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My Thoughts On… What Lexie Did by Emma Shevah

My Thoughts on… What Lexie Did by Emma Shevah

Lexie lives in London with her colourful Greek-Cypriot family – and she’s devoted to her fragile cousin of the same age, Eleni, who has a heart condition. But after the death of their grandmother, Lexie tells a terrible, instinctive, jealous lie about an heirloom necklace, a lie that splits the family apart. It’s up to her to bring the family back together … but after such a lie, can she find a way to tell the truth?

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My Thoughts

What Lexie Did is not my first book by Emma Shevah. I have also read both of her previous books, Dream on, Amber and Dara Palmer’s Major Drama. Thus I had a good idea of what to expect writing wise when I started this book. However, I am absolutely pleased to let you know that What Lexie Did is even better than her previous books. I was absolutely blown away by this book. It had me emotionally invested from the very beginning and I became very attached to the characters as well. It was family and friendship centered book and it was completely wonderful.

What Lexie Did follows Lexie and her family during a particular trying time for them all. From the offset, the reader is shown how close the family are and I instantly connected with them all. They were so lively and lovely. As the story continues, cracks start to form and it is emotional and heart breaking to read. Emma Shevah has done a fantastic job of bringing out real emotions in the reader. The story line was addictive and entertaining, forcing the reader to keep turning the page.

As this is a character-led story evolving around Lexie, her lie and her family, it is obviously important that the characters are well written. Fortunately, they absolutely are. I loved all of them. The whole family dynamic was really fun to read and coming from a big family myself, a refreshing read too. I especially loved Lexie, Eleni, and their grandparents. I felt like all the characters could just walk off the page.

As you can tell, What Lexie Did is an exceptional read and one that I would definitely recommend to others. It is full of character, emotional moments, and really shows the importance of family and friendship. It is full of drama, pain, hope and love, and it is absolutely adorable. I cannot stop thinking about this book, in all honesty. It is just so wonderfully written. So, if you’re looking for a unique, lovely and essentially heart-warming book, definitely give this book a read!

** I received this copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I was not compensated nor was I required to write a positive review. **

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