevah has created a very entertaining novel that should entertain a lot of readers.

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **

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  • Amy

    Really enjoyed Dream On, Amber but didn’t get along with this so much from memory. Have What Lexie Did on my TBR, and it’ll be one of my next reads probably.
    Amy xx

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