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Ohh… I have your attention? Brilliant!

So, the other day I was just casually hanging around on twitter – as one does – when I saw that Malorie Blackman had tweeted about new covers for her awesome best-selling series; Noughts and Crosses.

Now, I love this series. Possibly as much, if not more, than I love the Harry Potter series. So you know, that’s a lot of love! Malorie is one of my ultimate favourite authors and probably always will be.

Therefore, it is with glee that I write this post for you guys today revealing to you the new glorious covers of this series! If you haven’t yet read them, you really need to stop what you are doing, go grab your copies and read them, RIGHT now. Seriously.



And if the covers aren’t enough to make you intrigued with this series (again – if you’re like me!)
Then why not check out this awesome video of Malorie Blackman talking about the final book, Double Cross!

Malorie Blackman talks about Double Cross

And because I wouldn’t want you to leave with just the memory of these books, here are the links to add them to your Goodreads accounts!

Noughts and Crosses
Knife Edge
Double Cross


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