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My Thoughts On… The Pearl in the Attic

My Thoughts on… The Pearl in the Attic

When Scarlet’s grandma goes into a retirement home, she must sort through her belongings in the cramped flat above a shop in Crouch End, north London. Here Scarlet comes across a real treasure: a novel that Gran wrote, imagining the life of a girl just like Scarlet, who once upon a time lived in the flat and worked in a cake shop downstairs. But as Scarlet reads about Ruby’s life in Victorian London, she begins to realise this is no piece of fiction – Ruby was real! A real life, facing real danger – and a mystery that unravels to the present day.

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My Thoughts

In a bid of honesty, Karen McCombie is one of my favourite authors and has been since I was a young girl. That being said, this review will still be completely honest. Now onto my thoughts!

The Pearl in the Attic is a very moving and ultimately addictive story. The book switches between two timelines, one set in the present and one in the past but involving very different characters. The story in the past is presented as a fictional story that our main protagonist’s Grandma has written for her. This really makes the book that much more entertaining and addictive. I loved the fictional story within the fictional story as much as the main protagonist and I was always hoping another chapter would pop up soon.

On top of this fantastic narration style, Karen has also created some vibrant and heart-warming characters that I fell absolutely in love with. I loved the journey’s they went on and how they all came together in the end. I found Grandma’s funky characteristic to be incredible. I loved how much life and flair she had to her. I wish she was mine, let’s be honest! I also love our main protagonist Scarlett. And of course, the two wonderful characters in the ficitonal story, Ruby and Pearl!

All in all this book is a fabulous story that I am certain many children would love as well. It is full of fun, adventure, animals and exciting activities too! It is emotional and heart-breaking while also being very heart-warming at the end as well. It is a book that will be sticking around in my mind for a while and one that I am very happy to recommend to all who want something similar. So, if you’re looking for a quirky, unique and lovely read, do think about giving this book a go!

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **

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