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My Thoughts on… The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley by Amber Lee Dodd

My Thoughts on... The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley by Amber Lee Dodd

Hi All!

Today I am here with a review of The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley which was a very wonderful book. 

I also have a little guest post from Amber Lee Dodd at the end of the post too!

**A copy of this book was provided to me for free in exchange for an honest review**

Title: The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley
Author: Amber Lee Dodd
Publisher: Scholastic
Published: 2nd April 2020
Format: Paperback
Source:: Review Copy from Publisher
Add It: Amazon UK. Goodreads.
Summary: ​Moving house is no fun. And no one knows that better than Noah Bradley. A curse has forced his family to move thirteen times. Whether it’s a typhoon, a flash floor or a flock of persistent birds, the curse always wins. Now, the Bradley family have just moved into their thirteenth home. Noah loves everything about it. He has his own room. He’s made friends at school. He’s happy. So when the curse returns, Noah decides that this time, there will be no more running away. The Bradleys are staying put… no matter what it takes. A powerful story of hope, family and what home really means.

My Thoughts

The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley is a very intense, exciting, fascinating, and adventurous novel. This book will have your heart racing and your mind peaked as you try and work out what is happening and how it will all come together at the end. The story really hooked me from the very start until the very end and I loved how well Noah, Billy and Neena worked together and grew as individuals but also as friends. It was just so lovely to read.

I definitely think that this is a book that will be thoroughly enjoyed by many. It is a fun read that truly takes you on a journey. It is also a story about friendship, being true to yourself, and the strength of families. It is a truly wonderful read and one that I am very glad that I got a chance to read.

Noah is doing everything he can at the beginning of the book to fit in at his new school and when he does, he realises that he likes this new home so much that he doesn’t want anything to happen. As he tries to fight to keep his house, he soon realises that trying to fit in wasn’t making him truly happy and that it’s time to learn to love himself. This was such a lovely thing to see in the book and definitely made Noah to be such a brilliant protagonist to follow. 

If you’re still unsure, I definitely loved reading this book. It was a quick read for me and one that I would absolutely recommend. It would be good for anyone who has recently moved house or for someone who is struggling at school or with friends but it would also just be good for every child that loves adventure stories. It is a story that will whisk them away on an exciting journey that will leave them feeling full of warmth by the very end.


Amber's Post on a Fictional Curse

Howl’s Moving Castle

The story of how this book came to be written, is almost as lovely as the story itself. The author Dianne Wynne Jones met a boy at a school she was visiting who asked her to write a book called ‘The Moving Castle’. So, inspired by his title and idea, she sat down and wrote one of her most beloved books. Howl’s Moving Castle is about a Sophie who works in her family’s hat shop. She’s resigned to a long boring life doing nothing more than this, until a powerful Witch of the Waste turns her into an old crone. Sophie leaves the shop and finds work as a cleaning lady for the notorious Wizard Howl. There she meets Howl’s fire-demon, Calcifer. He promises to reverse the spell if she can break the contract between himself and Howl. Part of the contract, however, stipulates that neither Howl nor Calcifer can disclose the main clause, leaving Sophie to figure it out on her own. If you don’t read the book, I would recommend the amazing studio Ghibli film.

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